What You Need To Know About Making Truck Driving Your Career

Trucking is not like most other jobs that you just apply for and hope to get. It can get very lonely and very tiring on the job. The only people you are likely to talk to are other lonely truckers who you meet at roadside diesel cafes. It's a stressful life for sure......more











Consideration From Truck Drivers Means Consideration For Truck Drivers

Something else that we tend to forget is our complete lack of visibility; at least as far as truck drivers are concerned.


Oleary, Rozemarie, and Louis Albornoz all mention the importance of staying within a truck's line of sight. Every truck is afflicted......more

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Truck Driving In Iraq - You Think It's Tough Here?

The most dangerous job in the Middle East is truck driving. I wondered about certain correlations between truck driving here in the U.S. and truck driving in Iraq. I looked around and listened to more complaining by other drivers about their "hardships"......more


Ten Things You Should Know About Starting a Trucking Business

To be successful in the trucking business takes skill, ingenuity, energy, hard work, and most of all intelligence to keep updated with all the federal and state rules, regulations and laws. Just driving down the road, though vital, is just a part of the industry......more



Trucking - Wintertime Blues

Of course, carrying extra clothing, water and food (and a can opener if applicable) is a wise move.


But there are some truck-specific supplies that can make the difference between a good winter and a bad one for truck drivers......more













New Drivers : Beware and Prepare (A guide to trucking in the Northeast)

When it comes to the world of truck driving, the key word in their mission, to me, is “safe.” In my 29 years involved within the trucking industry, I have heard countless complaints by drivers concerning the practices of the D.O.T. High fines and lengthy down times......more


Trucking With Pets

Most truck repair shops and dealerships make allowances for pets. Either they will allow you to leave your pets in the truck while they work on your truck or they have a driver’s lounge where you can keep your pets with you. Some shops, however, won’t allow pets on the premises......more


Flying J Travel Centers and Truck Stops; Best of Breed

If you are traveling by truck, motor home are car this summer anywhere in the United States then you might consider Flying J Travel Centers and Truck Stops. They are clearly a class act and they are the best of breed, as they are clean and have many services available......more


What A Load Of....

For example, the same truck that delivers your favorite ice cream brand to the grocery store will not be the same type of truck that delivers office supplies to the local discount store. By the same token, you will have a trucking company that might specialize in the delivery of one certain type of product over the other......more



How To Use The Internet To Save On Fuel

The internet can help you research gas station options, and allows you to compare gas stations for the best prices. There are tons of sites that can give you the current prices at the pumps in your area. Google "fuel prices" and find the site you want to use. In most cases, all you have to do is enter your 5 digit zip code, and Voila!......more


Good Eats - Restaurants With Truck Parking

The problem is that a big rig can be 75 feet long or longer. We can't just pull into a Chili's parking lot, toot our horns, and say "We're here." Our choices are often limited by the size of our vehicles. Over the years, though, I have found quite a few places to park my rig that make my tummy glad......more


So You Think Truck Driving Is Easy?

Yea, I know the requirements to become a truck driver are not much. All you need to do is be able to speak English, read English, and be able to write in the USA. Also you must not have a felony record, or be mental. Training going through truck driving school is easy enough, it only takes 3 weeks, and you are almost guaranteed a CDL license......more


Truck Stops and WiFi and In Motion Internet Access

Before truck drivers would rent phone-lines at the truck stops and try to access the internet by dial-up, can you imagine the hassles? Then some had plug in lines with DSL or Cable. Now all real serious truck stops have WiFi blasting away and truck drivers are in heaven......more


7 Steps To A Better Life In Trucking

All-in-all, trucking is an enjoyable job. People from all walks of life become truckers and a lot of people who don't ever get into trucking wish they had. These few tips can make the difference between a job you enjoy and a job you merely endure......more


Ways to Stay Alert For New and Experienced Truck Drivers

While these measures will only help for the short-term, be sure to get plenty of sleep between shifts. Since there is a growing number of available truck driving jobs the increased driving time allowed is a way to bridge the gap, as well as ensuring faster delivery of products. For experienced and potential truck drivers, stay safe in your travels......more


Are Truckers Going Soft?

Let's stop and think about why a trucker would need trucking software. What do they do for a living? Drive! These truckers cover a lot of miles and have to fill up their fuel tanks periodically. There are trucking software programs that assist the trucker in recording the miles they traveled as well as each time they stopped to fill their fuel tanks......more


Why Every Trucker Needs A Laptop

If your a driver running for a major company, chances are pretty good you have one of those "OBC's" on board. Using satellite technology , these devices can track your movements, speed, stops, idle, and from what I hear, can shut you down at the push of a button. Though I've never had the "pleasure" of that experience......more


Truck Stops - Trick Or Treat?

Gone are the days of high service diners with personal service. Here are the days of the standardized trucker themed menu with more concern for corporate methods than merit. And, though truckers appreciate standardization in some areas, they don't like the way standardization seems to squeeze out that personal touch at the truck stops......more

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