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Spirit CDL Training

Spirit CDL training, Belvidere, IL

Spirit CDL Training is an Illinois Secretary of State certified truck driving school located in Belvidere, Illinois.

Spirit CDL is the only family owned truck driving school in northern Illinois. We take a special pride in our school and in our offerings because you're not only doing business with Spirit CDL, you're doing business with our family.

Location & Contact Information

1202 Ipsen Road
Belvidere, IL 61008
Spirit CDL Training

About Spirit CDL

Spirit CDL TRAINING is owned by Ken and Tanya Bons.

Ken Bons has over twenty years truck driving experience and has been in the CDL training business for over six years. He originally instructed for a local college program and then founded his own school.

Tanya Bons has managed and coordinated sales, advertising, and administrative forces for four years as Vice President of a truck driving school.

Each Spirit CDL Training instructor has a minimum of twenty years driving experience. They are concerned, caring and tough. They will always give you everything they have and more, but they expect the same in return.

We are a family run business and believe that all our students will feel like part of the family before they leave.

Course Information

200-Hour Standard Truck Driving Program

We have a five week standard truck driving program that guarantees a full 40 hours behind the wheel. Our program includes 45 hours classroom, 20 hours behind the wheel in the yard, 20 hours behind the wheel on the road and 115 hours remedial.

260-Hour Professional Truck Driver Program

Our Professional Truck Driving Program includes 45 hours standard classroom, 20 hours endorsement training, (including Hazmat), 46 hours behind the wheel minimum, including special backing techniques, and 149 hours remedial time. Hazmat fees are included in the cost of this course.

Hazmat Endorsement Training

Our Hazmat/Endorsement Class is managed by a Secretary of State Certified instructor with over twenty-years driving experience. The class is designed for interaction among the students and the instructor; this is not a self-study course. Our course will cover Hazmat, Tankers, and Doubles/Triples endorsements. This 20 hour course takes place in the classroom and students must meet eligibility, have a CDL-A or a CDL-A permit, and must enroll several weeks in advance of the actual course. Please see our schedule for class enrollment and start dates.

Accelerated Truck Driver Training Program

For experienced truck drivers, those that currently have or recently held a CDL, we offer an accelerated program. Our 80-hour Accelerated program includes 20 hours behind the wheel, pre-trip inspections, and remedial time.

Spirit CDL Highlights

  • Spirit CDL Training is an Illinois Secretary of State Certified Truck Driving School
  • Spirit CDL offers job placement services & gets regular visits from trucking company recruiters
  • Spirit CDL offers various financing options available, including their own financial service
  • Each Spirit CDL Training instructor has a minimum of twenty years driving experience
  • Spirit CDL is a family owned and operated CDL school


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