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Posted:  11 months ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin

banks thats great advice and solid ground. thanks for your input. and for the link. i have been looking into this and thinking about changing over to trucking for a couple years actually. and when i called prime a couple years ago, the lady that answered the phone was just a nasty human being and it really spooked me. thats where some of my concern is coming from. but, also, that's life. and what I'm taking away from the elders in this chat is that, end of day its on you. so, again, thanks ya.

happy holiday season to you and yours.

best h

What's wrong with being governed at 62-65 MPH? How fast do you want to go?

Any company willing to train you and put you in the drivers seat is the best way to go.

Companies are just that, companies. If you want to be treated right you have to build those relationships with your team. Dispatchers, driver managers, fleet managers etc are the only ones you need a relationship with and if you do right by them, they'll do right by you. It's a 2 way street. That means being on time and constant communication if something goes wrong.

Apply For Paid CDL Training will send your application to a bunch of companies that provide company sponsored training.

Posted:  11 months ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin


happy holidays to ya buddy. I'm wishing you good luck and hope you find a great match and all goes smooth for you. thanks for your good wishes too.

which companies are you referring to? you said two your considering and two your steering clear of.

I've looked into a few. I've been told by many to steer clear of swift and cr england. idk why, but I'm Always told that. I've been told Old Dominion is great, Snyder too. Ive heard Knight is ok. What i like about Prime is that they have a very low turnover rate end-of-contract. its like half of what everyone else's is. that tells me that ppl like working for them. i really like this company freymiller out of okc but they don't do the paid school you have to enter with a cdl then they do a 6-8 week driver otr training. so I'm looking into a cdl school and possible sources of funding for that.

best wishes h

Hey, Heath I'm going through the same thing as you are. If it all goes well next year around spring/summer time. Im going to choose a trucking company, get my CDL and do my part. But honestly reading Old School's advice, is the best one I've found and read. And honestly why would you wanna go say 75 mph with carrying what 40,000 Ibs? I've seen YouTube videos of trucks, off the road or turned over because they was going to fast. And what I've gathered if I'm wrong or right about this. Is that in some states you are supposed to drive the limit or under? Like maybe California for one? I mean common no one should be a Snowman trying to evade the sheriff, and run along with Bandit with you.

And for choosing a company, go with the one that suits you. I'm debating on two companies and two have bad reputations. But in the long run I'm just wanting the opportunity and the experience that I need. So, that way I can transition to a home based company. Good luck though.

Posted:  11 months ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin

Hey Packrat

merry christmas and happy holidays to you. thanks for your reply. that is really amazing job you're doing. that is the kind of stats i wanna have. and I'm sure glad to hear you all are so positive about the governors and speed reduction. what does it mean running recaps?

God Bless h

In more than five years driving, my average is 56.47 MPH all miles, loaded & empty. Every company truck I've driven has been capable of at least 65 MPH.

I still average better than 2700 miles every week, and I run recaps. Five years with 100% on time, too. Much less stress for me driving 60 to 62 MPH in the right lane.

Posted:  11 months ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin


thanks for your response. i understand exactly what you're saying. truth is i am a pretty slow and go driver. i am not a speedster. I'm mostly cautious and just take it easy in no hurry. i had just heard other truck drivers complaining about it and it made me feel concerned. but what you and old school have said makes a lot more sense to me. so what makes a "good trucker" and an "efficient" trucker? what should i focus on in regards to that in your view? hope you're having a happy holiday season btw. h

Old school is right on. Example from my career-I was the “safest” driver in our fleet last month (about 170 drivers.) The company tracks a bunch of our driving stats and gives us a safe score every month. I’ve been in the top five for the past year, but it pretty much means I’m the “slowest” driver in the fleet-I don’t go over the speed limit, don’t brake hard, don’t corner fast, etc. What blows people’s mind though, is I was also the top production driver at my terminal that month-I get more done in less time. It’s really not about driving fast-it’s all about doing the job efficiently.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin

Old School,

merry christmas and happy holidays

thank you so much. i hear exactly what you're saying, and you're exactly bullseye with it. so i'll let those concerns go. thanks for "cutting the corn and getting right to the beans" so what makes a highly productive driver? what are the main challenges that snag some while HPD overcomes? Also, i have heard a difference in opinion about jumping into a paid cdl, for example prime, inc. versus going into a cdl school and then signing on. i'm hearing that the cdl school is a much better 'education' as it were. then you can sign w a company contract free also. is it better, one way or the other in your opinion?

sincerely h

Hello Heath, welcome to our forum!

Let me just "cut the corn and get right to the beans." That's what my grandpa used to say when he wanted to cut through the B.S. and shoot straight with me. You can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find...


a solid secure company that treats people right.


The whole reason you are concerned about that is because of all the nonsense you've come across on the internet. It's terribly frustrating trying to make sense out of all the commentary you'll find about this or that trucking company. It's honestly a huge waste of time. If you want to believe that there are these trucking companies out here who have made it their business model to "treat people badly" then it's no wonder you are frustrated with your search. That is just about the dumbest myth the internet trucker wannabes have kept alive. If you want to be successful at trucking it won't matter what name is on the door of your truck. It could be Prime, or Swift, or maybe even J.B. Hunt. We understand your frustration. We battle these falsehoods daily here. That's how we got our name.

If you can make a successful go of this career it will be because of you and the ways you manage and conduct yourself. All these trucking companies are extremely similar. They all do the same thing. They move freight with big trucks. They use the same roadways, service the same customers, and all have to abide by the same rules. They all need drivers who can conquer the daily challenges that trucking dishes out. The difference always lies with the driver. Don't believe the knuckleheads who blame their trucking failures on the company. I know you've been researching all this stuff like crazy. Otherwise you wouldn't be so concerned about what Prime had their trucks governed at. Trust me, whoever hires you will have their trucks governed. They don't do that to limit your ability to make money. I brought in a hefty amount of money this year driving a truck governed at 63. My dispatcher told me I was the highest paid driver in our fleet.

You don't make money at this by driving fast. You learn to manage your time and how to deal with the issues that foul up everybody else. The company cannot take care of that for you. It's all on you. Trucking is performance based, and brother let me tell you these trucking companies love their high performers. The guys you are finding on the internet moaning, groaning, and crying about how this or that company cheated them are the guys who just couldn't ever cut the mustard out here. If you are going to be a winner, you don't take advice from the losers. They don't have a clue as to why they keep coming up short. I'm trying to help you understand that you don't have to waste much time choosing a company. If you can find someone to hire you then jump right in there and get going. You will make or break yourself out here and it won't have a single thing to do with who owns the truck.

You have the potential to be very successful at this. The secret is that you have to be highly productive. Trucking is a competition. If you can "Hang With The Big Dogs" you will be just fine. Don't sweat it about where you start - that's small potatoes. What you want to concern yourself with is how you will start. You hold the key to success at this. The company name on your truck has no influence on your performance. Highly productive drivers do really well out here. The other guys fall short and then go crying on the internet.

Posted:  11 months, 2 weeks ago

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Best Way/Place to Begin

Hello Everyone, y'all probably have been asked this a million times but I'm new here, and haven't found the subject through searching the forum entries.

I'm just wondering what are recommended companies to begin with for paid CDL in OK...could also be in northern FL if need be.

Prime is near me in Springfield, they seem alright i guess but they have the gov at 62-65 i heard. Someone also recommended Freymiller out of OKC. Im going to contact them monday. Time and Money are essential to me right now...meaning the faster and cheaper the better at this time. I want to get going as quickly as possible, but also want to sign on with a solid secure company that treats people right.

Thank you all in advance for your guidance.

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