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Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Looking for CDL school, live in Texas and must be pet friendly when I finish with training.

So you don't like the fact that they're trying to crank out students quickly, but you want to go to them because you want to get cranked out quickly?

I believe either I didn't explain well or you didn't read it. My concern with the "Puppy mill" is quality of training. I went and toured a company owned school near Dallas who will be left nameless. I am not hear to smear anyone, but what I saw was ridiculous! Pushing people who I understand were just looking for a better life through something so fast is unfair to them and to the people on the roads they will drive on. This is why I chose not to attend this location. It is fine to fast track something if the quality is already there. With that being said, yes, I do believe I am a qualified, quality applicant. Yes I believe I can handle that fast paced type of program that is offered by company taught programs. But I personally believe there are many companies who run these fast paced programs with a better standard than I wish.

Think about it...most law enforcement academies are 3 months long. Then they give us a gun and tell us to go out and keep the peace. Was that me...sure it was but I was also 21 and not very experienced. I am 47 now, have plenty of real world experience and what I saw at the Dallas location was unacceptable. That is why I started looking in these forums to find some answers. Not a avatar with "WTF" flashing at me.

I appreciate your information, but I also know that there are people in every profession who have no business being where they are. I cannot control that, but I can control my own destiny. I can make sure that I am getting quality training in the time frame I am looking for. Idle hands are the devil's playground! I don't want to be idle and give the devil a chance!

Posted:  6 years, 8 months ago

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Looking for CDL school, live in Texas and must be pet friendly when I finish with training.

I want to start off saying I have been looking at forums non-stop for weeks. I can honestly say yours looks to be the best hands down!

Here is a bit about me...I am 47 years old, female and retired in March 2013 from a 20+ year career in law enforcement. I am looking for a job as sitting around after working all my life is just not working for me. I like to drive and really sat down and evaluated my options and have made the decision in that being a truck driver will be my second career. I have already completed all the written testing with DPS and have my CDL Learners Permit.

I am looking for a company taught school and intend on staying on with them until I really am ready to retire and live the lifestyle I choose then. So in looking, I have found there are several company owned schools, but they remind me of "Puppy Mills" only looking to see how many people they can crank out...quantity not quality! The reason I am looking at company schools is the time factor, community colleges and schools like this are taking way too long. I want to get out there ASAP and believe this will be a better option for me.

Also a very important issue for me is this, I want to work for a company, I don't want to lease a truck or become an owner operator. None of that crap interest me. In saying this, it is also important for me to bring my dog with me. I realize I may have to spend six months or so away from her but would like to be able to bring her with me when I am done with training and finally solo.

I truly am seeking some good information here and hope that some of you with experience will be able to give me some direction. I have spoken with many recruiters, but the fact is their job is to recruit me so anything goes. Can't trust anything they say. Anyway, please let me know what you have to say.

Thank you, Raelene

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