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Posted:  1 month ago

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What If The Judge Doesn’t Show Up To Court?

Thank you all for your help. So hiring a local attorney was out of the question because there were none willing to take up my case due to the nature of the citation (speeding ticket) and location where they apparently have one of the strictest AntiMasking laws anywhere according to them. In fact, the attorney I spoke to was so discouraging, admitting that he’s not going to go on my behalf because it’s not worth his time or money for a case that he is “sure” won’t win or be amended. He even went further to advising me to just pay the ticket because there was no chance I’d be able to do anything about it, even if I went.

But I decided to go myself anyway. The officer did show up and the judge was there. But fortunately for me, the officer was willing to ask the judge to have my case dismissed, which he did.

Maybe everything the attorneys said was true in a normal occurrence, but I had to try. And thank goodness I did. I’ll definitely be watching my speed now & everything else. And y’all should too. :)

Posted:  1 month ago

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What If The Judge Doesn’t Show Up To Court?

I went in to the city hall where the court is to take place today and there is hardly anybody there but the clerk. She made it seem like the judge won’t be coming but that she can process my speeding ticket payment. But what if I want to plead my case? Actually, what if I’m counting on the officer not showing up? That’s more of the reason I came. Otherwise I would have just paid it online a long time ago. I don’t really know what my options are here. Can I just plead not guilty to the clerk? On a side note, I think my error was to show up too early to where they have time to notify the officer that I will be showing up. But I wanted to make sure the doors weren’t going to close on me the closer it came to the time, and then I’d be left with the only option of paying online and admitting guilt. But yeah, I’m just worried the clerk will try to have me pay and make it seem like it’s my only option because the judge isn’t there or whatever the reason. What to do in this situation? Can I just say no I don’t want to pay and that I want to plead not guilty? What to do about the judge not showing up? Thanks.

Posted:  1 month, 3 weeks ago

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Is It Worth Trying to Fight or Amend Minor Speeding Ticket in Texas County Or Do AntiMasking Laws Prevail?

I see a lot of advertisements for lawyers who are able to get a speeding ticket removed, amended or reduced. Well, I got a speeding ticket in my commercial truck for going 55 in a 45 zone in the part of the Oklahoma state route that belongs to Texas County. The reason I am mentioning the location is because I spoke to an attorney that works with the company I work for’s law firm under which I am enrolled for benefits, and he said that had it been elsewhere that I got the ticket, he would make an effort to represent me but because it occurred in Texas County, there is no chance that anything can be done and so he does not want to show up on my behalf.

According to him, Anti-Masking laws apply in every state, but from what I’ve gathered, surely there are cases of tickets being amended all the time throughout and what not, right? I don’t really know what the difference is in Texas County specifically. But either way, is it still worth trying? What is worse that can happen if worse case scenario I don’t find an attorney and instead I show up in court myself and lose? Do I just pay the original ticket or will there be extra penalties laid upon me?

Or, if I am counting on the chance that the officer doesn’t show up (so that it gets dismissed) but he DOES show up, can I then just pay the ticket right there and then, since I wouldn’t really have a defense explanation?

What if in reality he clocked me going higher than 10mph over but wrote me for only 10mph over out of courtesy? Can he go back and put the citation charge for going over 10mph, out of “revenge” for him having to show up to court?

Lastly, have you ever, or do you know anyone, who’s gotten a ticket in that area specifically and had to show up to the Hooker, OK court? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated as well as answers to the questions above, especially regarding my worse case scenario for showing up and the officer showing up as well, that way I can know whether it’s worth the attempt to do so or not (lest it backfire worse than if I had just accepted & paid the ticket). Thanks.

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