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Posted:  3 weeks, 1 day ago

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I need help

It’s a international possibly a 2014

They technically don’t have to fix it. It is not a dot violation BUT I ain’t driving more than a day or 2 without AC. That’s just me

What type of truck are you driving? If there is still heat blowing while you have the ac on it may be that your blend door is stuck and there are some YouTube videos that will help you reset it. I know that can be a common occurrence with freightliner.

Posted:  3 weeks, 3 days ago

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I need help

I been recently having a hard time with the company I am been there for bout 9 months as A local driver hauling Cottonseed everything was all good until recently my truck A/C went out and and I informed my boss and the maintenace man multiple times and they said they will get to it...They never got to it its been 3 weeks now and i still complain and they still havent got to it I stay in Memphis TN so the weather is now getting above 88 degrees all last week i brought up to my boss how this is DOT Violation and he says Im a work on it right now and it still havent been worked on saturday I txt my boss

"Goodmorning Brother is there a chance I can have a truck ready for monday or have the A/C adjusted lmk Boss"

He has a Iphone so I seen him read it and he hasnt responded so i Txt him back a ? and still he read that too but hasnt responded

This is a fairly new company only been around for bout 3 years and you know what they say bout mom and pop shops I starting to thinks its true I don't know what to do at this point I'm starting to feel like he and the company just dont care for me tbh if they hiring more drivers and there getting trucks but why cant i have a truck that works fully....IF its against DOT regulation do i have to drive it can I refuse and do he still have to pay me for there faulty equipment or do i just need to leave the company.....last month I was the #1 ranked Driver in my division and TBH Its like im still getting mistreated

Posted:  5 months, 4 weeks ago

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Company said I failed a hair test but I didn’t

So I have a small dilemma… i’ve been with PAM for sometime now doing OTR but I originally signed with PAM to be home daily so I end up staying with PAM and do an OTR into a home daily position came available that home daily position never came available so warner constantly would call me periodically trying to get me to work for them I declined the first offer but they were still insist on calling me and giving me a better offer so I finally said fine I’ll go to Warner before I made that decision to go with them I already knew they did hair follicle test so before I went to warner to do a hair follicle with them. I ordered my own personal test and the results came back negative so I went to the orientation with one or the next day after orientation I did the hair follicle test with them and the urine sample a week later they pulled me in the office made a big scene and I’m thinking what’s going on they say your hair follicle test came back positive For marijuana when I told him that’s a little strange because I took a personal test and it came back negative if we were able to retake the test then because something could of happen for it to result in that way. They said no we would like to let you go so I thought that was odd too so I took another personal test paid 150 for it and the results came back again Negative so I called warner back gave them both test results from doctor and they said will there’s still nothing we can do so it’s not Gonna be on ur DAC report as Failing drug test nor clearing house but it will be on your DAC as termination … Termination how is it going to be on my DAC report as termination when I was never hired? So I decided to go back to PAM they welcome me back with welcoming arms until they pulled my DAC report…. PAM called me and said it says you’ve been terminated from Werner why was you terminated I gave them the honest truth and I also presented them both hair follicle test showing that I was negative but for some reason they’re saying that I was positive…. The recruiter with PAM then said OK I’m gonna relay this information to safety we’re going to have to hold on real quick on the rehire the next day comes and the recruiter calls me back and says we’re going to unfortunately have to decline on the rehire….(even tho I PAM DONT EVEN DO HAIR TEST AND IF THEY DID I WOULD PASS IT TOO) So I am now starting to feel like I was discriminated against with Warner and I feel like they purposely falsified my hair follicle test…. Another lady from PAM calls me and says I know if you people from Warner I will give them a call to see if they could take it off the recruiter from PAM also told me to contact DAC And dispute it so I try to dispute it DAC contacts Mia week later and says we can’t take it off because one or said that it was true which makes no sense the other lady from PAM called me back and said she contacted warner about what’s going on and they’re saying they will not take it off and if you want us to take it off then you will have go about it in legal matter … So now I feel like Warner had purposely screwed me in my career over and I don’t know what to do now… Now on the DAC report it says terminated only is there a explaination I can give jobs as to why I was terminated if they don’t call Werner ?

Werner IS A FCKD UP COMPANY FOR THIS SERIOUSLY I ALSO contacted headquarters and spoke to the head of safety and when I told him what happened and gave him evidence in the document saying that I’m actually negative he got a attitude with me

Trucker to trucker HELP A BROTHER ON THIS SITUATION PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE it only shows on DAC but not on clearinghouse because it’s hair follicle but I never failed a hair test in my life unless it was tampered (WERNER)

Posted:  8 months, 3 weeks ago

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Am I wrong 🤷🏾

I’m new trucking I’m aware of the macros for the most part the driving and the HOS part of trucking I’m currently with my mentor for two weeks and we hit it off he’s a cool guy we hadn’t had no problems he likes the way I drive he shocked that I know my rand mcnally all ready what not….every time we drive (I) drive there’s no music and honestly no music will put me to sleep esp driving for long periods of time I don’t mind it’s his rules but I will get tired eventually….I it’s day 3 with my mentor I drove from Kentucky to Texas when we got close into Texas after 8:35 hour and mins of driving It’s like 1am in the morning I tell him I’m a lil disoriented getting a lil sleeping we had to get gas anyway he says fine pull up at this loves and I’ll drive to our rest stop he trip planned for so we get to loves fill up wash the windows I tell him I gotta use the restroom he’s says Jokingly (or so I thought) I will leave u here and keep going.. I use restroom they have a McDonald’s there I buy 2 sandwiches one for me one for him only took bout 5mins I get inside truck mentor just goes off on me “U said u only had to use the restroom ur playing with my time how are u tired if u get McDonald’s I will throw that **** away and leave u in Laredo TX and keep going playing with my time….I’m my head I was damn I just got u sandwich too I was also thinking will now I know how u really are but my final thought in my head was I just gotta last 2weeks of this and I’m out……but curious am I in the wrong did I like break a fckn truck code or something 🙄

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