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Failed Drug test/ Pending DUI

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well. I figured I could use some advice right now on what exactly I'm dealing with my CDL. Basically, what happened last year around October or November I had been using CBD Gummies I bought them over the counter legally but didn't realize they would show up on a drug test. I had taken several drug tests prior to that test and they never showed up but anyway, this time I got flagged for pot. So now I'm on like step 5 of looking for a SAP company to sponsor me so I can take my drug tests. As if that wasn't enough I also got a pending DUI sitting on me right now from around the same time last year. Not sure what exactly I should do at this point. I have Driver's legal plan and have contacted an attorney to try and represent me coming up in March of this year. I guess I'm like in limbo right now b/c Idk how to handle any of this. I will say that I definitely learned my lesson from all this. I have been out of the truck for over 6 months now. Last time I drove was July of 2023 after I ended up getting terminated from my company b/c they tried saying I had an inspection level 3 that wasn't reported. Not sure where to go from here. Like I said I haven't even tried applying to any other companies b/c with the pending DUI pretty sure I would just end up signing on and then getting terminated anyway a few months later if I was lucky enough to even get signed on. I don't see the charges on my DAC report yet but I think there sitting on my MVR. My CDL is still valid for a few years and my medical certificate is valid for a few years as well. Any advice on how to handle all this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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