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27 Y.O. looking to move into the trucking career. Looking to change my life.

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Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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GYCDL With Roehl Starts Monday

Oh shoot! Thought you were in Gary instead of Appleton! So nevermind on seeing you around while I'm here, but hopefully I'll see you around on the road!

Posted:  10 months, 2 weeks ago

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GYCDL With Roehl Starts Monday

Good to gear that you are doing well and on your way to passing that test Dingo! I just arrived to the hotel a day early today and am in my own room until checking in with roommate tomorrow. Didn't feel like Doin the drive tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you around! Keep us updated!

Posted:  10 months, 3 weeks ago

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GYCDL With Roehl Starts Monday

That's great news! Get to feelin better and keep us updated! I'm emotionally invested at this point. 🤣

Day I have no clue...

Still stuck in the hotel room. Covid test was negative thank goodness but waiting on Health and Safety to clear Mr. Until then I can't go back. Fortunately Doordash delivers and the cable is decent here.

Still feel under the weather and have been sleeping alot but really need to get back out and get moving.


Posted:  10 months, 4 weeks ago

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GYCDL With Roehl Starts Monday

Sorry to hear you caught the Cov dingo! Thank you for posting this! I start on the 17th of this month! Super excited and nervous all at the same time. Been driving fire trucks the last 7 years but nothing tractor drawn. Stay safe and feel better!

Day 6. What a rush!!! Driving a 73 foot vehicle down roads. Who would of thought I would be doing that.

Monday started cold as usual. Pre trip and trailer hook up. We forgot L=landing gear. Forgot to raise them but it was caught by the instructor. We were not admonished, just informed that we might tear them odd in there present position.

Really like our instructor. He is a veteran as are my two truck mates. I am not but my wife is and dad was so the stories make it more homey. Our instructor is patient with great tips and one of his favorite sayings, which I really like is... "you broke it, you fix it" instead of him telling us how to get out of a situation he let's us figure it out. I learn better this way.

We did 45 degree backs and learned offsets. Key for any newbies on that offset. Get it straight out of the chute otherwise it will be tough throughout the backing.

The jacuzzi felt great coming from the cold.

Was going to do a day 7 but... did not sleep last night due to stuffy nose and drainage with a sore throat. Now I am on quarantine until I get results back on a covid test. Test is tomorrow at noon. Wish me luck. However, regardless of the outcome Roehl is going to be there for me and I will finish the course.


Posted:  11 months ago

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Roehl Transport GYCDL Training - Phase 1 start date: 2021-07-06


It has been a long time since I have updated.... and a long time since I have visited this forum.

I have since completed the Phase 3 portion of my training, many weeks ago when I spent 2 weeks in the Midwest.... while there, I had a variety of loads in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Minnesota during that 2 week period.... performed my winter training on the simulator in Marshfield, WI.... and finalized by Phase 3 at the terminal in Gary, IN.

Being based out of Phoenix, a majority of my runs are now in AZ, CA, NV, and UT.... thus far. And.... way to many in the L.A. metro area.... lol.

All continues to go well.... I am having fun and enjoying my job. I have had a few extremely stressful situations, but, that comes with almost any job.

All has been good.... all is good.

This will likely be my last update for this thread. Time will tell.


Thank you so much for posting this recent threat. I am joining Roehl's GYCDL program in 3 weeks and have been nervous about the process. This makes me feel better knowing what to expect. Stay safe out there!

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