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She thinks my tractor is sexy!

Hah now that I pulled you in with my title... I know, I know that was mean!

***This will be a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG post :P ***

Hello fellow truckers and wannabes (and anything in between ;) )

I wanted to introduce myself and share some of my life with you. In addition, I’ll share with you on how I went from making the hard decision of which truck school I wanted to attend to completing my training. So I hope you enjoy reading my story!

My name is Ron or you can call me ArcticWolves. I just turned 29 last month. I was home schooled most of my life but had the very unique opportunity to be in a chorus from the ages of 8 -16 that toured all over the world. I was always excited to go out on the road in our tour bus and perform for a wide range of people. I attribute my love for the road, being outdoors, and driving because of these wonderful experiences. When I was young, I knew there was one thing I wanted to do and that was to be out in a dynamic environment outside. Something about mother nature and the colors/smells of the environment (mmmm can you imagine the smell of them diesel engine fumes from the trains, trucks, or fumes of that tasty jet-a gasoline exhaust from a helicopter/plane. :P ) drew my interest.

After graduating high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was just happy it was finally over! Then, oh dear God, I soon found out that college was my next step. Now I won’t go into too much detail over that except that I was very young when I started college at the ripe age of 16. My grandmother, whom I lived with my whole life, (I didn’t know my mom and dad didn’t really come around that much) had this wonderful future goal drilled into my head that I was going to become a doctor. I resisted this so much that I failed all my classes my 1st and 2nd years at community college, which landed me on all sorts of probation and disqualifications. Little by little, I started to mature more and took my education a little more seriously, but didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I worked butt off to get myself back in good standing with my college and found out they had an Aviation program!!

I enrolled in an aviation class and was hooked! I wanted to become an airline pilot. I loved reading maps, plotting my courses with our special calculator and doing all those really neat pre-trip things pilots do every day. I even had a job fueling and washing aircraft hangars at a local airport. My grandmother despised that job so much she did everything to make sure I was unhappy about it. I eventually caved in and left. It was the only job I ever loved so much. Unfortunately, that dream got crushed when I realized how much flight training would cost and that my job was going to be depending upon having perfect corrected 20/20 vision. The financial risk was too great to gamble with. I didn’t want to have my job on the line every 6 months and then be told, “Sorry you can’t fly because of your vision.”

Yes I was devastated and was so tired of my grandmother’s control that I dropped out of my university to join the Air Force. Oops, one small problem! The recruiter said nothing should be a problem at MEPS and I should be ready to ship out to basic the following day. So there I was at MEPS and the medical doctor there was a real piece of work, looking back on it though I guess I understand his reasoning and it wasn’t meant to be. My eyesight didn’t meet any of their uncorrected standards and that I would be a hazard to everyone if I lost my glasses in combat. I was like but I just want to work an office/desk job surely I don’t need uncorrected vision for that. Nope, he was not having any of it. He disqualified me amongst every branch of the military and laughed when he said, “You can try to petition this to the surgeon general, but I doubt you’ll get it approved. Do yourself a favor stay on the ground and find something else to do with your life.”

The idea of being a trucker first entered my head when I was 23 after I was laid off from the company I used to work for back in 2008. It was totally unexpected and I was unprepared for it. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what to do. I considered advancing my career into driving more. I went to visit a few truck driving schools and got scared away when I went for a test drive in one of them. The instructor was nice but when I saw his fancy footwork with the clutch and then timing it with his shifts I was like nope! I have never driven a stick before so how am I ever going to grasp that concept. Besides my grandmother made sure I wouldn’t have enough money for trucking school by increasing my rent on me whenever she pleased. She must have felt so good when she said I would have to pay for my own training when I was unemployed and not making any money.

I put the idea aside and went back to college to see what else I could do with my life. I ended up being a Math tutor at the college and had the unique opportunity of being able to work at the same college I attended.  It was there where I met the love of my life, my fiancé, whom has been so encouraging, patient, and supportive in whatever I do.

Posted:  6 years ago

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Recent truck school graduate needing some advice from Southern California.

Hey Ron I just graduated from there 2 weeks ago. Probably ran into you out in the yard at school and didn't even know it. Good luck with your test at the DMV. How come your waiting 1 1/2 weeks to take the test? I ended up going with Swift. Just finished up orientation and waiting for a mentor to go out with. God luck to you!

1 1/2 weeks were there earliest options. :\ I tried asking for earlier but they didn't have anything available. Oh well, this gives me a little time to find some other trucking companies besides Werner. I just want to know what some of my other options are before I make my final decision. I do like that Werner has the tuition reimbursement plan up to $7,000 and $450/week training pay which will pretty much translate into about what I was making in my other job. Then after training once that goes up I'll be a happy camper. :) However, I want to see if there are other companies out there that I missed.

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Recent truck school graduate needing some advice from Southern California.

Hello, I just finished up my school from Roadmaster Truck Driving School in Fontana, CA. I will be taking my CDL Driving Exam in about 1 1/2 weeks to finish attaining my license. Currently I have my Class A permit with all endorsements including HazMat. Now this school is on the Werner Terminal so it makes sense that all's they want to me go to is Werner. So I already have my pre-hire letter from them. However, I'm not to sure if I want to go with them as I have many other companies on my mind. Here's my list in order of priority:

Knight Transportation Schneider Gordon/Heartland Express U.S. Express Navajo

It's not that big of a list because I couldn't find anything closer to me online.

I am from Whittier, California if that helps anyone. If you know of any other companies that perhaps do local work that is also welcome as well. Keep in mind I am fresh out of trucking school. I Have had 3 prior years of experience driving charter buses though.

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