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Posted:  7 years, 1 month ago

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Accepted to Prime training school, question about Hazmat

Thank you everyone. So even though I live in NC, I should get my permit before I leave? Will I have to get a Missouri permit when I get there or just test for the Missouri CDL? Also, I am assuming that you have to pay for the High Road Training Program on here?

Everything on here is free from what I can see.

Posted:  7 years, 1 month ago

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Trying to start CDL school but running into a temporarily unavoidable roadblock...

Drug tests are for current medications. You are just fine and you don't have to tell anybody about your past problems.

Thanks Old School, exactly what I was hoping someone would say. It's definitely a PAST problem. I actually laugh at myself a little now over the whole thing.

Great site by the way. Ton of helpful information.

Posted:  7 years, 1 month ago

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Trying to start CDL school but running into a temporarily unavoidable roadblock...

Well the DOT physical Dr. has access to said records and if they don't like the drugs your on your not driving. Norco, good stuff I was taking 2 10mg at a pop every four hrs a year ago, back probs.

Hope ya'll don't mind if I chime in here because after reading this thread I'm actually wondering if I shouldn't even waste my time. If I'm reading into this thread too much just tell me.....I sure hope I am because I would really hope that a past medication (from over a year ago) wouldn't prevent me from being a trucker.

I went through a brief period in which I was struggling with anxiety......relationship issues mostly. To help me though the tougher times I was prescribed a very light dose of Xanax and I talked through it with a psychologist. I honestly hardly ever took them and when I did it was the lightest dose possible. I'm not a big fan of pills. Anyway, I haven't filled a script since July 2013 and never even took one out of that bottle so it's been even longer than that since I took one. As soon as I got the girl out of my house the anxiety just subsided....Amazing how that works. LOL

Does this mean that I'll actually have to tell the DOT doctor that I went through that period in which I struggled with anxiety just because I decided to fill a script that I hardly ever took. Will I even be able to get a job with them knowing that I HAD a PAST issue with anxiety. My recruiter at Roadmaster told me that I wouldn't need to tell them that stuff because it was private.

I'm hoping that this thread was more meant for people taking CURRENT medications.

Thank you

Posted:  7 years, 2 months ago

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Work References question. Please help

I'm considering a career change and want to attend a company sponsered school. In my previous career of 15 years i resigned because i got burned out (sales). However, I made a bad decision and went back to that company several months later because I was kind of in panic mode about money. I resigned again, after a month, because I realized I had made the right choice earlier. Long story but I've been stuck in sales forever......hate it.....and have been a little hesitant to make that leap into the unknown.

Anyway, I have unfortunately pretty much burned a bridge with my former supervisor due to the second resignation. I'm concerned i wont get hired into trucking because of it. He told me if i resigned again to lose his number. After reading some of the hiring requirements im concerned now.

My g/f says I'm being paronoid. Her logic is that with all the truckers out there it's hard to believe that no one has had this same thing in their past, if not ALOT worse. I wasn't fired. I just ****ed off a former supervisor and lost the good reference.

Should i not bother applying. Its been over a year since my second resignation and this has been a major reason I'm reluctant to apply. I don't want to find out I cant drive because of something this trivial.

I don't use drugs. I have only 1 ticket in last 3 years for speeding, never had a dui or suspension and never been arrested.

What's the verdict. Thanks. Awesome site by the way. Ton of helpful info

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