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Posted:  4 years, 12 months ago

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Company Sponsored CDL school hiring from Florida?

I've noticed a lot of companies don't have terminals or schools in Florida. Actually I've only seen one. Will living here affect my chances of finding a company to sponsor my CDL training?

Posted:  5 years ago

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Noobie questions

I know there are some OTR drivers who do not own or have a place of living outside of their truck. Like myself, being 24 and single I don't see the point on wasting money for an apartment when I'll be on the road most of the time only to come back on vacation. Is this what most independent people do? I've head some even rent out storage units for their stuff?

Also, while looking for a company to start my career with I've noticed some companies have a black out for some states which I find hard to understand. If I'm driving OTR would it matter where they were hiring me from? I live in South Florida, basically Miami. I have yet to find a CDL school sponsor company that has a terminal in south Florida. Would this mean if I wanted to take vacation days I would have to park my truck at the closest terminal to where I live and fly from there?

Sorry for the overload of questions. Really trying to get a grasp of how this works before I jump in.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Serious Ticket. Will it affect my career?


I don't think you're going to have many issues. Most states only keep records for three years and most companies only ask for the past three years. Some will want to know if you've had anything more severe like a reckless driving ticket in the past 5-7 years, but overall it's not going to cause you many problems. You'll be able to get into trucking just fine.


Just as they've said.. I'm leaving in a few day for primes psd. And I have had several speeding tickets in 2008 which ultimately caused me to have license suspended ... Forgot to pay a fine .. Paid them off and prime still accepted me I think you'll be fine

What a relief lol thanks for clearing things up. I was stressing out. Now I can focus on what's ahead. Thanks guys

Posted:  5 years ago

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Serious Ticket. Will it affect my career?

Well I was issued the ticket when I was 17 but by the time it took affect a month later I was already 18 for a few days. I was hoping they would take notice of my driving history and see I've cleaned up my act from one incident not just look at the tickets I have. Thanks for replying man.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Serious Ticket. Will it affect my career?

First off, I'm not a current driver, have not taken a CDL course or anything. This is the career I've wanted since I was little and I'm working right now on saving up some money so I can start this career. One issue. When I was 17 I got a speeding ticket under 15mph over and the one that's been haunting me ever since, a drag racing on a highway ticket. I wasn't in a heavily modded or fast car. An old 4 door sedan stock. Didn't even reach over 90 mph. But that's irrelevant to employers. I know. I'm 24 now and my plan is to pursue this career in a couple years when I save up some money.

My question is, will this ultimately prevent me from a career in this industry? I was young and stupid. Didn't realize the consequences of such actions and thought it was just good fun. One too many fast and furious movies. The way I drive is completely different now. I always go the speed limit and understand now that my license is a privilege and not a right. This ticket haunts me and I would never put it at any kind of risk again because my passion is driving and honestly could not live if I couldn't drive. I know. I'm preaching to the choir right now. I'm hoping that they see it's been (will be) 9 years since the incident with no tickets following.

It's just that I've had my eye on this career for the majority of my life. No other career sounds better regardless of pay. Does anyone have any insight on my issue? I'm going to do anything in my power to get a career here whether you guys say it's hopeless or not. I have to try. Thanks for helping in advance.

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