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Was a photographer/videographer decided to become a truck driver.

I have made videos of my Journey with Millis Transfer On YouTube

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Posted:  3 years, 9 months ago

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Roehl , pros and cons

Does anyone have info on the Roehl Boss program? I have been looking into it and would like to find feedback on it from someone that has experience with it. Would like to ask question about the pay, The lanes you run! if it is flatbed or van That you are hauling? Are you doing a lot of night or day driving? But mostley about what you average consistently without blowing smoke up ones you know what! Lol

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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Millis Transfer driving school


Hi, Millis does not have APUS.


Tarheel, be real careful about choosing a company based on things like APUs or cameras. The use of these types of things in various fleets are solely management decisions, and those decisions are subject to change all the time. It's highly probable that you would choose a company that has APUs and by the time you get there they will have decided to remove them from their fleet. The APU decision is one that has gone back and forth many times at different companies. They have proven to be inexplicably high maintenance problems for the fleets that are using them, so managers who are trying to make their numbers look good on the books will often make a quick decision to do away with them so they can stop the bleeding at that level.

A bunk heater will absolutely run you out of the truck even in very cold weather if you don't set it down low enough, and I don't know of any company that wants their drivers to be sweating in their beds so that they can't get sufficient rest during the hot weather times of the year.

You don't want to limit yourself by worrying about your personal comfort. Wherever you end up they are going to let you keep yourself comfortable.

Yeah i just finished school there and asked about idling and they said as of last December there is no idling bonus so there idling time is no more. I mean they like to keep it down but in Texas heat they can't make you not idle to stay comfortable. At least that's whet i was told.

Posted:  4 years, 9 months ago

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My training at Millis Transfer in Alvarado, Tx

I'm a little late posting but the days have been long, fun, but long. I arrived at The Comfort Inn in Alvarado, tx and its really nice. Free breakfast every morning, (eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, waffles muffins, fruit, yogurt etc).. The staff is super nice and the motel itself is very modern, think goose down comforter. YAY!

Week one- Starts out like the rest, lots of paperwork on day one. Day 2 we were already in the yard doing the Millis 500, lol which means following each other in a circle getting used to the truck. After lunch we went out on the road to bobtail around. There's only 2 of us here so needless to say we are getting tons of drive time. For the rest of the week we practice coupling/uncoupling, air breaks, pre-trip, (even though I don't test on it the guy here is from Ohio and he has too), we continue to drive in the yard and road driving in the afternoons. We also do about 1 hour or so of classroom in the morning. No driving with the trailer yet. Day 4- we started straight line backing. I pretty much had that one down. Next up is parallel parking. Day 5- same thing. Backing all day. Straight line and parallel. I can do the blindside no problem but when I switch to do the drivers side I can't do it to save my life. Its all good though Michael can't get the blindside so we are evening each other out lol.. Our instructor still hasn't lost is cool with us and seems to think we our doing so well we might graduate early. YAY!!

Its a lot of fun here. Harold our instructor is great. He's really calm and supportive and he wants nothing more then for you to succeed and pass your CDL road test. I've meet a few Millis drivers and they all have great things to say. I'm really liking my decision to train with Millis.

Week 2- Days 6-8 Backing, backing and then more backing. UGH, we had to learn off-set and alley dock.. Frustrating to say the least. Alley dock is ok, I have that one down but the darn off set is annoying as all get out. He has the course set up so you have to do a blindside then a drivers side off set. HATE IT lol.

We tested out on backing and now we get to hook up the trailer and get on the road.I didn’t master the off set but hey I still have plenty of time when I get out with my trainer which I met today. She’s really nice, been with Millis for 18 years. That seems to be a trend around here. Most drivers I have met have been with the company for over 3 years. When you test out on backing you have to do all backing maneuvers in a row. Um, yeah, my leg was a little tired afterwards. But, boy did it feel great when Harold told us we passed.

Days 9-10 I drove for 250 for both days and it was so much fun. I also got to do a pull through at a truck stop dancing-banana.gifdancing-banana.gif We are both doing so well we are testing out early. Training at Millis is 3 1/2 weeks, we are finishing in 2. I never had a problem with shifting so the time out on the road was great! I think I’m a natural when it comes to trucking. I can’t wait to get out with my trainer. Oh, and we did drug tests before going to the motel on Friday.

Week 3-

Day 1- Orientation day! Paper work! BORING!!! Nuff said!! lol

If you have any questions please ask. I didn't put all the details because I'm tired lol. I would recommend anyone who wants a lot of drive time training attend Millis. It's been an awesome experience thus far.. cheers ladies!!!

I know what what you mean Harold was great and Orientation was hella boring! But now it is time to go out with the trainer and get these miles over with!! So i can come back and go regional at the Burleson Tx Location. What is your average pay for a week here as a regional driver and what was your lowest?

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