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Hi. November 2015 Unlike a lot of you, OTR has been an "encore" career for me. I'm 63 and have (4) wonderful children all over the US. As a single guy I decided to go see them. Went to school, selected a company - Watkins Shepard and went to work for them. They are wonderful people and would suggest a new student look very seriously at them. They were 100% professional and took care of all our needs while in training for 2 weeks.

One thing I noticed - most new students want to do it their way. Just do what they tell you, get on the road and then try it your way.

November 2016 Stop complaining, stop looking for 2 cents more per mile, and stop thinking you're going to knock out 2500-3000 miles every week. Traffic, interstate construction (lost 3 hours in Nashville last week on road construction) will get you.

February 2017 A lot of time to reflect on life or pray (if so inclined) You'll experience some incredible sunrises, sunsets and geography.

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Posted:  5 years, 5 months ago

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A Summary of My 1st Year in Trucking And Why I Returned - article by MillionMiler24

MillionMiler24 is one of our favorite success stories here at TruckingTruth! He's shared an article with us celebrating one full year back on the road which tells the story of his first attempt at trucking, why he left, and what he's learned this time around. It's an awesome story!

A Summary of My 1st Year in Trucking And Why I Returned

Be sure to follow these links if you're not familiar with his whole story because it's truly one of a kind. You'll also find these in his article:

MillionMiler24's Situation Before Returning To Trucking

MillionMiler24's Training Diary

It's always a pleasure having MillionMiler24 around and we've truly enjoyed watching him find success in this industry. We sure hope he'll be sticking around our forum here for a long, long time!

Congrats on the one year anniversary!!!


A Summary of My 1st Year in Trucking And Why I Returned

Posted:  5 years, 8 months ago

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The Web Of Lies And Misinformation

The article you post is really spot on correct. I'm always amazed at a driver who left a large carrier and spends time bashing them as no good. How can a truck carrier like Swift - who bought Knight and is now buying another company be so bad. My experience shows too many unprofessional slack drivers who are cry babies. a couple of things I notice. Drivers tend to complain about home time. But they forget to tell a dispatcher at least a week in advance, the dates they want to be home. They expect instant revision of the carriers load board to make them happy. a little pre planning with a dispatcher goes a long way. Secondly, stop turning down loads because you dont like the miles, the territory or the weather. Deal with it. Thirdly - act like and look like a professional. Take a daily shower, change clothes and take the time to watch your personal hygiene. Why you think a receiving office full of drivers want to see you or smell you coming from 20 feet away is not nice! Fourthly, take time to research the company you want to drive for. do they operate in your home area? Talk to recruiting in advance and more than once.

Larry Savannah, GA

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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CDL program for me?

Hey Jeff

I've just completed my first year. So I get to change my status from "rookie" - you will too. A couple of things I've learned. A good driving record is important. Petty larcency - 5 years ago should not affect your application. be honest with them - admit your mistake and go forward. A couple of thoughts for you to consider.

Driving a truck - CDL-Solo is not a job - its a lifestyle. That means you get paid for 8-11 hours of driving in a 14 hour day. You will spend time away from home - 2 weeks. getting home is not that difficult - IF YOU TALK TO DISPATCH IN ADVANCE AND KEEP UP WITH THE REQUEST. You need to learn to be smart with money on the road. Fueling is tempting to buy all sorts of junk. Go to your local grocery store - or Walmart and get what you need.

Understand there will be times you get stuck - without a load - a delayed dispatch - a breakdown and the list goes on. all these activities do not pay, ha ha. But you will see some of the most gorgeous sun rises, sunsets, cloud formations, geography and the ability to spend a lot of time thinking about life and praying (if so inclined).

I lived on Bretts CDL test prep and passed with no problem. His test prep is the best I've ever seen and gives you tremendous confidence when the time comes. Go through each page - each question and you will be prepared.

Where do you live, who's at home and do you like yourself enough to spend days and nights by yourself?

Posted:  6 years, 10 months ago

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Lyght's Journey To Become A Truck Driver

Dear Lyghts I've been reading your experiences and give you a lot of credit. I've been doing this for 1 year. A couple of things that will help.

Construction zones always are a stress. They should be - and everyone is concerned. Remember how you felt in a car?

Also, going down the hills becomes second nature. You're doing it right. Stay alert - be prepared and take your time. Let the "cowboys" pass you.

Backing. Here's a tip that was given to me. When possible - ask your trainer to allow a backing practice at the truck stop into a 2-3 hole space after you fuel up mid afternoon. Even now, I almost always take a practice backup at the truck stop after fueling or especially mid afternoon.. You'll do well. Remember -EVERYONE sets up wrong every now and then and looks like a rookie.

Posted:  7 years, 8 months ago

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Driving at night

Couple of items. (1) make sure your inside windshield is clean and clear - not just the outside. (2) Turn down your dashboard lights and make sure no cab lights or bunk lights are on.

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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Honest Opinions...

Hi, this is Larry S. New rookie Driver at 63. what I've learned is this. babies cry over the least little items and try to make us all feel like them. Go to their school, work hard, ask questions and do it their way. Each week as you deliver on time, no issues and no accidents, the word spreads. No one is going to make a fortune as a team right off the bat. they need to see how you do. Let them see how you handle their investment over a couple of weeks and months. Do it the right way, talk to the dispatchers, keep open and honest and you'll enjoy this carrier. Plus you see things I saw last week, a herd of elk (200+) and then 45 minutes later over 100+ wild mustangs running.

Posted:  7 years, 9 months ago

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Favorite trucking companies

Watkins Shepard New Driver Well, I'm a 63 year old retired guy who decided to to get a CDL License. Used this site to do all of my CDL studying and passed, with tanker and haz mat. Went to a CDL School on my own, then on to finishing school at Watkins.

Great People, great instructors, great equipment. Class was 2 weeks - all expenses paid. $100 when I arrived, $200 at end of first week, $400 at end of second week. You could be in finishing school longer if you needed it. Finished and they were 100% confident, I was 75% confident,lol. Took a run from NC to Salt Lake City Solo. No issues. I was prepared. Great people, great company, did it their way from Day 1, not my way.

Posted:  8 years, 1 month ago

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Private training for a CDL instead of a school or company sponsored school

As a semi retired guy, I have been thinking of looking at a OTR career. The children are all grown and gone. I am single and wasting time fishing and doing woodwork. Recently a close friend said he would take the time to train me for the CDL Exam - as well as take me out on a regular basis to learn how to handle the truck.

He has sold his trucking firm and has kept (3) newer Volvos for part time work. His thought was a small 2-3 truck Owner Operator Part time company with guys he knows well.

Any thoughts on a One on One training program from a owner-operator?

Larry in SC

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