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Celadon/Quality Drivers Im so Ready for this!!

Yeah, it's totally understandable that you're getting impatient and would like to get out there but try like crazy to stay relaxed and positive. Old School is right, you're going to be facing situations like this constantly on the road. They'll give you a load with a schedule so tight you can barely get a moment of rest, and then you'll finally arrive at the destination just to sit for 10 hours waiting to get unloaded. So use this time to practice being positive, patient, and just live in the moment. Try to let things just slide off your back without a concern. It's about the most important ability a truck driver can have.

Also, don't try to understand the what's, why's, and how's about these trucking companies. Large corporations are very hard to figure out and because you're new to trucking that's going to make it that much more difficult to understand. A lot of what they do will not make any sense. Sometimes it's because it doesn't make sense, sometimes it's because they have an agenda you're unaware of. So just try to focus on doing whatever you're being asked to do and just roll with it. You'll be out there before you know it and things will be great for ya.

I was looking over your progress in the High Road Training Program and I noticed you did very little of the logbook section and none of the Weight & Balance section. I think working on those would be time very well spent because that information is critical to your everyday life out there.

Do you know how to calculate fuel burnoff?

Do you know how to implement the split sleeper berth rule?

If you're stuck in heavy traffic in a snowstorm and you're about to run out of hours on your logbook, can you use the two hour safe haven rule to continue on legally? Are you familiar with the two hour safe haven rule?

If you have 34,680 pounds on your trailer tandems and 33,200 on your tractor drives, are you legal? If not, which direction do you slide the tandems and how many holes should you move them?

If you have 12,600 pounds on your steer axle, you're in the state of Illinois, and your steer tires are rated at 6,500 pounds, are you legal?

Those two sections will teach you that kind of stuff and a whole lot more. Before you know it you're going to be running solo and there isn't going to be anyone around to give you the answers - you'll be on your own. There's a ton of information to learn yet - keep at it. smile.gif

I'm new, so this is my first response and my first post to this website, which I really enjoy coming here to read stories others post. I understand the importance of patience in most everything we do. But when does that patience go beyond being tolerated to becoming concerned, worried and not tolerated? I read all of Carolina's post and was following her up to her very last one and now I'm very concerned as to where she went and if she's doing well, if she walked out on the school after waiting so long to get a trainer or if the school finally sent her home or what.... what happen? I feel safe in saying, she went into the training program with anticipation of learning a new trade in order to start her new career making money as soon as she possible could. I understand, as I stated in the beginning of patience. But what if someone can't have the patience and need to start making that money, need that training to get the job they want? Do you sit around and wait indefinitely on a trainer, while they support you? I don't want to get lazy, I'm here to work! Does the school finally let you go without the training you came there to get? And what if you've waited longer that you could financially afford because the bills still come in while you're getting free food and lodging from this Laredo Texas school. Are y'all following me, understanding what I'm getting at? I'm very interested in Quality Drivers School in Laredo and beginning a career with Celadon Trucking. But I have not been able to find much information regarding this school in Laredo compared to ALL the information I've been able to obtain regarding the IN school. I live in Texas and need reviews from former students from this school, not the one in Indy. If you Google Quality Drivers Trucking School in Laredo... it pulls up Caledon's Trucking School along with an option to click on their link. But when you click on that link, it pulls up ERROR, page not found. What's up with that, lol? My biggest concern is, beginning a school that can't get me out on the road with a trainer within 2-3 weeks of performing my best and achieving my CDL license and having to walk away, going to another school that can give me the training I need, yet owing Quality Drivers that $7200 tuition fee over conditions beyond my control. I need a job and my bills are still coming in. KLLM/FFE already let me down, thinking they were one of the best of the best schools in Texas, only to find out differently. I don't want another repeat. And I'm not out here to bash anyone or anything. When looking into a school for training, please, PLEASE find out if that school works at your pace or theirs. Where are the Texas reviews, not the Indy reviews, plz!

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