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Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Obtained cdl today, Keim ts orientation tomorrow!

I would not call it complaining. When a carrier is questioned about why you cant get home, why you get low miles etc. it is deserving of an answer. I really dont want to get into a word game but I think you get my point lol. Call it "questioning" or "complaining" ....its the same thing lol.

Why did I stay? To be honest I made a lot of friends and forged good relationships with my brother drivers. I made there, but in the end its about my ability to take care of my kids and family. When someone begins to play games with me...and it effects my wife and kids....I will address it!! I am a hard worker and will haul anything any where. I was hoping it would get better or my concerns would be heard. If their answer was to tell me they had other applicants waiting to get a truck......well that response speaks volumes about how Keim is.

I dont want to be a good ole boy. I want to be a responsible driver who earns a decent living for their family without having to politic. Sorry but I am not built that way.

Some of my friends have moved on (for the reasons in my original post) and some are still there. On that note they are currently in the shopping mode looking for another carrier.

The brutal truth is they are no different than the larger carriers that love driver turn over for various reasons (that would be a good topic about all trucking companies).

I am just pointing out that this carrier is not a "truckers utopia" lol.

I am happy with my current carrier. (Melton) They are up front. They answer questions and address issues. Fair tarp pay. Good miles. Good pay. Excellent benefits. Great communication.

PS I had some friends that went to Maverick. They like it there.

Posted:  6 years, 6 months ago

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Reefer Vs. Flatbed Vs. Dry Van

Ill make this really simple.

If you enjoy playing warehouse and lumper games pull reefer or van.

Flat bed gets unloaded in minutes

Reffer and van....can be hours and hours. Then you might have to get w washout.

Reefer is just another piece of machinery to break down. Also, if the reefer isnt working correctly the receiver might not accept the load. Now enjoy more warehouse fun.

Receivers LOVE to make drivers play "warehouse worker." If you load is unloaded and is on perfectly good pallets the receiver might make you re-palatalize the load so it will fit on their shelves. YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY! Despite your load being on the dock and in good condition you now must play warehouse worker, or hire someone to do it for you. Now you will be delayed even longer.

Unless the loads are drop and hook you can take the reefers and cram em really deep.

Posted:  6 years, 6 months ago

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Prime Inc and sleep apnea

This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and a ton of BS. Just another way for Prime to shake down drivers for more money. Imagine how many drivers per day they run through their so called "Orientation mill." That is a lot of $$$$$$$.

Let the drivers sleep when they need,and not keep them up all day and expect them to drive all night. Its that simple!

Posted:  6 years, 6 months ago

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Why you so worried about a drug test?


Posted:  6 years, 6 months ago

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Need advise on a Truck GPS.

You guys have any recommendations for a good Truck GPS, one that lets me type in my height, width, weight, of my truck so i can avoid low bridges and roads that have weight restrictions. I live in Chicago, and they constantly repave roads and such so underpasses are constantly changing heights and stuff like that.

I would use Rand McNally Trucking map hands down. GPS is on when you are on Interstate to give you a heads up on traffic. Other than that....go old school.

DO NOT DEPEND ON GPS IN THE CITIES. Period!! Dont do it!! Dont learn the hard way.

Best thing is to call the receiver and you will get the best directions :-)

Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Considering a new Career!

The biggest thing I can tell you is crunch the numbers really good. In other words look before you leap. I can think of one driver that will refute what I am telling you. First you need to investigate the company on your own to insure it will be a good fit. Talk to other drivers. Read the forums etc etc. I am going to reserve my opinion about some of these companies. Some are not up front and you only discover the issues after you get to orientation. Other companies will even try to get in your pocket at orientation!! Last but not least you better look at the math. (This is a an average after probation)

Say you run 2500 per week at .35 cents per mile in a week $875.00

Now lets take out some taxes insurance now you are at $725.00

Now lets consider you need $20 per day to eat for a week (-140) now you are now at $585.00

It is a forgone conclusion you will work 16 hours per day for 7 days a week. That means you will have worked 112 hours.

Now here is the fun part $585.00/112 hours= $5.22!! This is .19 per mile!!

(This can be more or less) Probably less.

Is it worth it? That is your decision.

This number can be less or more. I am going to tell you it is less. There are a ton of things that I did not deduct that will bring that number down at ton.

There are other determining factors that you need to consider that could increase of decrease this number.

If you have a morgage payment (rent), car payment and utilities you have to make on your own you can see the math just does not work to your advantage.

Now if you are in a probationary period getting only $450.00 per week before all the deductions as I indicated above...count on some financial problems.

To Summerize:



Posted:  7 years, 3 months ago

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Prime Inc and sleep apnea

First of all the biggest cause of sleep disorders is not snoring . The biggest issue is when the body’ circadian rhythm gets disrupted.

Often referred to as the "body clock", circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that rules us all. This internal body clock is affected by external forces, such as sun rise and time zones. And when one's circadian rhythm is disrupted by, say jet lag, sleeping and eating patterns can run amok.

Drivers being awake when they should be sleeping….sleeping when they are awake and essentially screwing up their internal clocks is what causes the real sleep issue. This is the real issue. How many times have you spent hours at a dock getting loaded then had to drive all night. I am not going to post a laundry list of sleep issues. I think you get the point.

The sleep apnea issue is a red herring. Screwing up your own internal clock (as I mentioned above) is the absolutely worse thing you can do!!

Sounds like a carrier got the crap sued out of them for someone falling asleep and the sleep study was probably part of the settlement. THE REAL CAUSE IS SCREWING UP THE BODYS CIRCADIAN RHYTHEM!!

However....if that is a condition of employment....its the employers right to ask you to submit for a sleep study.

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