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Posted:  2 years, 9 months ago

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Spare Parts And Tools You Should Carry In Your Truck

I had a light issue after dropping an empty and hooking to the loaded trailer. All my lights (truck and trailer) were fine while driving to and dropping the empty at the customer. Hooked up to the loaded trailer. The lights on the truck were fine but the lights on the passenger side of the trailer were not working. After some investigating, I was not able to fix the issue. So I thought maybe a fuse had gone bad. Only problem was I didn't have a torx driver to open the fuse panel. I asked a few passing drivers and found a driver willing to help. We opened the panel and all the fuses were fine. I noticed that while the hazard lights were on, from the inside of the cab I could hear what sounded like bongos being played slowly way off in the distance. They didn't sound quite normal. I did a Google search and found that I had a bad relay switch. Six hours later when the repair guy got there I was all set within 30 seconds. Turns out I didn't need the torx driver for that particular situation because the relay box was under the hood, but needless to say, I have torx drivers with me now just in case.

Also, especially in the winter, I keep an emergency blanket in the truck. The kind that could be used to help keep someone warm if maybe there had been an accident or for an event such as my truck won't idle because of temperature and company restrictions or my bunk heater broke down. The emergency blanket reflects your own body heat back to you to help keep you warm. I purchased mine from the big box sporting goods store in the camping department. If I remember correctly it only cost about $5.00.

Posted:  3 years, 5 months ago

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Wanting to team-Needing advice

Hi all! I have a question in regards to teaming. I have spoken with my dispatcher about moving over to the team side and have been allowed to make the change. However, the person that I want to team with has not been released. They're on an different account than I am and as I understand, our company does not want to lose drivers from this account. We are anxious to get underway with teaming. Would anyone be able to offer any advice/steps to follow/folks at our company to talk to, to help us have any impact in moving this along? Thank you in advance for any and all advice!! Safe travels to all!!!!!

Posted:  3 years, 10 months ago

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Schneider drivers I need your feedback

I had a phone interview with Schneider and I'm having a hard time making a final decision. The position at Schneider is Northeast Regional. My final 3 companies are Schneider, Roehl and Core Mark (local food delivery that pays well be very labor intensive).

I need honest feedback from Schneider drivers. Are you happy with Schneider? Are you getting the miles they promised? What is/will be your first years gross. And anything else you think I need to know.

Schneider, IMHO is a good company to work for. Their training is in fact 18 days (Week one: paperwork, pre-work screen, DOT physical, classroom, then the rest of the week working in the training yard and driving out on the roads around the terminal. Also, week one you will get brand new boots, slip and oil resistant. The boots cost $35 and are deducted from your first paycheck, plus if you get the boots, you get a brand new pair every year at no additional cost. Week two: you are out with a trainer for the week. Week three: classroom all week learning trip planning and Qualcomm). Also, Schneider's website ( has several different videos, one of which is some of the pre-work screen. There is also a list of what to bring to orientation on the site as well.Once hired on, they will have you buy a kingpin lock at $65 That they will deduct in payments from about 4 pay checks and they will give you a bag with some things you will need for your truck.

I would think that you being from PA you will be at the Carlisle/Harrisburg terminal. The hotel they put you in is decent and you will have a roommate (if you prefer a room to yourself you can pay for it at Schneiders rate). There are washers and dryers available, but no soap (I washed my clothes over the weekend after first week before I went with my trainer and then again when I returned from being out with my trainer). They pick you up at the hotel every morning in a school bus Monday-Saturday at 0630 and they will return you by bus to the hotel at the end of the day. They give you meal tickets for one lunch each day at the terminal (the salads, if you like salads, can be bought with the meal tickets and are excellent, better than what's available from the hot plate or for 6 or 7 bucks you can buy a burger and fries, also very good). Free breakfast at the hotel and dinner is on you. I took my own food for breakfast and dinner, the rooms all have a fridge and microwave. There is also a Cracker Barrel right next to the hotel and a Chili's within walking distance. Plus, Walmart is about a mile up the road.

All of the trainers were great and very patient. They will work with you as long as you have a great attitude, are professional and positive. Follow directions and show you are a hard worker and you won't have any problems. Let the problem people weed themselves out on their own.

I also applied for Northeast Regional but was moved to BJ's Dedicated and it paid the same as you quoted above. They will make payments to you as you quoted for the sign on bonus. You will get what was promised to you as far as the pay goes (.36/mile, performance bonus as long as you meet the criteria for it, tuition reimbursement). I was happy with Schneider, but unfortunately needed to leave because of a personal issue. I wish I could have stayed, I miss it every day!! My run was to average 2200-2500 miles/week and I was on pace to hit those miles. My first year pay would have been about $40k-$45k.

Hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Best of luck to you in your journey to your new lifestyle!!!

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