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Posted:  5 years ago

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Logbook Rules: How Would You Make Them Better?

On a 24 hr clock; 12 hours on-duty, 12 hours off duty. 80 hr week.

Keep 34 hr resets.

No more 30 minute break.

Airlines have a 12/12 rule for pilots.

Its simple, effective, gives more driving time while allowing drivers to get the rest they need.

Posted:  5 years ago

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Interesting read on hours of service.

Always thought they should make us have similar rules to Airlines.

In a 24 hr period, you have 12 hours for on-duty, 12 hours for off-duty.

The 12 hours are split at the drivers discretion.

No more 30 minute break rule.

It would solve dock time issues, and drivers get another driving time, which should be no problem, because they are getting more rest.

Keep the coercion law in place to prevent driver abuse.

It would be very simple to implement, simple to understand, and would eliminate a lot of issues.

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Trucks & Personal Protection.

^ Sorry, Reginald Denny is who I meant.

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Trucks & Personal Protection.

Dog chain, padlock wrapped in a bandana, roll of quarters....

I carry a Leatherman Super Tool.

If firearms were allowed, I'd have a .357 Magnum in the truck.

Big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Company policy did not protect Reginald King. And he was the only one obeying the law that day.

Did not deserve what happened to him.

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Should I choose a company that trains on automatic transmissions and have that restriction on my CDL?

We had thirteen guys test for their driving test in school.

11 qualified on the auto.

I was one of two that chose the 10 speed.

Glad I did, but it appears for naught.

Drive a 12 speed Eaton Fuller auto now, but I'd give anything to have my 9 spd. manual back. But thats personal preference I guess.

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Reviews of Roadmaster Training

Went through the Roadmasters school in Orlando.

First couple of days you work on your permit. Then, you learn operation basics, then you start backing.

Schoolwork was typically in the morning, driving in the afternoon.

Instructors are friendly enough.

Trucks are worn out.

Two weeks in, recruiters come by to pitch.

Was about five weeks.

Anyone have anything to say about Roadmaster's training program?

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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Home Time Housing

I've been OTR for almost two years now. Now that I have a bit of experience, and making more money, I'd like a place of my own.

I love visiting my family during hometime, but I am essentially, homeless.

The reason for it is that I have some trepidation in purchasing a house or renting a house that I will be in one day per week per month on average (I stay out five to six weeks at a time).

I've thought about travel trailers.

I am single. What has worked for you guys/gals?

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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A Commencement Speech For Truck Driving School Graduates - article by Old School

Mentioning the high turnover rate is not to be understated.

When I went to orientation with Stevens, we started with 32.

After going out with a trainer, that number was 12.

After the first year, 3 guys were left, one of whom I. One of the others became a contractor/trainer.

Graduating is important. But surviving the first year even more so. :)

Posted:  5 years, 1 month ago

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A lesson in patience, Brooklyn, and Chinese takee-outee moped delivery.

I remember having to pick up some pizza dough at a place in Brooklyn on 131st street, a one way street. Knew going in it was going to be very tight.

It was Dec. 12th, and it was 14 degrees.

On the way there, O/O had an accident with a minivan. He was jughandling right, (he was an old Pete and had to), and minivan tried to sneak past.

Nobody was hurt, but 10 firefighters and 8 cops showed up.


Being a former paramedic, I shot the breeze, saying how the story Chuck Serekia inspired me to go to school.

We waved goodbye.

Back to my load. Google satelite images didnt to it justice. Cars were covered on each curb.

I did a jughandle as wide as I possibly could, touched the base of a pedestrian sign, didnt break it.

Less than a foot of space on either side.

Pizza dough guys saw me and cleared a single car space for a forklift to get through.

Couldn't even open the doors all the way because it was so narrow.

Bummed a menthol cigarette from a dockworker; my first and only in 8 years.

That was a loooooooong day, I won't lie.

Posted:  5 years, 2 months ago

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End of a Journey - My year of trucking.

There is nothing wrong with realizing when its time to make a change.

I survived 1 year and 7 months going OTR. The loneliness is a real thing. I've been a loner most of my life, but coupled with the sleep schedule and the tight load windows, it can be downright miserable at times.

I can remember when I first started, I would go out 9-10 weeks. (I learned not to do that), because I would go crazy.

The last 10 week stretch I was out, towards the end I drove through the desert on I-40 at night in nothing but my underwear; just to do something different.

About three weeks ago, I was assigned a dedicated rail job that pays for every hour I work.

I start in the morning and go to bed at night steadily. Most of the time I bobtail to a truck stop at the end of the day. I work the rails in chicago, work as far west as Iowa, far east as Ohio.

About two days ago, I told them I wanted to be permanently assigned. Its still far away from my home, and I have to go out 5 or more weeks at a time, but the scheduling is so much better than OTR.

I'll finish my 2 years experience working the rail. The rail guys and rail dispatch are a close knit group. Way different than OTR.

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