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Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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Getting into my own company truck soon. Equipment questions.

Not sure if I should start a new thread for new questions, but here's a couple.

When I have my APU running is that charging the truck battery? I ask because I have my phone connected to the truck radio via Bluetooth, and would like to run it in standby when I'm in the sleeper so I can use the truck speakers for movies and music.

Also wondering if I should have more weight on the tractor or trailer for better fuel mileage.

PS, it's not a hula girl or bobble dog but here's my dash buddies.


Posted:  3 years, 1 month ago

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Getting into my own company truck soon. Equipment questions.

Very sorry it took so long to respond to this. My phone broke shortly after posting last and by the time I had it replaced I was back in MO getting upgraded. Thanks again to everyone for the advice!

I ended up going with a full size. After looking at the lightweight, I didn't see a place for anything. Clothes, cpap, pizza maker, nothing.

Verizon really screwed me over. Lied to me, bait and switch, and then refused to make it right. Horrible dishonest scamming unethical company. And I still say ATT has better road coverage anyway. Verizon did throttle my jetpack down to .6 Mbps. Was like using dialup back in the day. I know your heart was in the right place Pat, so not digging against you.

I got the mailbox, and have been using the QC gps, so great tips. Unfortunately they don't want a mattress mailed there, but that's fine.

Again, thank you guys for the advice. Much appreciated.

Posted:  3 years, 2 months ago

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Getting into my own company truck soon. Equipment questions.

I know I won't be forced into one but I read that you get offered what is available and if you want something else you're sitting and I can't afford to sit. I also read that it's more profitable to be in a LW so that's what I'm planning for currently.

I realize that I can get around without a GPS and am proficient with maps but it's convienient, and just one of those things I consider a must have. I know not to blindly follow it, I did mention I was tech savy, right? lol I wasn't aware that the Qualcomm had one though, my trainers is like 10 years old so it's lacking some features I'm sure.

I've found AT&T to have better coverage than Verizon. I've had both since starting for a side by side comparison. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a way to link both connections into one for speed and stability but I'm still searching. I was hoping someone might have a miracle answer for that one for me because I'm pretty much addicted to the internet and had hoped to stream to Twitch in my downtime, but the stupid throttling is in my way.

I only plan on stopping home once to pick up the supplies I'm ordering and then back on the road nonstop for the next year. Debt is drowning me and I'm looking forward to getting it taken care of asap.

Thanks for the response bud. Good luck to you too.

Posted:  3 years, 2 months ago

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Getting into my own company truck soon. Equipment questions.

First, let me say thank you to everyone for the help over the past several months. I haven't posted before now, but I've been reading, and you guys have helped me get through some frustrating times during my training at Prime.

My questions are about things I plan to purchase before I get my truck so they can be shipped home and waiting for me. I've been researching this for a few hours but can't find complete information, so sorry if it's out there already I just couldn't find it. After reading here, I'm almost sure I'll be going lightweight but I just never know what's going to happen with Prime so I'm trying to get info for regular size too.

First, memory foam mattress. As far as I can tell I should be looking for a twin xl. Do the bed dimensions change depending on the truck and if I get a lightweight or not? Does the thickness matter? Would hate to get a 12 inch depth for comfort and ruin it because it's overflowing out of the bunk or something.

Next, fridge. What size should I be looking for? Will I even be able to fit one in a lightweight without taking out the passenger seat? Do I need to worry about watts and does that change depending on the truck size?

GPS. Is there an obvious best choice? My trainer didn't even use GPS at first, which in this day and age surprised the hell out of me. I kind of influenced her to get one, and it seems ok, though she still doesn't trust it and I don't blame her because once we get off the freeway it's pretty sketchy. It's a garmin.

Lastly, internet. I'm a huge tech guy. Cell phone internet isn't really cutting it. Is there any way to get unlimited internet without the constant dead zones and with decent speed?

Thanks in advance for the help with this. I'm very excited to get to it solo and have my own space. I'm an introvert, and being in a box with someone 24/7 has been draining. Not to sound like a super trucker but I'm ready to work my ass off, I just hope they let me.

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