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Posted:  1 year, 7 months ago

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Unsafe backing and Leaving truck and load at Terminal

Thanks for the reply's., let me address some things.

The only time I have ever been late on a load is when the contributing factors were beyond my control ie. Weather, Mechanical, Traffic. My time management is just fine, I can not say that for all drivers as there are lazy ones out there who just do not care.

Yes I am very safety conscious always have been always will be, I am not going to be ne of these Super Truckers who know it all and risk lives.

What am I leaving out? Nothing at all, you can interpret as you see fit. I did not post to be chastised or have someone imply that I am a liar or story teller. You now what they say about some peoples opinions.

I spoke with Human Resources this evening and they listened to the phone conversations between myself and my Fleet Manager. She apologized. She stated that he is a newer Fleet Manager and this is a new Account only 2 weeks old and I would welcome my former Companies response, however I do not see that happening. The video feed was also pulled from the truck and Safety agreed that it was an unsafe backing situation.

I did apply to another company this evening and I was upfront and honest with them about what happened., we will see what happens.

But Thank you again for your responses even the accusatory ones implying that I am anything else but honest.

Posted:  1 year, 7 months ago

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Unsafe backing and Leaving truck and load at Terminal

Not sure if this topic has been asked before so please forgive me if it has. I have been driving for 7 months now and yesterday 11/29/18 I was faced with a backing maneuver that I felt was unsafe. Basically what I had to do was back up along side the building and cut my wheels hard to the right and swing my trailer around the back of the building, straighten out a little, and cut hard again to avoid going down an embankment into a medium size creek and hitting a bumper high concrete barrier. I had 7 semi's on my right parked 2 deep side by side (day cab w/ attached 38' trailers) a box truck on the right back side of my trailer and a 53' ft trailer on left side. To envision what it looked like it would be a complete U turn maneuver but while in reverse with obstacles on sides.

I will admit I had trouble backing, after about 25 minutes, I asked the yard jockey if he could put it in the dock as it was a drop and hook, he said no. I asked another company driver who was at this consignee if she would assist me with backing and she laughed and walked away. Needless to say during the maneuver I brushed the bumper against the wall causing a gouge in the plastic, (these docks are made for day cab, and Box trucks, not a sleeper cab). The other company driver saw this and she came up to me informing me that she saw this, and proceeded to call safety right in front of me. I then got a call from my manager., after explaining the situation and telling him I felt unsafe doing this maneuver and that I was afraid of causing any more damage to the truck, he told me that I had to do it as it is a new account and I have no choice but to back in the way they want me to. I told him again that I felt unsafe, and he told me to get over it and do it., 45 minutes later I backed in the dock but not without breaking the top rubber piece of my side wings on the sleeper. I called mu manager again and told him about the damage and how unsafe it is to back, he replied "But did you deliver the load?". I said Yes. He told me that I will be going to this location to deliver often so I better get used to it. This is my first backing mishap since I have been driving, but I have never had to perform a maneuver like this before.

Going forward, I was then told to pick up a load in Aspers PA and get to Zanesville OH to the Dollar General WH. I told him that I only have 2:25 on my 11 hour and that I will not make it to Zanesville. I was told that I needed to do what I had to get the load there on time. I told him I would not risk safety.

I got so frustrated by them telling me to basically violate safety that I drove the truck with the load to the terminal in Shippensburg, cleaned out the truck, sent a message that due to what I perceived as safety violations I resign. I made sure the truck and load was secured, and had security put a padlock on the trailer to protect the apple juice. I made sure to file a claim for the bumper and rubber/plastic protector. I got a call this afternoon from Human Resources stating that they feel I abandoned my truck and load because I was under dispatch., does not matter that I parked at a secure terminal location and secured the load and truck.. They stated that they would report a preventative accident and abandonment on my DAC.

So I am guessing that my driving career is over?

Posted:  2 years, 9 months ago

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Need Advice...

I started training with Swift on September 18, 2017, in Richmond, VA. As training progressed passed the classroom portion with a 97%

Started out on the range doing straight backing and offset. On Wednesday September 27, 2017 I received a phone call at 1:00am that my Father in law had suffered 3 heart attacks and was in the Cardiac ICU in critical condition. After hanging up the phone I emailed the Training Manager at the Richmond Academy, his Administrative Assistant, and my recruiter to inform them of what happened. I told them that I had to leave on a family emergency and asked for them to call me with information on how I can return to the Academy.

I have not heard anything from Swift at all? I have attempted one more call to my recruiter and she has not responded to my follow up message. I am afraid that they are not going to allow me to return for circumstances beyond my control and that I now owe them approximately $1,500.00 for 2 weeks of training, and I was told at Swift(during the first week of training) that if a trainee leaves and owes a Company money I can not receive training from any other company until that amount is paid off as they all work together.


Posted:  2 years, 10 months ago

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Making sure everything is in order before training

CDL Training day is fast approaching for Swift on September 18 in Richmond, VA. Getting nervous....

Ok why you should comprehend, read and listen. This is regarding my DOT Physical for Swift.

August 31, 2017 had my DOT Physical at an approved Swift Facility in Chambersburg, PA. Had my long from filled and signed as well as the medical card. I told the Dr. doing my physical that I was going to take my permit test on September 1, so I did not have my permit with me at the time of the Physical. My recruiter at Swift told me that I needed my DOT Medical card before I could take my permit test., so I was following her instructions. She also told me to call her with the results of my Physical so she could update my file. All went well and I passed with flying colors, make sure you follow the instructions on the long form and do not hide anything.

September 1 came and I took my permit test in Bedford, PA., I passed 2 out of 3, so I had to go back after the holiday. September 6, passed., and got my permit. I called my recruiter and gave her the information.

I took the required on line training with Swift and passed with a 95%

September 12, 2017, I received an email welcoming me to Swift and the Richmond training academy., the email including do's and don'ts as well as expectations...THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION to your paperwork especially your permit and DOT Physical form.

When reading the requirements for training it was spelled out that on your medical card in the lower right corner there is CLP/CDL Application/Holder, Yes or No (this is for PA). This is to be completed by the examining physician, and it must be checked YES. WELL mine was originally checked NO which would have sent me home the very first day of training. This morning I had to go back to the Medical facility and have my DOT card redone and provide the Dr., with proof that I had my CDL Permit. This also had to be fixed on the long form.

On your permit (again for PA) make sure that your L restriction knowledge is marked PASS, if not, again you will be sent home to correct the issue.

I had to redo my employment application twice now for my recruiter and she said that I will need to redo it again at the end of my training (not sure why though, I asked but no explanation was given).

In the end just pay attention to your paperwork and requirements prior to attending any training, the smallest mistake can be detrimental to your new career.

All in all things are progressing well and I am looking forward to making the drive to Richmond on Sunday.

Posted:  2 years, 10 months ago

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Start Training September 18 with Swift in Richmond, VA

First Thank you to all on here for your help regarding starting a new career.

I narrowed it down to 3 Companies and applied to them all. This morning Swift called me and went over my application. My recruiter's name is Patience, and she was exactly that. Not pushy at all, explained everything in detail, and answered all of my questions (I had 15 of them, no kidding).. I am starting the on line portion tonight and that has to be done in 7 days. DOT Physical is next week $85.00 cost.

Since Richmond is only 4.5 hours from my house I will be driving my vehicle so I can have it there. Lots to do in the next few weeks.

Posted:  2 years, 10 months ago

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New Career for a 46 yr old

Thank you for all the replies.

This is my experience thus far finding the right training. I completed the short form from this site and within a few hours I started to receive information from Companies, with an application attached. I have also down loaded the Pennsylvania CDL Permit info and have been reading that nightly., only got 4 wrong on the Hazmat Portion. Yeah!!

To continue, yesterday 8/22/2017I spoke with a recruiter from C1 Drivers Solutions, he was very cordial and I thought honest. Driver Solutions recruits exclusively for PAM transport (this is what the recruiter told me)., and should I decide to attend the training school there is one 3 hours away from my home. I was provided with a website to visit which explains the whole process, costs, lodging, etc. So I wanted to post this as information for any one else considering Driver Solutions.

My first impression from the phone call, very professional...A++++. Aaron explained everything to me.

Now the website is very informative so I will try to break down the costs that I would have to pay to attend Driver Solutions Training.

* First you are not guaranteed a job with PAM until you pass your CDL Test, they will sponsor you through training, however you are responsible to pay back $1,995.00 of the training costs once you are hired on with PAM and start receiving a pay check. (I do believe that is covered on this site, so it is no surprise) again A+++++

*Second the Training school is called AAA School of Trucking in Philadelphia PA. Students attending this school are responsible for their own transportation to and from the school. There is no on site parking for the students vehicles, however there is free street parking.

*Third accommodations are provided for you, however they are 12 miles away in New Jersey at Motel 6. You can expect to share the room with one other student. If you want your own room you have to pay an additional $496.00 up front, not sure if it is refundable or not. You also have to pay a $5.00 fee Round Trip Daily to cross the bridge from NJ to PA to attend training, I figured that out of pocket expense to be right around $150.00 plus your gas. Food is not provided so you will have to pay for 3 meals a day. The hotel does provide a mini refrigerator and microwave however I would still figure 150.00 to 200.00 a week for food multiplied by 4 weeks (maximum) $800.00.

*Fourth you have to pay for your DOT physical and Drug Screen which is $100.00 due on the first day of training.

To conclude if I were attend Driver Solutions Training in Philadelphia I would have a total out of pocket expense of approximately $3,045.00 this amount includes the pay back of $1,995.00 to PAM for their Sponsorship.

All in all from the information provided on the website it looks to be a good school, I just wanted to post this so other people can see what costs are associated with obtaining your CDL.

Posted:  2 years, 11 months ago

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New Career for a 46 yr old

Good Morning,

First let me apologize if this discussion has been had previously. Over the past few months I have been diligently researching the trucking industry and the occupation of Professional Driver. I worked at a well established Travel Center catering to OTR Drivers and have had the opportunity to talk with many drivers as well as Trainers. I was told everything from "Don't do it" to, "You will enjoy the freedom you have and make good money." I live in South Central PA, near Breezewood PA. Currently I am a Part Time Police Officer (Low pay no benefits), and small business co-owner. I have absolutely no Trucking or mechanical experience at all, which makes me wonder if I am able to do this. After some research I feel that if I take the plunge a Company Sponsored CDL training is the path to take. I have researched and continue to research Swift, Prime, Pam and Roehl. Watching YouTube videos, reading this forum., etc. They all have their positives and negatives, as with any job in any industry. It was suggested that I do a "Ride Along" if I knew someone in the industry to see if life on the road would be something I could handle. I am reaching out here in an attempt to gain further knowledge about training, see if anyone one here has experience with the above mentioned Companies, and can maybe give me their honest opinion., or suggest a Company that I may have over looked for CDL training. Thank you in advance for your time reading this and your answers. Roll Safe!

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