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Posted:  2 months, 1 week ago

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How much will I make.

How much money will I make as a new OTR driver. Basically, how much will I take home a MONTH AFTER TAXES and all in my first year OTR.

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Should I become a truck driver or stay with my present career?...need help

No trolls. Being respectful only. I just need every bit of informations from the experts, that's all. Sorry.

Thank you for the replies all of you people.

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Should I become a truck driver or stay with my present career?...need help

Hi guys, First of all, this is pretty personal stuffs. I might sound like a 17 years old. Please spend some quality time on this.

I'm 26 years old man. I presently live in Florida, and I am registered nurse. I'm doing my profession for about 2 years only, and somehow things are not working as I wanted. I mean, I need more in life. I'm gonna write down some details of my present career, and some expectations from trucking industry that I have in my head. Dear truckers please analyse and give the best advise. 1. Trucking or nursing, my major concerns as far as now is money, and peace. 2. 2018 I made 71K working in a dialysis clinic 3 days a week, I stated dialysis fresh out school in 2017. At least, from the second or third year as a trucker, I expect nothing less than 50k from trucking 5-6 days a week. 3. Dialysis pays good money, but with 12-16 patients and 3 technicians per shift that works under my supervision alone. its pretty stressfull, the paper works, notes, freaking policies, protocols, orders, company productivity, state regulations, and over all on top of it comes the patient care. I'm not thinking about moving to another speciality or more degrees, as I am tired of all those. Patient care is very well rewarding personally but not the rest of items. 4. I love driving, and I love travelling. 5. Alone in a cab, doesnt bother me. I am an introvert pretty much, with very low drama tolerance. 6. My wife is in Canada. We've been in relationship long term for 5 years. No cheating, or trust issues, she is happy to join me once she's in Florida. So, no relationship wise issues. 7. I plan about owner operator trucking too, but doesn't have much knowledge. 8. I love trucks. 9. I don't know the stress factors in trucking much. Need help here. 10. Driving straight 10-11 hours. I guess I will do it. 11. Job prestige wise. I give respect to all jobs, and I used to be a deli clerk, janitor, and all other sorts........

I am in a comfort zone of my present career, I wanna get out of it. I need to explore more life and world. Sadly, I'm afraid if I let my present job go away, and choose trucking to end up as a failure.

Please help. Please go through the 11 above stuff and give replys as wise.

Thank you very much.

Posted:  1 year, 6 months ago

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Without dispatcher stress how to be an independent driver. Where should I start with. Need advice.

These are questions from a guy with only google knowledge. May feel like stupid......but thank you for advices.

Hi people, I'm a 26 years old guy. I'm a nurse presently, and I'm thinking deep about a career change in next 2 years or so. I am completely new to this, I'm studying on my CDL learners manual for class A leraners test. I don't wanna spend life as a company truck driver, but willing to do so for a year or so for gathering experience, and learning the equipments. I have two plans in my head.

Plan A. (lease or own) Once getting a year or two driving experience, I plan about leasing a truck and drive on my own. The questions are, HOW TO GET LOADS AT MY OWN CHOICE. BROKER, DISPATCHER, AND LOADBOARDS....HOW DO THEY WORK. HOW FLEXIBLE IS A LOADBOARD WHEN IT COMES TO SELECTING MY LOADS. WHERE SHOULD I EXPECT LEASE, DIESEL, AND MAINTAINANCE EXPENCES. Basically I just don't wanna be stressed out by dispatchers, or I don't want to pay big money to brokers. In other words, my idea is to pick a load from a loadboard starting from Florida (I live in Miami), deliver it in its destination (texas) at the given time to me, pick another one from around area, deliver it in California. Pick a load from California, deliver in Alabama. Pick some from there to Miami..making a round in the country and getting back home after 3 weeks, take a week off, get next load whenever I need.....repeat.............At my present job, I make about 3500 after all taxes. Is it possible to make something similar or better with my plan A. Eventually I wanna buy a truck on my own. How realistic is plan A.

Plan B. (HAZMAT, Iceroad...only if plan A fails) As a company driver itself. 1. My paln is to do HAZMAT tanker jobs in oil feilds. HOW MUCH DO THEY DRIVE, HOW MUCH THEY MAKE WEEKLY, HOW IS THEIR LIFE STYLE. 2.HAZMAT tanker jobs regional driver, HOW MUCH DO THEY DRIVE, HOW MUCH THEY MAKE WEEKLY, HOW IS THEIR LIFE STYLE. 3. Seasonal ice road trucker, HOW MUCH DO THEY DRIVE, HOW MUCH THEY MAKE WEEKLY OR ANNUALLY, HOW IS THEIR LIFE STYLE. most important IS THIS JOB HIGHLY IN DEMAND ? (ready to move to Alaska or wherever).

Thank you for you time.

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