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Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Thanks guys for the input feel like there is a ray of hope about everything,,,, I will get letters together for a school and practice test with info on >TT< and all the other documents I will need before I take to another company or recruiter , but I do appreciate the feed back glad I came to this site , be safe out there , a lot of regular nuts that dont pay attention I mean the one's in regular auto's ,,lol

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Company sponsered training

Hello , I would like to know about past employment history for new driver company sponsored training , I worked as a barber sense 1985 traveled a lot working with military contractors on and off post cutting military men's hair, went to work in civilian shop in 1998 until 2011 same shop , then my father had a stroke and I stopped working because I promised him I would never put him in a care facility , so after 8 years of doctors triple bypasses, amputation , then dementia he passed this past Oct 2018 , it was the hardest thing I ever done , during that time I was also taking care of my mother who is better now and has a live in caregiver , so I want to start a new career in OTR I need it to get away from everything , I have no kids at home , no wife , no girlfriend ,, and will probably do my resets OTR but want to have CDL out of state with no income tax, I am dead broke and close to being homeless , with no verifiable work history for past 8 years , how do I let a company that I am worth the effort , I had one ticket in past 10 yrs , no seat belt 2015 , not a felon , clean cut , dont really drink , dont take medication , I talked to recruiter who was rude once I said I hadn't worked in 8 years , he hung up on me , I blew out all my savings and just want to get CDL and burn up some rubber to make up for lost employment , but need help getting everything for CDL Plus Training am I wasting my time tying to do this was planning on trucking till I retire maybe not with same company after all it's about making as much money as possible before Social Security kicks in I am 51 one now and freaking out because what recruiter told me am I done for before I even get out of the gate and have 2 weeks to figure out what to do , I have current drivers lic, in past 10 years in 3 different states all no tickets or dui's clean 10 years out plus so no sure what my next move should be I thought I would have my own truck and sign on with a company eventually after getting training but now I not sure what the deal will be ,, Can you Guy's and Gal's give me some options , I am dead broke and about to be homeless and dont look like I will get company sponsored training from what recruiter said ,, Thanks

Posted:  1 year, 4 months ago

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Truck driving school

I was told I needed 3 years recent verifiable work history .. I worked as a barber since 1985 till 2011 when my father had a stroke . I stopped working and took care of him because I promised never to place him I a facility , he passed in oct of 2017 also during that time I was taking care of my mother on and off for last 3 years , she now has live in so I am free to presume another career I have had one ticket in 10 years (no seat belt) am I wasting my time trying to get company sponsored cdl training since I blew all my money taking care of parents and am close to being homeless if I dont get into something soon I stayed in same career all my life now ( 51 ) started barber apprentice at 16 got lic at 18,,, now want to go OTR how do I let a company know I am not a risk ,, I just had to take care of people ,, I have no kids at home , no wife or girlfriend at home , so I want to burn of some rubber take my resets OTR , and spend time in different parts of the country, well except New York,, lol, I hear nightmares about driving a rig there, talked to a recruiter who was really rude so thought I would ask you Guys and Gals , what is my best option about covering the lapse in work history for past 8 years... Thanks

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