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Posted:  11 months ago

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Chain season is upon us.

Right now I'm home daily on a gravy account in Phoenix. If I go back OTR I'm signing with a certain company that pays the driver to shutdown in bad weather. And I think they route around obvious bad areas.

Also, different states require a different chain up combination. Maybe the best thing to do is just carry 8 chains always.

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Considering a job which runs 90% I-5. Lots of LA, some SanFran. Portland & Seattle. Never been there.

How bad is LA? How bad is SF?

* What are the challenges? * What are the bad times? (2pm-10pm?) * What are the difficult areas? * Why are they difficult? (Traffic, crime, earthquakes, crazy drivers, etc.) * Does I-5 get bad in the winter? Which section? Why? * Is there DOT weigh stations all over the place? * Is truck parking extremely limited? *Is it really gridlock? I Gooogled Santa Monica to Anaheim @6:20pm Thursday, May 20, 2019 local time. Results are 44 miles taking 1.5 hours. That would suck, but that's not stopped traffic. (Estimated 30 mph?).

Thank you

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Considering this one job...

Does anyone have information about the shippers & customers for the Marten Western 11 regional job?

I'm not after specific names, just trying to figure out if that will be mostly large, easy facilities or difficult small businesses. The recruiter didn't say much.

Thank you

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Weather: When to shut down?

******correction******* I don't remember exactly what the sign said in Wyoming on the way back. I believe it was 16-19 overturned trucks, but that may have been for a longer period of time than one weekend, I don't remember. At any rate, the time period covered my trip through the high wind advisory. ************

Thank you

Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Weather: When to shut down?

I-80 Wyoming: "High Wind Advisory. Gusts 65 mph. All high profile vehicles exit now." (Road was still open)

I pulled over & called my trainer. He said keep going don't be a wuss. I was carrying 9,000 lbs of furniture. Kept driving & made it through. On the way back there was a sign reading "16 semi trucks overturned this weekend"

I-17 Flagstaff, AZ: "All commercial motor vehicles, tire chains recommended." Blizzard-ish. Ground was all white, could not see the edge of the road, or lines. I kept going, 25 mph. Strong uphill, and easy downhill. Very sketchy, but made it through.

OKC: Nice weather all day. As evening approached, I was rolling into OKC looking to drive thru and shut down in Texas. Saw some clouds and a few lightning bolts in the distance. Kept going, drove thru some horrible rain & wind. Other traffic was crazy all over the road & shoulders. It was completely dark, but the Radio said a tornado was one exit away. Got really lucky and found a Love's with one spot left.

High winds, Tornados, snowy/icy mountains & steep grades:

* At what point do you pull over and shut down? * Do you rely on the highway signs? * Do you shut down for "recommended" warnings or only mandatory? * How do you judge the difference between a regular non-hazardous storm vs a heavy thunderstorm (potentially hazardous?) And at what point do you shut down? * How do you judge the difference between snow, hard packed snow, sleet, slush, ice, hard packed snow with a layer of moisture, soft-wet snow which potentially will freeze to ice, etc. And which of those will you shut down for?

(Note: the next company I'm considering has a no-chain policy.)

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