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Posted:  1 year, 2 months ago

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Accidents and Getting a New Job

Send applications to Jim Palmer/Wilson Logistics. Maybe, they give you a chance.

Their requirements: NO more than 2 moving violations within the last 12 months. NO more than 4 moving violations within the last 3 years. NO license suspensions for points in the last 3 years.

Those are the basic requirements of Knight Transportation: No more than 2 moving violations in last 2 years No more than 2 accidents/incidents in the last 3 years

Or you work in the warehouse for three years and then come back to trucking.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Game: What Excites You Now That You Drive?

When I was driving three years ago, I enjoyed driving my car and my bed. However, when I stopped driving for three years and worked in a distribution warehouse, I missed driving. I worked in a very hectic environment doing order picking, truck receive, and dock work and that for three years. While working with the trucks and truck drivers, I started missing the freedom while driving the truck. In the warehouse there were too many bosses ordering me around. I enjoyed working in the warehouse, but I my passion is with truck driving.

When I started driving three years ago, I was not really ready. Therefore, I decided to work in the warehouse. The driving itself was ok, but the work outside the truck was difficult for me. I was probably the clumsiest person around. I was all fingers and thumbs when I had to low landing gear and do similar work just like Mr Bean. In the warehouse, I learned how to work hard and efficiently in a hectic environment.

When I worked in the warehouse, the was a machine that made a similar sound as the QUALCOMM when messages arrived. Everytime I heard this sound, I missed resting in the truck and hearing the sound of the QUALCOMM.

When I returned to El Paso, I went to a Pilot and Love's nearby and enjoy the coffee again. Trucking in Germany is not the same as in the States. No truck stops, no space, qualcomms inside the trucks.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Ten Months Driving Experience But Three Years Ago

I was with Swift Transportation based in Laredo, TX. Right now, I live in El Paso, TX. Swift and Schneider have terminals in El Paso. I have a CDL A with Tanker and Doubles/Triples endorsements. However, right now I am collecting information. I already received offers by Jim Palmer, Frito Lay, Averitt and FFE/KLLM.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Ten Months Driving Experience But Three Years Ago


I have ten months driving experience, but it was three years ago. The last time I drove was October 2015. Am I considered experienced driver or do I need to attend a refresher/CDL A school? I went to Europe for three years. Now, I am back and would like to return to truck driving.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Need a change to a get home

2014/2015 I was a truck driver, but it did not really turn well for me. I had this issue and that issue. I experienced breakdowns and not accepted home times etc. During that time, I was frustrated and fed up with truck driving.

However, later I found out that trucking was the fault, but I was frustrated. I actually enjoyed driving and seeing the beautiful country, but my financial situation cause me to be frustrated. I discovered that FOR ME it was not a good decision to become a truck driver while I suffered financial problem. For me it was a problem to keep my head free when driving, because of financial issues and debt. That is why I decided to stop truck driving and solve my financial problems first. I had problems focusing on driving. That is why I got frustrated at different things, but later if found out that it was because of me.

I decided to give truck driving a break and went to Germany to get a job in the warehouse. I worked in supply chain warehouse for Amazon, Procter & Gamble, and DHL. I was the one receiving the load and loading the truck in distribution centers etc. During the three years of high-rack warehouse work with forklift etc, I earned a lot of money, paid off all my debt, and then save a lot of money.

During the work in the warehouse, I also learned how much I miss trucking. Whenever, I saw the truck arriving for pick up or delivery I felt yearning to go on the road again.

I went trucking in order to make money, but due to my debt and financial issues my head was not focused. I was just money driven, but in a bad way.

Right now, with all the savings in the back, I am enjoying driving much more and there no more frustration. I also decided to remove personal problems that distracted me from focusing on driving and enjoying driving.

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