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CDL A Permit holder. Passed Tankers, Hazmat and doubles/triples endorsement tests. DOT physical taken. TWIC card holder. Looking to start on CDL training in March due to previous commitments. Open to ANY and ALL advice. When providing it, consider that I live in Southern California, aka The Socialist Republic of Kalifornia where glider trucks are not welcome.

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Posted:  9 months, 2 weeks ago

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From A&P Mechanic/Pilot to Truck Driving

Delco Dave/Pack Rat/Old School, thank you all very much. I am looking in to Roehl but must mention, I live in The Socialist Republic of Kalifornia whish is a long way from the Roehl four training sites. However, I did email them to inquire about my options.

Old School, I don't know what gave you the impression I am not open to others advice. This was my first post ever as I joined the forum just today. As to manual or automatic, as I said, I learned in a 13 speed. I like them. I'd like an 18 speed. That said, I'm not adverse to driving an automatic either. I spend a great deal of time on Youtube and have yet to see flatbed or heavy haul driving automatics. Not to say they are not out there, I just haven't seen it yet. So, as I really know very little short of what I've seen on Youtube, I'm open to any and all advice. One can never know too much. And I try my best to refrain from the phrase "I know". As a mentor in things aviation, nothing shuts off the spigot of knowledge faster than the multiple use of that phrase. At least for me anyhow. If I hear it too many times I'm like, well no sense in me sharing with you than.

Share away my friend. I will listen with open ears. I'll get advice from many but in the end, will have to make a decision. I can only hope and pray it's the right decision.

Posted:  9 months, 2 weeks ago

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From A&P Mechanic/Pilot to Truck Driving

I'm 63 years old. I began my career in aviation in 1973 when I joined the Marine Corps and became a turbine engine mechanic and helicopter mechanic Crew Chief. After those 4 years, I spent 42 years in business aviation, the last 24 of which I worked for Gulfstream Aerospace in product support, assisting our customers in on site and phone technical support. Helping them troubleshoot difficult problems with their aircraft or with us. I've always had a desire to drive 18 wheelers. In the early 80's, I obtained my Class 1 CDL. I learned after that, that a bad driving record will get you no where in trucking. So I stayed in aviation. Last year, my company started looking at doing away with my department. It is in the works now. In October of this year, the had a reduction in force and let 160 employees go, my self included. Anyone who did not generate income for the company was on the chopping block, and since my department was not billable to customers, it made sense to let a few of us go, myself included. No hard feelings, it's business. So I started looking for other aviation related jobs and most are as mechanics, for which I do not want to do. You have to crawl in to tight dangerous spaces and at 63 with no curb feelers, (bald, no hair) it's dangerous back their. So I got to thinking, man, get your CDL and do what you've always wanted to do.

I studied for my written. I took and passed all of the tests including all endorsements. Obtained my DET physical. Even applied for and received a TWIC card, just in case. I was looking to get my CDL thru one of the carriers but it turns out, they all use automatics and that would leave me with a restriction on my CDL. I originally learned in a 13 speed Roadranger. With that, I learned how to float gear and used that technic in every manual transmission I drove, from cars to motorcycles. Came in real handy on desert bikes when your hands were full. Never had to hold on with just two fingers, or none depending on your clutch hand style.

Due to commitments I have, I can't start training until March 2, 2020. I will attend a local truck driving school near me and learn again in a shifter truck. I towed a 40 ft fifth wheel for years so that will be helpful. I had no problem backing in the 80's either when I learned. No I'm no expert, but I will stay in a Holiday Inn Express before I attend.

Anyway, when I do get my first job, I'm sure it will be with a major carrier to get some experience. My hope is to get a position with a carrier that I could do regional with, say 3 state, or at least the 13 western states. Although fit, I don't think I'm young enough or strong enough to be throwing 75 pound tarps on top of flat beds. Reefer, most likely not. So dry van would probably be for me. The other thing I "THINK" I'd like to try is heavy haul. Low boys, jeeps and stingers. Figuring things out. It would remind me a little of taxiing and towing 747's back in my FedEx days. I thoroughly enjoy watching the adventures of heavy hauler Serguei Dratchev on Youtube. Check him out. That said, I can't imagine someone spending the time to teach an old fart how to heavy haul when he probably has a best, on 6 or 7 working years left in him. It would be fun though.

So that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Safe travels to all of you. Be safe.

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