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Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Past Employment and Getting on with a Paid CDL Company

Thanks for the replies everyone. I didn't realize how difficult this was going to be to get in. I now know to stay away from Youtube trucking company opinions. My next step is to ensure I have accurate dates and backup before applying. Also, does anyone know of any LA companies?

Posted:  3 years, 7 months ago

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Past Employment and Getting on with a Paid CDL Company

Hi All,

I signed up for my husband to get some advice. We're new to the trucking industry and need help. My husband hasn't worked since February 2020. He's tried several career paths in the past that have become a dead end. We were hoping that trucking would not only be a way for my husband to have a career and earn income for our family, but to finally find a job/career that fits his personality.

My husband has obtained his CDL permit and had applied with Prime and TDI (this is a truck driving school and not a company). Prime had been communicating with him and requesting information, but communications with the recruiter have stopped. With TDI, we'd have to get financing for the school. We both have credit issues from the past (although we've made significant progress in recent years), and were denied the loan. We were going to have my mom do the financing. She sent in the application, but have not heard back from the recruiter.

Since we were having issues, my husband contacted Stevenson. A recruiter called him today and asked about his employment history. Because he's been unemployed for 17 months in the last 3 years (and they're cut off is 15 months), they did not want to move forward. In thinking back to the applications we sent in for Prime and TDI, we weren't as accurate with employment dates, and were trying to guess from memory. Now that we're going through this, I can see where accuracy is a key.

At this point, we need to go through a company paid program. As I've said, my husband has put time, effort, and money into school for other career paths that promised work, but never came. We need to know guaranteed that he will have work after school. My husband is extremely frustrated, angry, and depressed at the thought of going down another dead end route. Yes, his work history is inconsistent, but not due to his efforts. He is an extremely hardworker who tries but has had little success in progressing any career. We just don't know what to do.

I'd appreciate any guidance/feedback on how to navigate the employment history and what companies are willing to work with someone who has had inconsistencies in their work history. We are based out of New Orleans.

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