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ISO Info on driving a reefer for Dollar General

I'm on the DG Fresh, Berkeley,MO account. I can tell you, it's hard work, stressful, and tightest backing scenarios you're ever had. Them rolltainers full of milk, are over 1200 pounds, and that's when they don't try to overstack them like they do often. Them rolltainers are not meant for that much weight, nor are they meant for milk crates, that hang over one side. With them already being top heavy, be ready to get the heck outta the way when you hit the tiniest bump, Cause it's gonna roll over, hard. But the milk isn't the only hassle. It's the rolltainers in general. They never repair them, never stack them right, and they are just a pain to use. And then there's the frozen... It's not already on rolltainers or anything, and you don't have a lift gate for it. It's palletized pizza, ice cream, and whatever else. Pull out the ladder attached to the side door of the trailer, climb inside, find the pallet marked for the store your at, and then hand unload the boxes. Moving as much as possible close to the door, then down the stairs and load onto the ubolts, and push it inside. Repeat several times to get all product. Luckily we just push into the door and they take care of it from there. Typically there will be 5-15 stores per trailer load... Each stop varies in how much product they receive. Trailers can weigh close to maximum weight, and will sometimes even need the tandems to be slid all the way to rear just to be legal wieghts, so watch what states you go through like that, and as always, watch your tandems when turning and trying to get into these very tight stores. The next is the DC workers, and how they load the trailers... Common sense is a thing of the past, and these people prove it when loading trailers. Putting product in backwards, blocking the doors, not securing the bulk head, leaving straps loose, or not strapping things at all, and so on... That's my biggest daily struggle, is dealing with the mess the loaders leave me with. Oh, and they never have the load ready in time either. Also... Store managers. It doesn't matter if your on time or not, they gonna pitch a fit about you being there when you are. Your schedule, is never the same as there's, because Tennessee does all the scheduling, and by the time it gets to the driver, half the times are different or changed. And since you wasn't there exactly when they wanted you to be, your gonna hear about it. That doesn't matter if your too early, or too late. They think they live in a perfect world. But on the upside.. plenty of exercise, great pay(sometimes), in and out of cold and very cold temps(34 and -15)during the heat of spring and summer.

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