Your truck is being tracked through the use of numerous networked GPS, Camera, and RFID enabled devices every moment of every day. EZPASS, Pre-Pass, Qualcomm, engine signatures, cameras, x-ray machines, and an untold number of other unknowable devices are being used to monitor everything from your engine conditions to your speed, location, elevation, direction, and are keeping track of everyplace that truck has ever been.

If you think the government conspiracy theorists are crazy then just ignore what I'm telling you and believe it isn't true. I just hope for your sake that you aren't choosing to ignore me because if it WAS true you would be doomed. My troubled friend, for your sake I'd suggest running for the border as fast as you can and BY GOD don't do it in a big rig. But heck, what do I know right? Do it your way.

If you pay close attention to overpasses, light poles, intersections, and weigh stations you will see tons and tons of devices all over the place like antennas, cameras, and many other well-disguised devices as you pass on by.

It's hard to figure out what they are exactly but its not hard to figure out what they're doing...they're watching you.

What are these? Well why don't you tell me?

It's hard to figure out what they are exactly but its not hard to figure out what they're doing...they're watching you. They're watching and tracking all of us. Want an example of how bold they're getting with this stuff? Here's a beauty:

Somebody has decided that a great way to try to detect and prevent drivers from falling asleep is to mount a camera inside the truck that is focused on the driver while he or she is driving. The camera will supposedly be monitoring your eyes and can distinguish between blinking and the beginning of somebody falling asleep. If it deems that you are falling asleep it will sound some type of alarm to alert you.

Sounds beautiful. I'll even bet you it can work.

The technology seems quite possible, even fairly straight-forward. So how do you feel about having a camera trained on you every moment you are driving 24/7/365? Hey, I'm personally not one to go overboard with the privacy vs intrusion debate but are you kidding me? A camera on me ALL OF THE TIME? Thanks but no thanks.

That's just insane. But they're working on it. They're working on a ton of things, believe me.

Here's another example of something already being used at the last company I worked for: They have a GPS enabled device on the rear of their trailers. The device can be tracked with satellites and remains operable even when the trailer is not hooked to any trailer. This device does several things. First of all it lets the company know 24/7/365 in real time where exactly the trailer is and can be accurate within about 50 feet. It also keeps track in real time of the trailer doors being opened or closed and the trailer being attached to or detached from a tractor.

So how do you feel about having a camera trained on you every moment you are driving 24/7/365?

It gets way's how the company can use it:

Say you tell your company you have trailer 1234 and they assign you a load to pick up at 24 High Street, Bristol, CT at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning. It will deliver at 36 Low Street, Boston, MA at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. All of this load information is in your company's computer system. They assign your truck and trailer to the load. Now the computer system will use the GPS devices on your tractor and trailer to monitor in real time every step of the way. They know where both your truck and the trailer are. They know when you hook up to the trailer and the computer monitors your progress.

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