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What Do Current Drivers Say About Paid CDL Training?

"After deciding I wanted to pursue a career as a truck driver, it was clear to me I had two options. One was go through cdl school on my dime, the other was to go through paid cdl training. I chose paid cdl training, and not only did it work out great, I felt It laid the foundation for my career."

Brian McCubbin

"For me, paid CDL training held a clear advantage over a private school. The quality of training was excellent, and the company had a vested interest in my success, putting me on the right path to this rewarding career. I'd recommend this path to anyone."

Rich Langley

"Like many, my chosen path was paid CDL training. I attended Swift’s Richmond Academy and their subsequent road training. If I had to do it over, the path with Swift would again be my first choice. No regrets."

Gary Walton

"When I decided I wanted to become a professional CDL driver, I thought paying for school was the way to go. When I began doing my research, I decided it wasn't feasible to go to school and work full time. It also didn't make sense because after graduation and getting hired, I'd have to do the same training anyway. I accepted an offer for paid CDL training and saved my money. I received top notch training and have zero regrets. I love what I do and I can support my family doing it."

Michael Diaz

"Early 2019, I finally decided to pull the trigger and get into trucking.

After filling out the application for paid CDL training, 5 or 6 companies responded. I went with CRST because they were closest to me and I could stay on-site at their terminal.

I had my CDL license in 10 days! I didn't waste months like the 1st so called "school" I went to !! It ALL worked out in the end, and I have NO complaints!"

Steve Phillips

"I was going to attend a private trucking school, but after reading the reviews of companies that provide training here I decided to go with paid CDL training. Not a day goes by that I can't express my gratitude for the information here."

Davy Attwood

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is paid CDL training?

Paid CDL Training refers to a CDL training program that is sponsored by a trucking company. In most cases, the trucking company owns and operates its own truck driving school and they pay students during some or all of the CDL training. Other times, the trucking company works out a deal with a private school to pay for their student's training through the private school.

Regardless of the structure, the company will hire the student after they complete their CDL training and obtain their CDL license.

2. Why is paid CDL training better than private training?

Paid CDL training is better than private training for a number of reasons:

  • 1. Paid CDL training programs will hire you upon completion of their training program. You will not have to look for a job after training. With private schools, you must apply to multiple carriers and hope to get hired. Having a CDL and graduating from a private school is no guarantee that you'll find a job.
  • 2. Private schools do not train you on the equipment you will drive or the procedures you must follow at the trucking company you'll work for after graduation. With paid CDL training, you will train with the company you're working for, so you'll train in trucks very similar to what you'll drive, using the same procedures they'll require you to use.
  • 3. Private schools have no vested interest in your success after graduation. They make their money by training you. Once you've completed your training, your success or lack thereof will not affect a private school. Paid CDL training programs, on the other hand, will teach you how to become a successful driver for their company. Paid CDL training programs need you to succeed over the long term if they're going to get a return on their investment in you.
3. Am I under any obligation once I fill out this form?

Absolutely not! This is your chance to learn about the opportunties avaialable to you through paid CDL training programs. You will speak with recruiters from each of the companies you qualify for, without any obligation whatsoever.

4. What happens after I fill out this form?

Recruiters from the paid CDL training programs you qualify for will contact you with information about their program. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out about the unique offerings from each of the companies. You will begin hearing from them within hours!

5. I used to have a CDL but I gave it up. Can I use paid CDL training to get my CDL license back?

Absolutely! Many of the paid CDL training programs will hire you and work with you to get your CDL back. This is a fairly common scenario.

6. What are the up-front costs of paid CDL training?

Every company that offers CDL training has its own cost structure and pay structure. Some companies pay you from the day you arrive, others require you to complete some of the training before they'll pay you for the rest.

Some companies require a small amount of money up-front to cover certain expenses, others will cover all expenses. Some companies will even loan you money during the unpaid portion of training to help cover your expenses, allowing you to pay it back after you've completed training and drive solo.

7. How much will I be paid during training?

The pay will vary from company to company, but most companies pay in the range of $500 - $750 per week during the paid portion of training.

8. How long does the training last?

This will vary between companies, but generally it will take 1 - 2 months. You will begin by learning to do a pre-trip inspection and maneuver the truck in a gravel lot. Then you will progress to training on the road locally, before finishing your training over the road with an experienced mentor.

Please Note: You must be 20 years old, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, and be a U.S. citizen to apply. Your information must be 100% accurate. We will conduct a thorough background check. Any discrepancies found will lead to automatic disqualification. We can help you find an opportunity regardless of your background, but you must be honest.

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