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Cost structure of Stevens Transport CDL Training

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The full tuition cost for the Stevens Transport CDL training program is $4,200. Incoming students will make no down payments for the cost of tuition and the tuition cost is financed interest free with no credit checks.

Once a student obtains a CDL and begins collecting a paycheck, Stevens will deduct $26.84 per week for 36 months. If a driver leaves before 1 full year of employment, the entire remainder of the balance is due immediately.

However, if a student leaves after 1 year, the remainder of the loan can be repaid in increments of $26.84 per week regardless of employment status. In other words, Stevens will continue to finance your tuition loan interest free, even if you are no longer employed by them.

Up Front Costs Of Stevens CDL Training

Nearly all up front costs such as transportation, lodging, and $10 per day for food expenses can be provided as an interest free loan which will eventually be paid back at $25 per week (which is in addition to your $26.84 tuition loan payment). However, students will still need to bring a non-refundable $100 registration fee on the first day of class and $70 for CDL licensing and testing.

More Information About Stevens Transport CDL School Costs

Stevens Transport Driving School
Will my meals be paid for?

Payment for meals is the students responsibility, but if needed, Stevens will provide a no-interest loan of $70 per week to cover the cost of meals.

Will my lodging be paid for?

If lodging is needed, Stevens will finance the costs for you and you’ll owe nothing up front. The cost of lodging is payroll deducted at $25 per week until the full cost is paid (usually about $200). Most students who require lodging assistance will attend the Texas training academy and will reside at the following hotel with 1 or more roomates: Crosslands Extended Stay Hotel

Can I pay for my CDL training up front and have no further obligation?

Yes, the up front tuition fee is $4,200.

Stevens Transport's Tuition Payment Structure

What are the obligations for paying back the schooling after graduation?

A student must remain employed with Stevens Transport for one full year in order to ensure the 3 year loan remains financed interest free at $26.84 per week. If a driver leaves before 1 full year of employment, the loan balance will be due immediately.

In addition, if a student required transportation and lodging, there will be an additional $25 / week deduction until those costs are paid in full.

Stevens Transport Tuition Repayment Examples

Stevens CDL School
If a student leaves after 24 weeks of employment (about 6 months):

24 weeks X $26.84 = $644.16 payed into the loan
$4,200 (full cost of loan) - $644.16 (amount already paid) = $3,555.84 (balance)
Total cost due immediately is: $3,555.84

If a student leaves after 52 weeks of employment (1 year):

The loan will continue as usual, interest free. The driver will be billed $26.84 per week until the remaining balance is $0.

TruckingTruth's Opinions About The Stevens Transport Tuition Costs

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We have a few issues with the cost structure that Stevens Transport offers and would like to make a couple clarifications. First, the entire loan duration for the school tuition is 3 years, not 1yr. Stevens advertises their program is a 1 year commitment, but it is actually financed over a 3 year period. Staying for 1 year only insures the loan will continue to be financed through Stevens.

  • Lodging: About $200
  • Transpiration: Varies depending upon your location
  • Loan for food: Up to $70 / week (optional)

Finally, while you can pay the tuition fee up front, we see absolutely no advantage in doing so. There is no price break or advantage to doing this so you should take the interest free loan instead.

Stevens Truck Driving School Itinerary

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CDL schooling lasts for approximately 3 weeks. The first week is mostly spent in a classroom environment reviewing the CDL study guide and preparing for the CDL written exams. Classroom is a minimum of 40hrs but usually is more than that. The CDL written exams must be passed in order to obtain a CDL driving permit. Those who are unable to obtain a driving permit will be unable to drive until they are able to pass the exams. Students need to have at least $70 for CDL testing and licensing fees.

The remaining 2 weeks are spent driving and practicing precision maneuvers on the special training course as well as studying pre-trip procedures. Students will gradually drive in more congested areas over time, eventually traveling on expressways, visiting truck stops, crossing open DOT Weigh Stations, and navigating city streets.

After 2 weeks of driving and practicing precision maneuvers, students will take their driving exams with a DOT examiner. Upon successful completion, students will obtain their CDL and will be immediately hired by Stevens Transport and placed into the paid company training program.

Stevens Transport Driving School Details

How long is the training overall?

The CDL course lasts 3 weeks in total (6 days per week).

How much time is spent on the range backing up?

Students normally rotate between road driving and backing maneuvers. During the two week driving phase of training, approximately 50% of the time will be spent refining backing skills. However, if a student needs more instruction in one area or another, this can be tweaked.

More Details About Stevens Truck Driving School

During the practice range phase, how many students share one truck?

A maximum of 4 students share one truck.

How much time is spent in a classroom?

There will be a minimum of 40 hrs in the classroom, but normally students exceed this minimum.

TruckingTruth's Opinion Of The Stevens Transport Driving School

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Our overall impression of the CDL training program is positive. Many company sponsored CDL training programs seem to place a lot of emphasis on getting drivers licensed as quickly as possible. While the Stevens Transport CDL program is still faced paced, it’s a bit more lengthy than other programs. Three weeks is a very good duration for a CDL training program.

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