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Millis Transfer Paid CDL Training Program Review

Introduction To Millis Training Institute Paid CDL Training Review

At TruckingTruth, we've done a ton of research for you! We've contacted the company recruiters at Millis Transfer and put together a fantastic review of the Millis Training Institute paid CDL training program.

We'll start you off with our opinion of their paid CDL training program and then we'll take you through all of the key features and important information you'll need to know. Some of what we'll cover:

  • Student Hiring Requirements
  • Truck Driving School Locations
  • Driver Pay During Training
  • Advantages Of Working For Millis
  • Cost Structure Of CDL Training
  • CDL Training Itinerary
  • Millis Driver Pay And Benefits
  • Vacation Pay And Home Time

Millis Transfer $50,000 Driver Pay Guarantee!

Did you know that once on the road with a trainer, students receive $0.43 cpm and a guaranteed $50,000 annual salary if they meet the fleet average of 115,000 miles over twelve months.

Read on!

Millis Training Institute Review

Millis logo company-sponsored CDL training

After several days of online research and speaking directly with a Millis Transfer recruiter, I think the Millis Training Institute is an excellent option for those looking to start their truck driving career.

This is an especially good opportunity for those who would like a predictable regional or dedicated position, while it might not be so good for those looking to travel multiple areas of the country. Generally, even OTR drivers at Millis Transfer stay east of I-35. Some team trucks do go to California occasionally, but the bulk of their freight is the Eastern half of the United States.

An honorable mention goes to their company training program where all training trucks are dispatched as solo operations. While this was common at one time, most companies now operate training trucks as a team operation.

It's always best for you to do your own research and find the company which suits your lifestyle, but if I was just now entering the industry, Millis Transfer is a company I would very seriously consider for CDL schooling, company training, and kicking off my trucking career.

About Millis Transfer CDL Training

Founded in 1936 by brothers Jake and Ray Millis, the company began as a small beer distributor. As the demand for their services grew, so did the company’s running area and reputation for timely, safe and professional services. It is through their reputation that the company’s slogan “Getting It There” came to be.

Millis Transfer also supports one of the top CDL-A training schools in the country, Millis Training Institute. Established in 1989, MTI today boasts 5 convenient school locations where students receive one-on-one training with professional and experienced trainers during the three week course, followed by on the road training. Once on the road with a trainer, students receive $0.43cpm (when out with a trainer), and a guaranteed $50,000 annual salary if they meet the fleet average of 115,000 miles over twelve months.

Getting Hired By Millis Transfer

Millis Training Institute Minimum Hiring Requirements

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must complete DOT physical (or have a current one, not older than 2 years)
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English sufficiently to communicate with the public
  • No major accidents or moving violations on current license in the last 5 years
  • Must have a minimum of a high school education

Millis Training Institute Hiring Areas:

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Millis generally hires out of the Eastern half of the United States, with the exception of the far Northeast

Millis Transfer Facility Locations

Millis Training Institute CDL Training Facilities:

Millis Transfer terminal locations
  • Trenton, OH
  • Carlisle, PA
  • Cartersville, GA
  • Richfield, WI
  • Burleson, TX
  • Eden, NC

Millis Transfer Drop Lots And Terminals

Millis Transfer terminal and drop lot locations
  • Streator,IL
  • Burleson,TX
  • Trenton,OH
  • Eden,NC
  • Cartersville,GA
  • Richfield,WI
  • Weedsport,NY
  • Black River Falls,WI

Millis Transfer Headquarters:

Black River Falls, WI

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Training Institute So Far

The hiring requirements at Millis Transfer are on par with the industry standard, with a higher than average number of terminals and trailer drop yard facilities given their size and area of operation. Students are able to choose which schooling location they wish to attend.

The starting pay and pay guarantee are both exceptional for the trucking industry.

Cost Structure Of Millis Training Institute

What is the cost structure of the schooling?

The CDL training costs $2,340 total, with $500 due up front, and $1,840 due through payroll deductions.

What are all of the up-front costs?

Up-front costs include a $500 deposit. Drivers will also need to pay for their home state permits usually costing around $100. Transportation to the training facility is not provided and must be arranged by the student.

Will my meals be paid for?

Breakfast at the hotel will be included.

Will my room be paid for?

Yes, lodging is provided during training.

Can I pay for my CDL training up front and have no further obligation?

Yes, you may elect to pay $2,340 up front.

What are the obligations for paying back the schooling after graduation?

There will be a payroll deduction of $30 per week for the balance of the schooling. If you leave Millis before the full amount is deducted, you will be responsible for the balance. Millis offers individualized affordable payment plans, in that event.

TruckingTruth's View Of Millis Training Institute Cost Structure

Make special note that transportation costs are not included in the tuition fees. Students need to supply their own transportation to the training facility. You'll also need to pay a $500 deposit, regardless of whether you are financing the program or paying up front and that deposit will not be returned.

Millis Training Institute Preparation For CDL Training

Items To Bring To Millis Training Institute

  • Valid Drivers License
  • CDL Permit from your home state
  • Social Security Card (original and not laminated)
  • Original Birth Certificate (original and not laminated)
  • One weeks worth of clothing
  • Alarm clock
  • Money for living expenses while in CDL school
  • Voided check (if interested in direct deposit)
  • Names, addresses, and Social Security number for dependents (for health insurance)

Preparation For Millis Training Institute

Do I need to get my CDL permit before attending school?

Yes, students will study for and pass the permit CDL written exams in their home state before attending the Millis CDL program.

Do I need a US Passport?


Which CDL endorsements are required or encouraged?

No endorsements are required and Millis Transfer does not transport hazardous cargo.

TruckingTruth's View On Preparing For Company-Sponsored Training

Trucking Truth Logo

You can never bring too much paperwork with you. Anything that could prove employment history, relevant medical records, and anything else that is specific to your life should be taken with you. It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

The necessities include a valid Drivers License, original and non-laminated Social Security Card, and a Birth Certificate. Make a special note that you must study for and pass the CDL written exams in your home state to obtain your CDL driving permit before attending the Millis Transfer CDL school. Make sure you bring your permit with you.

Even though Millis Transfer does not require any endorsements such as HazMat, we still recommend you study for and pass the HazMat, tanker, and double/triple endorsements as future opportunities may require these endorsements.

Millis Training Institute Itinerary

Millis Training Institute CDL Training Itinerary

Describe the schooling itinerary a bit:

Class days will be every Monday to Friday for 8 to 10 hours per day. A total of 166 hours are required to complete the course.

Week One - Classroom Instruction

Classroom instruction in the areas of:

  • Trucking industry overview
  • Hours of service
  • Trip planning and Map reading
  • Control Systems
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Coupling / Uncoupling
  • Range driving
  • E-logs
Week 2 – Classroom and Road instruction:
  • 4 days practice on the range and road for approximately 40 hours.
  • Wrap up industry information and procedures
Week 3 – Road instruction:
  • In truck training with instructor
  • Practice safe driving habits
  • Backing maneuvers
  • Docking
Week 4 - Millis Transfer Company Orientation

Trainees will experience Millis Transfer’s company driver orientation

Weeks 5 through 12 – Trainees on the Road:
  • Trainees will be dispatched with a trainer
  • Will earn $0.43 per mile
  • Operate a truck with guidance as needed
  • Test for your CDL license using Millis equipment for the test
Week 12 – Graduation:

After successfully completing a minimum of 15,000 OTR miles with a trainer, student will graduate to his or her own truck

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Training Institute's Itinerary

Trucking Truth Logo

The school itinerary and time spent in both the classroom as well as in a truck learning to drive is on par with the industry average. Class sizes appear to be smaller than most other CDL courses meaning you'll likely receive more personalized attention.

Also note you will not take your CDL exams at the Millis training facility. Once you are paired up with a trainer, you will complete the driving and backing exams in your home state.

On The Road Training Itinerary With Millis

How long is the OTR training period?

The normal training period is 6 weeks long and requires a minimum of 15,000 OTR miles but can be shortened or extended based on the individual performance of a student.

How much will I make while I'm on the road with a trainer?

Students make 43 cpm while in training.

Do they run the student and trainer as a "team" operation or like a solo truck?

During training, the truck is operated as a solo truck. Students will not drive without a trainer in the passenger seat.

Is there more than one student per trainer and truck?

No, trucks are operated with one trainer and one student.

Do you have a "No sleeping in the top bunk while the truck is rolling" policy?

Yes, students sleep on the bottom bunk in the event the truck is in motion.

On The Road Training Policies at MTI

What is your policy for handling disputes between trainer and student?

Students are given the number to dispatch where any issues can be discussed at any time. Student and trainer disputes are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can you get a non-smoking trainer?

Yes, a non-smoking trainer may be requested.

What are the company's minimum qualifications to be a trainer?

One year accident-free experience, must pass grading system from all departments. Must successfully complete "Train The Trainer" course.

TruckingTruth's View On MTI's On The Road Training

Trucking Truth Logo

Millis Transfer really sets themselves apart with their company training program. Not only is the training pay above average, but the truck is dispatched as a solo operation. The vast majority of training companies will dispatch trainers and trainees as a team operated truck, meaning while you drive, your trainer is normally sleeping and vice-versa. However, in this case, the truck is dispatched as a solo operation, ensuring the trainer will always be in the passenger seat while you drive.

The duration of training is 6 weeks long which, in our opinion, is about the perfect amount of time.

Working For Millis Transfer

Advantages Of Working For Millis Transfer

  • Family-owned
  • Top rated schooling & training
  • Certified top pay carrier
  • Low cost tuition financing is available
  • GUARANTEED $50,000 if you run our fleet average of 115,000 miles
  • Earn $0.43cpm when out with a trainer
  • Small class sizes at 5 convenient locations
  • Lodging included with breakfast and lunch provided by Millis
  • Professional & seasoned Instructors provide one-on-one training
  • Minimum up-front cost; Financing available; No credit check 

Millis Transfer Company Driver Pay And Benefits

Millis Transfer Company Driver Pay

How much will I be making once I'm running solo in my own truck?

Millis also offers a "per diem", or "Tax Advantage" pay scale as they call it: More on Millis Transfer's Pay Scales

You can also learn more about Millis Transfer Driver Pay Here.

  • Starting Solo Pay: 43 cpm
  • 3 Years Experience: 46 cpm
  • 1 Year Experience: 44 cpm
  • 4 Years Experience: 47 cpm
  • 2 Years Experience: 45 cpm
  • 5 Years Experience: 48 cpm
Safety Bonus:

All drivers will receive 0.01 per mile safety bonus per quarter, 0.01 per mile annually, regardless of the pay plan chosen.

Detention Pay:

If you have an on-time pick up or delivery, and are not loaded or unloaded within 90 minutes upon arrival, Millis will pay you $20 per hour, paid in 15 minute increments.

Per Diem Pay Program

Millis’ per diem program has been in place for over 20 years. We want to support your needs while on the road and help you take home as much weekly pay as possible.

Orientation Pay

We want to make the transition to Millis as easy as possible and now provide orientation pay to help cover expenses.

Misc. Pay
  • Layover Pay: Millis drivers receive $100 minimum, or more, depending on the circumstances.
  • Driver loading or unloading pay: $45 to $120
  • Stop Pay: $15 for all stops except the first location
NY / Long Island Pay:

$100.00 for any loads that pick up or stop off in New York City or Long Island.

Referral Bonus

Millis drivers who recruit new drivers to the company will be paid $500 PLUS $.02 CPM for up to one year.

Sign-on Bonus

Drivers will receive $250 bonus after delivery of first load and then at 4 months, 8 months and 12 months drivers receive another $250, totaling $1000.

Holiday Pay

$50.00 to be paid for the following holidays, only applies to per-diem drivers:

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
When will I receive pay increases?

Drivers will get increases of $.01 CPM yearly.

Do you offer a fuel bonus?

Yes, if drivers maintain above average fuel mileage, they share in the savings. The amount varies depending on the number of gallons saved, but increases start at 1/2cpm and increase from there.

Millis Transfer Company Driver Benefits

What health insurance and benefits do you have?

Group discounted health, dental, vision and 401k with company match up to 30%

What is the average cost of benefits?

Variable depending on the type of coverage selected, but the costs are competitive.

How long until you qualify for benefits?

There is a 60 day waiting period for drivers to become eligible for benefits.

What about vacation pay?

    Millis Transfer offers three weeks paid vacation after one year of service with the company. One week must be used away from work. Any additional time earned can be cashed in – up to one week per quarter. This allows our drivers and their families to have the options that are best for their unique needs.

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Transfer Driver Pay And Benefits

Trucking Truth Logo

Starting pay per mile is above average, especially for a dry-van carrier. Pay increases are not as frequent as other companies so it evens out after a few years.

Vacation pay and holiday pay are also a bit more liberal. In general, the pay and benefit package offered seem to be competitive for the industry.

Millis Transfer Employee Policies

Millis Transfer Pets & Travelers Policy

Do you allow pets?

No pets are allowed on company equipment.

What is the company's rider policy?

Spouse or related child 10 years of age or older, driver will be required to pay additional insurance, which is about $18 per month, or $81 per year.

Millis Transfer Dispatching Policies

Can a new driver run regional or dedicated right after school?

Yes, but this depends on the drivers location and availability of regional or dedicated freight. Most drivers run the OTR division for several months before a position becomes available. These positions are offered on a first come, first served basis. Those who live close to major cities and freight lanes will have opportunities quicker than those in less populated areas.

Will there be any NYC? How soon would a new solo driver be expected to go there

No, Millis does not normally run to NYC, but they will pay $100.00 for any loads that pick up or stop off in New York City Or Long Island.

Are you forced dispatch? Is the driver given any options for different loads?

Drivers have flexible dispatch and can choose their preferred load if options are available on their next load

How often can I expect to be home? For how long at a time?
  • 7 days out - minimum of 36 hours home time
  • 14 days out - minimum of 72 hours home time
  • 21 days out - minimum of 108 hours home time (4 1/2 days)
  • Generally, OTR drivers will get home every other weekend, while regional drivers should be home every other weekend.

This home time is guaranteed. Any driver who fails to be allowed the mandated home time earned will be paid at the rate of an additional $.05 per mile for all miles accumulated for days past the home time deadline date. Drivers who are on regional or dedicated accounts may get home 1 to 2 times per week.

What percentage of freight is drop and hook?

Approximately 60% of all loads are drop and hook. Some dedicated accounts can have a 100% drop and hook ratio.

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Dispatching Policies

Trucking Truth Logo

The home time policy at Millis appears to be slightly above average for most OTR carriers. However, after speaking with a recruiter, it appears they try to get as many drivers on regional and dedicated accounts as possible, allowing most drivers to get home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The majority of their fleet consists of dedicated and regional drivers while most of their OTR drivers either do it by choice or live in low freight areas.

Depending on your specific dedicated or regional operation, drop and hook percentages will vary. You may have 0% drop and hook, or you could have 100% drop and hook.

Millis Transfer Driver Opportunities

Do you have a leasing program, and will I be persuaded or incentivized to lease?

Millis Transfer does not offer a lease operator program.

What divisions do you have? (local, dedicated, regional, tanker, flatbed, reefer)

Dedicated and regional positions are abundant at Millis Transfer, with local positions being less common. Millis Transfer is a 100% dry van carrier.

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Transfer Opportunities

Trucking Truth Logo

Local positions are available at Millis but does not comprise of a large portion of their fleet. However, dedicated and regional positions are abundant making this a good choice for drivers who wish for predictable miles and home time. The downside to these positions is drivers will experience less travel and see less of the country compared to OTR drivers.

Millis Transfer Equipment

Overview Of Millis Transfer Equipment

All trucks are top-of-the-line, late-model Kenworths.

  • Auto shift tractors with ABS braking and traction control
  • Speed governor set at 70 mph when driver meets safety requirements
  • Summit driver comfort seat
  • Refrigerator
  • Sirius Satellite Radio, 24” flat screen and DirecTV subscription paid for by Millis
  • Crank out vent windows in sleeper with screens
  • Dash mounted radio with weather band
  • Aluminum wheels  
  • Touchless 5th wheel release
  • Customized storage capacity
  • Double bunks (upper and lower)
  • Power locks and windows
  • S-bar Heater
Do you run electronic logs?

All trucks are equipped with an electronic logging system.

What speed are your trucks governed at?

70 mph when driver meets safety requirements

Do you have APU units?

Most trucks have not been equipped with an APU. Trucks that don't have an APU are allowed to idle while the driver is sleeping.

Tour of Millis Transfer Kenworth T-680 OTR Truck

TruckingTruth's View On Millis Equipment

Millis has exceptional equipment stocked with a nice list of goodies which many other companies don't offer. Their paint scheme is fantastic and the trucks really stand out in a crowd. It really doesn't get much better than what they offer.

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