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Introduction To XPO Logistics Paid CDL Training Review

At TruckingTruth, we've done a ton of research for you! We've contacted the company recruiters at XPO Logistics and put together a fantastic review of the XPO Logistics paid CDL training program.

We'll start you off with our opinion of their paid CDL training program and then we'll take you through all of the key features and important information you'll need to know. Some of what we'll cover:

  • Student Hiring Requirements
  • Truck Driving School Locations
  • Driver Pay During Training
  • Advantages Of Working For XPO Logistics
  • Cost Structure Of CDL Training
  • CDL Training Itinerary
  • XPO Logistics Pay And Benefits
  • Vacation Pay And Home Time

XPO Logistics is HUGE!

XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO) is a top ten global logistics company. They operate in 32 countries, with over 95,000 employees and 1,466 locations! XPO handles an average of 160,000 shipments and over seven billion inventory units every day.

XPO Logistics Review

XPO's CDL training program is typical of most of the large, well-supported, and experienced programs. They contract to accredited CDL programs in the Joplin, MO area, and tuition is free with a 1-year contract to drive for them. Total time to driving solo is usually around 8-9 weeks. Without the contract, school will cost you a reasonable $4,000.

Features of the program include 3 meals per day and housing included, small class size, and on-the-road training is conducted as a solo operation, with the student doing all the driving, and the finisher coaching from the passenger seat.

One standout item in particular about driving with XPO is that, while they offer the standard 1 day home for 1 week out, there is no limit to how much home time you can take at once, and drivers are allowed to take their trucks home with them.

About XPO Logistics CDL Training

XPO has been around since 2000, mostly as a logistics provider. They recently expanded their operation to make them one of the biggest truckload carriers in the country. XPO operates in 34 countries, employing more than 88,000 people. Among other awards, Home Depot in 2015 named XPO mid-size truckload carrier of the year, and Whirlpool Corporation named XPO intermodal and LTL carrier of the year.

The Transportation segment consists of its truck brokerage, intermodal, last mile, expedited transportation and freight forwarding businesses. XPO recently acquired and assimilated Con-Way Freight, giving it actual ownership of physical, asset-based trucking operation.

XPO Logistics Driving School Video

Getting Hired With XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics Minimum Hiring Requirements

  • 21 years of age or older, with a Class A commercial driver’s license permit.
  • Live in the XPO Logistics hiring area (area excludes Idaho, Maine, Oregon, Washington, southern Florida, western Montana, western Wyoming and the northern parts of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin).
  • Right to work and live in the United States and willingness to travel throughout all 48 contiguous states.
  • Ability to meet work attendance and availability requirements and meet all applicable legal and DOT regulations to drive a commercial truck in the United States and Canada.
  • Ability to pass all applicable XPO Logistics certification class testing and requirements.
  • Ability to pass drug screening (both hair follicle and urine analysis).
  • With regard to preventable motor vehicle accidents, moving violations, employment history, and criminal history, XPO reserves the right to judge each applicant on an individual basis.
  • Additional qualification requirements may exist; please contact the Recruiting department for complete information.

XPO Logistics Hiring Areas

Where do you hire from and what are your no-hire zones?

XPO Logistics hires nationwide, EXCEPT from: Idaho, Maine, Oregon, Washington, southern Florida, western Montana, western Wyoming and the northern parts of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin

XPO Logistics Facility Locations

XPO Logistics CDL Training Facilities

XPO's CDL training takes place in the Joplin, MO area.

XPO Logistics Drop Lots And Terminals

XPO Logistics terminal locations
  • West Memphis, AR
  • Joplin, MO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Laredo, TX
  • Taylor, MI

XPO Logistics Cost

Cost Structure Of XPO Logistics

What is the cost structure of the schooling?

The school is completely free.

What are all of the up-front costs?

Student will be responsible for obtaining their DOT physical and Class A Permit in their home state prior to attending school.

Will my meals be paid for?

Students receive 3 free meals a day while they are attending school.

Will my room be paid for?

Students will have double occupancy housing provided free of cost.

Can I pay for my CDL training up front and have no further obligation?

Yes, drivers can pay out-of-pocket for any of XPO's partner schools, or any other school, and be free of the contract.

What are the obligations for paying back the schooling after graduation?

Students will sign a 12 month contract in exchange for full paid tuition.

What is the payment required for leaving the contract early?

If the student terminates employment, they will be obligated to pay a prorated amount of tuition not to exceed $4000. (ie: 6 months of service would equal $2000).

TruckingTruth's Take On The Cost Of Training At XPO Logistics

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The one-year obligation and the ability to pay out-of-pocket is pretty standard, but the cost of $4,000 is on the low side for CDL school.

Keep in mind that leaving the contract early, which we always advise against, will leave you on the hook for a prorated portion of the tuition, up to $4,000.

XPO Logistics Preparation For CDL Training

Items To Bring To XPO Logistics

  • Two forms of ID: Class A CDL and any of the following: Social Security Card, Medical card, Birth Certificate (needed to obtain Missouri Class A).
  • Copies of social security cards and birth certificates for any dependents going on your medical insurance.
  • Resident alien card, green card or work permit, if applicable.
  • Copy of marriage certificate if spouse is signing up for medical insurance.
  • Voided check with routing number for direct deposit authorization.
  • XL Twin Bedding (sheets, sleeping bag/blanket and pillow).
  • Appropriate footwear: closed toe shoes with solid rubber soles.
  • 7 to 10 Days of clothing for all climates and temperature changes. Pack layers.
  • DD Form 214 (military), if applicable.
  • Towel(s).
  • Money ($15 for a refundable taxi ride, about 10 meals during transition, personal items).

Preparation For XPO Logistics

Do I need to get my CDL permit before attending school?

Yes, applicants must have a restriction-free Class A CDL permit issued in their home state prior to attending school.

Do I need a US Passport?

Passport is not required, but desirable. Optional loads go into Canada.

Which CDL endorsements are required or encouraged?

Drivers must obtain their Hazmat endorsement within 120 days of hire. Expenses are fully refundable with submission of receipts. Tanker endorsement is recommended.

XPO Logistics Itinerary

XPO Logistics CDL Training Itinerary

Describe the schooling itinerary a bit:

CDL training is a 160 hour, fully accredited course through a community college or a truck driving school located near Joplin, MO. School will include classroom, range maneuvers and road driving.

How long is the training overall?

School will be 4 to 5 weeks long depending on student progress and available test dates. Most drivers test within their 4th week.

How much time on the range backing up?

Range time will vary based on progress and student need.

During the practice range phase, how many students share one truck?

Typically, there are 3 to 5 students per truck. Class size varies each week not to exceed 10 per school.

How much time in classroom?

The majority of classroom activity occurs within the first week. The course is an applied learning program.

On The Road Training Itinerary With XPO Logistics

Is the training period based on number of days, number of driving hours, number of miles, or some combination?

The student training period is a minimum of 7500 miles. Typically, this is 3 to 4 weeks on the road with and experienced driver finisher.

How much will I be making when I'm on the road with a trainer?

Students make 26 cpm during their training period. Miles per week will vary, but most average $600-650 gross per week.

On The Road Training Policies at XPO Logistics

Do they run your trainer and you as a "team" operations or like a solo truck?

Truck is dispatched in solo miles. Student will drive all miles while training. Driver finisher will sit in the passenger seat acting as coach.

Is there more than one student per trainer and truck?

Training is one on one.

Do you have a "No sleeping in the top bunk while the truck is rolling" policy?

No. While training, one driver will sleep on the lower bunk and one will sleep on the upper bunk. Both drivers will sleep at the same time.

What is your policy for handling disputes between trainer and student?

Disputes between the finisher and the student are handled on a case by case basis.

Can you get a non-smoking trainer?

Students are given the option of smoking or non-smoking finishers.

What are the company's minimum qualifications to be a trainer?

Driver finishers must have a minimum of 1 year driving experience, have 1 year of service with the company, maintain a clean safety record, and complete a driver finisher class.

TruckingTruth’s View Of XPO Logistics CDL Training Itinerary

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CDL school and on-the-road training length is pretty typical of company-sponsored programs, as is the training pay. XPO does not operate an actual school, but contracts with schools in the Joplin, MO area.

Finishing trainers are required to have at least a year of experience, and a year with XPO, in order to train students, which is more than many of the other programs require.

Working For XPO Logistics

Advantages Of Working For XPO Logistics

  • Accredited 160-hour program, great tuition reimbursement program.
  • Class sizes are small. Drivers to truck ratio is small. Graduation rate is high.
  • While going to school, 3 meals a day and housing are free.
  • Average first year wages are between 38k and 41k per year.
  • Drivers will see many wage increases during their first year as a driver.
  • After completion of the first year contract, drivers have the opportunity to advance within the company.

TruckingTruth's View On Working For XPO Logistics

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XPO hires from across the country, with a few exceptions, and their hiring requirements are pretty standard. They do all of their CDL schooling in the Joplin, MO area.

XPO's program is also unique in that 3 meals per day are provided the entire time you are in school.

Be advised that they do hair-follicle testing as well as urinalysis (very soon, all companies will be doing it, anyways).

XPO Logistics Company Driver Pay And Benefits

XPO Logistics Company Driver Pay

How much will I be making once I'm running solo in my own truck?

Students advance to 31 cpm once they’ve upgraded to a solo driving. If a student chooses to run teams at that time, the rate is 46 cpm.

When will I receive pay increases?
  • 10k - 59,999 miles: $.31 cpm
  • 60k - 89,999 miles: $.33 cpm
  • 90k - 119,000 miles: $$.35 cpm
  • 1+ year exp. - $.38 cpm
  • Team pay - $.46 cpm
Do you offer a Fuel Bonus, or any other incentives?
  • 2-4 cpm Short Haul Bonus
  • 5 cpm New England Bonus
  • 3 cpm Hazmat Bonus
  • 1-4 cpm Safety Bonus - Quarterly
  • 1.5 cpm Productivity Bonus - Annually

XPO Logistics Company Driver Benefits

What health insurance and benefits do you have?

Health insurance is through Cigna. It’s an 80/20 plan with a $1500 deductible. Pays 100% on preventative medicine.

What is the average cost of benefits?

Insurance starts at $14 a week for the driver. $40 for a driver and spouse. Dependents are $17.

How long until you qualify for benefits?

Medical insurance is available after 60 days from hire. Dental and vision are available after 1 year from hire. 401k is available after 1 year from hire.

What About Vacation Time?

Drivers will accrue 1 week paid vacation after one year of service.

TruckingTruth's View On XPO Logistics Company Driver Pay

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XPO's training pay and starting solo pay is pretty average for the industry, while team pay is towards the higher end. The various incentives offered could substantially increase driver pay. Their benefits are pretty standard, though the health plans appear very affordable.

XPO Logistics Employee Policies

Pets & Travelers Policy

Do you allow pets?

The company has a pet policy. One domestic dog or cat will be allowed on the driver’s truck. A $500 fee will be charged. This may be paid out in $50 payroll deductions over 10 pay periods.

What is the company's rider policy?

The company has a free rider policy. One passenger will be allowed at a time. Passenger must be over 12 years old and be documented with the company. Driver may have a passenger once they are driving solo. There are no blackout dates.

XPO Logistics Dispatching Policies

Can a new driver run regional or dedicated right after school?

Midwest and Midsouth regional positions are available once a student completes their miles with a finisher and upgrades to solo driving. Dedicated positions are offered to existing drivers and filled by qualification.

Will there be any NYC?

NYC is mandatory from day 1. However, a very small portion of the company’s freight goes to NYC.

Are you forced dispatch? Is the driver given any options for different loads?

The company is forced dispatch. The driver will need to communicate concerns about the load to their fleet manager.

How often can I expect to be home? For how long at a time?

Drivers earn one full day of hometime for every week they are out. (ie: 4 weeks equals 4 days at home) Days can be used or banked. Hometime is not capped. So a driver with 7 days earned, may take them all. Driver is allowed to take the truck all the way home.

  • OTR drivers will be out 14 – 21 days at a time.
  • Regional drivers will be out 7 -10 days at a time.
  • Dedicated drivers will be out varied times.
What percentage of freight is drop and hook?

Freight is primarily no touch and often drop and hook. Percentage will vary.

XPO Logistics Company Driver Opportunities

Do you have a leasing program, and will I be persuaded or incentivized to lease?

Leasing is optional. Lease opportunities are available through 3rd party leasing agencies and vary by qualification. Driver must fulfill their 12 months contract if they completed a student sponsorship program.

What divisions do you have? (local, dedicated, regional, tanker, flatbed, reefer)

The company hauls only 53 ft dry van freight in OTR, Regional, and Dedicated positions.

TruckingTruth's View On XPO's Opportunities

One interesting note is that XPO hauls only 53' dry van. Leasing is typically reserved for experienced drivers.

XPO Logistics Military Apprenticeship Opportunities

XPO has its own apprenticeship program that enables qualified veterans or reservists to use their GI Bill benefits to supplement their income up to $1,000 per month in their first year of employment with XPO. During your first year as a new driver (the apprenticeship period), you’ll fulfill a series of skill qualifications, training and safe-driving performance milestones with the guidance of a driver trainer. This program is available only to qualified veterans or reservists who choose to start their truck-driving career with XPO.

Active military members and veterans can use their U.S. GI Bill benefits to supplement their income up to $1,035 per month during their training and apprenticeship year.

XPO Logistics Equipment

What kind of trucks do you have?

While the majority of trucks are Kenworth, the company has a mixed fleet: Kenworth, International, Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Volvo. The average age of the fleet is 2.5 years and trucks are retired from the fleet at 500k miles. Trucks are both manual and autoshift.

Do you run electronic logs?

All trucks are equipped with Qualcomm eLogs.

What are your trucks governed at?

65 mph.

Do you have APU units?


Additional equipment:
  • 1500w power inverter
  • SiriusXM radio
  • Transponders: PrePass, E-ZPass, etc.

TruckingTruth’s View On XPO Logistics Equipment

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For the most part, XPO's trucks are typical of a large, established company. Late-model tractors with low miles. Particular points to consider are the 1500w inverter and included Sirius XM radio.

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