Randy's Truck Driving School - Days 13, 14 And 15

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Day 13 of Truck Driving School

Sometimes I feel like I'm mostly talking to myself. But that's o.k., I do that all the time anyway, so here we go...

I was a little worried (what else is new) about Randy yesterday after he passed his road test. He seemed a little cocky and, as I call it, was suffering from a bit of "center-of-the-universe" syndrome. He also seemed detached, distant. But I suspected it was just a reaction to all that he had been through, combined with elation from his success, which can be just as overwhelming as the constant anxiety and tension. But It's all good, he has now come back down to earth. And now he says he's feeling overwhelmed in a different way, as the reality of the difficulty of on-the-road training begins to sink in.

It was a slower day, but I still have some info:

- They are cramming 3 days worth of orientation into 2 days, because of the Labor Day holiday. They learned more about Qualcomm, paper logs, trip planning and the hiring process. Sadly, he also learned that the cost of the medical insurance could eat up 50% of his beginning starting pay, after taxes and tuition are taken out. That frightens me...because of my medical condition, we really need that insurance.

- Randy was told by an instructor that over 3800 trucking businesses have gone under this year, but that CRE grew by something like 20%...will they become a monopoly?

- He was reflecting on how all the loud, obnoxious, disruptive "supertruckers" were summarily kicked out of school. Attitude is everything! Well, that and not lying on your application.

- Randy is now drifting away from his roommate buddies, some of whom were out until 2:30 in the morning Friday night. He declined to go with them, and they won't tell him where they went or what they did. I'm just glad he was sensible enough to stay in and read his book. I love old, middle-aged guys!!! Well, not all of them.

Day 14 of Truck Driving School

- Randy had more orientation today, and took 4 more tests. And he finally got the much anticipated tour of the facilities. He learned more details about Phase 1 training too. He found out that the tests will continue out on the road, but will be on driving skills and maneuvers. Sounds like a good plan to me!

- He told me he's been eating almost nothing but Twinkies and corn dogs...can you hear me groaning!? Since he already weighs almost 90 lbs more than me, I'm a little afraid he will squash me next time I see him! Just kidding, but I am afraid he will develop a toxic liver and clogged up arteries. And I don't want to blog about him dying. I hope his trainer will teach him how to eat properly. ;)

Day 15 of Truck Driving School

- It's amazing, the rumors even fly when the school is basically shut down for a holiday. Today, the rumor was that there are only enough Phase 1 trainers for about 1/2 of my husband's class and there would be at least a 4-day wait for most people. I suppose that could be true. But wouldn't it be longer than 4 days? It doesn't really matter at this point, and patience is part of the job anyway.

- When my husband was doing his laundry, someone claiming to be a Phase 2 trainer approached him, gave him his card, and told him he could request him. So, apparently there are too many Phase 2 trainers competing for students?

- Randy must have really needed some exercise because he walked 9 miles to Walmart and back, got a ride there later, then walked another 4 1/2 miles back to the school again. Maybe he was attempting to wear off the McDonald's and Oreos he told me he was eating. Are Oreos an upgrade from Twinkies, or vice versa?

- For the past several days, he has mentioned feeling trapped and restless, and anxious to begin training. Good, we don't want him turning lazy. ;)

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