5 Advantages of Company Sponsored CDL Programs vs. Private Truck Driving Schools

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CDL training can be obtained a number of ways, including going through a private truck driving school. But the best way to get started without coming up with $4,000-$6,000 up front is to qualify with a trucking company that offers training for inexperienced applicants. Let's take a deeper look into some of the advantages for a company sponsored CDL program vs. a private truck driving school.


First, we'll start with private trucking schools. Private truck driving schools are often a more expensive way of getting your CDL. Unfortunately, many students pay to go through truck driver training and then are not able to find a driving job because they do not meet the minimum hiring requirements for most companies.

Although a private trucking company may help you pass the CDL exam, it may not help you get a job after graduating. Unfortunately, this all too often leaves people in a similar position to when they began school – little money and no job.

A company sponsored CDL program on the other hand allows you to begin a new career as a professional truck driver without the burden of having to pay thousands of dollars to attend school or spend hours looking for and applying to trucking companies after you obtain a CDL. Company sponsored programs, such as Driver Solutions, match potential students with a trucking company that is willing to sponsor the upfront tuition costs for the schooling as long as the student agrees to work for the company after they graduate.

While private truck driving schools may give a driver the freedom to find a job with any carrier, most companies want at least 1 year of over-the-road experience before they hire someone. A company sponsored program can be a big advantage in that the driver has already been pre-approved for a job opportunity. This allows you to get that experience and make yourself more marketable when it comes to future job opportunities.

Top 5 Advantages Of Company-Sponsored CDL Training

To make things easy for you, we've put together our own Top 5 list of advantages that come along with choosing a company sponsored CDL program…

  • You will be pre-qualified for a truck driving job before you start training. This means you won't have to stress out about paying thousands of dollars and not being able to find a job opportunity.
  • You don't have to worry about completing student loan applications or finding a co-signer. Since the company will be paying for your tuition, there is no need for you to get loans with high interest rates.
  • You will not have to come up with the up-front tuition costs associated with most CDL training programs. CDL training programs can cost thousands of dollars, which many students don't have available.
  • You will receive great CDL training from a top trucking school. The trucking school you attend is going to teach you everything you need to know for a successful career. Upon graduation, most trucking companies will train you over-the-road for several weeks with an experienced driver before you go out on your own, making sure you feel comfortable with everything.
  • Company sponsored CDL training is quick - normally around 3 weeks long. In just around a month you will be trained for a new career in a stable industry with plenty of opportunities for advancement after you get experience.

Deciding to begin a new career in trucking can be extremely intimidating, but company sponsored CDL programs can help relieve this stress because they specialize in working with inexperienced drivers. We encourage new drivers to take the time to do their research on all of the CDL programs out there. Remember, this is a decision that will not only impact you, but also your family. Make sure you really understand what you're getting into by spending some time on sites such as Brett's TruckingTruth.com, researching some of the top trucking schools out there. Brett and his team have plenty of free advice when it comes to becoming a truck driver, so take advantage of it!

Until next time, if you have any questions about Driver Solutions or company sponsored CDL training, just leave a comment below or contact the guys at Trucking Truth and we'll be sure to cover it in a future blog post.

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