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I'm currently living in New Mexico. I've gotten into the gig for experience outside of what I already have. I was going to school for welding before all the the crazy started but as you know, school hasn't gotten back to normal everywhere. I really enjoy new challenges and know that this one will be huge but am excited for the opportunity to learn something new and different.

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Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Schneider VTL Orientation 2021

Great Job today!!

Thank for the update and keep going dude!! Sounds like you're doing great!

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Ready to Scream!!

If you have military background most companies consider that a plus. Have you also put in an application for CFI?

Military time is definitely a plus! I haven't looked into CFI Big Scott. I'll keep them in mind if/when I'm looking again. Thank you!

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Ready to Scream!!

I know OS. I shot myself for sure. I have a hard time with my knee jerk reaction of telling too much of the story, I suppose. The back story is that I have been overseas for the last 14 years. My license had been "verified" by military police in order for me to have my license where I was. I got back here, did some registering with the MVD in New Mexico, no red flags or questions were asked. I registered for trucking school and they asked for DL information multiple times saying they "couldn't pull anything up" I figured since I had a clean record and have been out of the states until 2019, that was probably the issue. I went to the MVD to get my CDL permit and the clerk says that it was cancelled 10 years ago! I asked why but there was zero information in the system as to why, so they immediately reinstated it and I went on about my business. I wasn't sure what was going to show up on my MVR and I didn't want something to pop up and be made a liar.

Schneider was great but I scared myself out of that opportunity. I really like to be thorough and know what I'm doing before taking charge of things and I just couldn't see past my own fear. Luckily, the recruiter was awesome and she said to contact her when I'm ready. (Fingers-crossed the job will still be there)

I had been in contact with companies but some were seriously non responsive and also maybe waiting a week for a reply from them was rushing it? I'm simply eager to get started. I clicked on Robs link and have been getting plenty of dings which is awesome. I really thought that I already had gone through that link. (DUH ME!)

Mesilla- I wrote it all down. 16cpm along with the mentor's miles as we will be a team. Then at 3 months, its bumped up to 19cpm for the 4th 5th and 6th months. The recruiter did mention that as a solo driver after 1 year I could make as much as 40cpm which I still thought to be low but I'll get more information on Monday. Now, that I hear that Mesilla is reputable from other parts of the country, I'll continue with them as they are close to home.

I don't have anyone to get information from in this industry and its nerve-wracking and hard to feel like you're not just making decisions but making the right decisions. I'm sure this won't be the last time I get on here feeling frazzled! So I really do appreciate all of you for taking the time out of your day to reply back to me.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Ready to Scream!!

First, I have seen you, Old School and Rob T., everywhere here. Thank you for taking the time to respond and I apologize for the confusion.

Heres my list:

Crete, Navajo Express, Swift (Licensing problem), Pride, US Express (need 3 months experience), Sain, Roehl (Isn't hiring for students right now per their phone number), Estes, JB Hunt (need 3 months experience), Mountain Valley, Central Freight, CRST (Extra one with licensing problem), Schneider was the JetSet company and Mesilla Valley Transport is the current company that I've ?Maybe? chosen.

Phew. I have applied to, contacted via email or called every one of these places. I also have an active application on Pulse. I would have sworn that I did apply to the link Rob but I'm going to do it again now.

I think that I need to be more vague in the application instead of opting in with the license information that I put in there. I'll start there, I just hate feeling like I'm lying.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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Ready to Scream!!

Hi all,

I've been a lurker for a little while and am excited to make my first post. I've been reading and reading and am finally feeling able to contribute in my little way but I have concerns that I'd like some feedback on. I"M READY TO SCREAM! * It took since December to finally narrow down a job. (I know I must be patient but I'm excited) But, when you're in school and they talk about how easily you'll get a job, it's setting you up for failure when you get too excited about it and you are from a small place not a large city.

* Companies wouldn't hire me because of my location, or the requirement of experience that I don't have.

* I'm realizing how crazy the industry can be- I almost had a job 2 times but something went wrong. 1st I told he truth- I was told that the MVD had my license cancelled at some point and although my records show no revoking or suspension, I lost 1 job opportunity. 2nd I read the fine print- I was about to become a JetSet Trucker but as I graduated driving school in December, I was looking for a good mentorship program. I was reassured by the recruiter that it would be fine more than once but because of this forum (THANKS YALL!!!) I read the fine print twice... 18 days of training, 5 with a trainer then I was to be off on my own. embarrassed.gif Yeah, I'd like to keep my BRAND NEW career afloat and not die or kill anyone.... so, no thank you.

* I got a job with a smaller company that Requires 6 months worth of Mentorship!!! **YAY** They even travel up to Canada and I have a passport at the ready!! **Double YAY**

* I feel like they're taking the **** in regards to pay because of our location in the southwest..... very very south west. 16 cpm is that normal? I feel like it isn't when comparing it to the other companies that I've looked into. Moving up to 19 cpm after 20,000 miles and the most you can make is 40cpm after 1 year as a solo driver. wtf.gif

Now, if you feel that I should take a seat and suck it up, feel free to say so... I have tough skin and am not afraid to be wrong. I'm just feeling frazzled by this whole process. I appreciate your input and really love the content here and I can't wait to share my experiences!


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