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Posted:  4 days, 9 hours ago

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Noob trucker starting with Dollar General.

How did this week go Larry? Any better?

Really dreaded heading in for my second week. I took your great advice and I had Improved unload times. Was a pretty good week. It was a dead week at the DC so I only did 2 long loads. My second was 500 miles from the DC, got to the store around 1 am. First 8 RT's had no toppers so it was fast. Problem was it was a super tight back room. I left 9 RT's outside and jammed the Uboats in the remaining space and asked employees to move them to the isles. In restrospect I should have done that myself since the manager came out the back announcing I'm closing this door, bring everything to the front door.

I jammed the front isle of the store and blocked the managers office. I came in and saw an employee smirking and taking pictures. 4 totally useless employees that didnt do crap.

My last stop was a super nice manager. Unloading uboats and gave me a large gatorade. I guess it s a crapshoot of who you deal with.

I start my week tomorrow dropping off my empty and picking up a relay at a Flying J.

I'm loving rest stops and staying at DG's. However it s doing nothing to help my backing in the traditional backing to docks and truck stops. Probably screw around at the DC with backing if I have time this week.

Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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Noob trucker starting with Dollar General.

What made you take on Dollar General right out of school?


I worked at an Amazon sort center in inbound for 2 years, and I've been watching hussle.motivate on youtube for a year. I blame him. lol The numbers on the job site were impressive. Of course now I realize its all recruitment BS.

It gets easier. Try to park at your store the night before and that will help with the clock . If you need any advice just ask

My biggest problem are those fricken toppers. My last stop was a 1500 piece. I used 5 uboats along with 2 RT's on the liftgate. However I had both sides full of toppers. I ended up using 10 empty's for the toppers. I tend to be hyper focused on wanting to get the RT's off asap. What s the best method for toppers?

I also have been only pushing. I notice Hussle will push the RT's wide base first and then pull them off the liftgate. I'm pretty fast so that may be splitting hairs with time saving?

I'm at 600 pieces an hour. Which surprises me I'm that slow. If I can get a method for those toppers I would be set.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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I’m going with Schneider now I’m nervous

I went to the Green Bay training Academy a month ago. Great instructors. Great people. They gave us pre-trip/tiv/in cab air check pamphlets and Coupling/Uncoupling pamphlets that could be used during the test.

You need 15 points or less to pass the road test and are allowed 2 curb jobs. lol.

As long as you can read and don't hit anything besides a couple curbs it s a piece of cake.

Posted:  1 week, 5 days ago

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Noob trucker starting with Dollar General.

Completed my 1 week with TE and 1 week with Mentor. And now just completed my first week solo.

Overwhelming to say the least. Had customer issues that ****ed my 14 hour clock twice my first week. I missed the Pilot J truck entrance and went on a 10 mile backroad adventure that miraculously came to an interstate. At least I didn't make the mistake of trying to turn around. My gas nozzle fell out, I can't seem to master having the gas nozzle stay in. I tried to back in the drop yard where i park up my car. Failed 3 times, to tight for the 45. and luckily someone left. that left 2 spots open.

With having to actually learn to drive and back, I decided why not do 100% unload and kill yourself. I'm totally drained.

Posted:  3 weeks, 6 days ago

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Dollar Accounts???


If you want the skinny on working a "Dollar" Account as a Rookie Driver check out Papa Pigs posting on the Dollar General account that he works for Warner Enterprises. He has worked hard on that account and has had allot of success with it. Papa Pigs Rookie Zainy solo adventures


And he came straight out of the Army upon retiring, so he was in pretty good physical shape starting out. That's always a major plus when it comes to unloading those trailers at each DG store.

Just finished my 1 week with training engineer and now heading to a DG account. If I don't get the 12-9 with the 45 I'm a mess. Did 2 backs starting 200 feet away and couldn't find it. Oversteering is a major problem when I dont have a perfect set up. Do I give this a go or nip it in the bud to try and get on another account?

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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How do you put a photo up

Why can't you just type the dates and brief summary for each offense? With all the time you have spent on this you could have written a novel by now. lol.

Posted:  1 month, 4 weeks ago

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Finally completed the easy part.

I see a lot of trucks for all those companies out here, but that doesn't mean anything about the company nor the training. Two I would avoid are Trans Am and Stevens.

Swift is the largest truckload carrier in the nation. Prime has many members on here that should chime in.

Two things: we HIGHLY discourage leasing. Don't Do It! The other thing is why are you leaning towards a dedicated account?

I want the familiarity/routine starting out. I'm sure I'm overthinking it and I could be wrong. I guess being OTR could be better for a newbie. more driving and fewer stops.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Finally completed the easy part.

You've told of one named company: Schneider. If you tell us other named companies, we can offer a lot more guidance to you. " They charge $3500" isn't enough to go on.

Hirschbach- 4 day orientation. OTR with a trainer for 6 weeks. Dedicated Cargill account. $3,500 which is completely forgiven in 36 weeks with the company.

Prime Stevens TransAm Roehl Swift

I'm leaning dedicated.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Finally completed the easy part.


Apply everywhere you can at this point and see which companies are willing to hire you.


Yep, start here:

Apply For Truck Driving Jobs

Did you apply to CFI, too? Western Express? I've got a few more if you run low on luck with all the above.

Best wishes!

~ Anne ~

I went from only 1 interest to now they're all on my ass. Must be a back log. Now I have to many options. lol.

I'm leaning towards Schneider. I like the 2 weeks on campus and 1 week otr training.

One company has a 4 day orientation and 6 weeks otr training,, where the trainer drives and you're weaned on your hours. But they want $3,500 for the training. Is this just foolish and a waste of money? Having read ton s of post s on here. My trainer is not going to hold my hand and put up with mistakes.

I want the most training I can get before I go solo. Trying to find the best fit and taking my time since I have a 2 week termination 3 month s ago for failed training at a company school.

Posted:  2 months ago

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Finally completed the easy part.

I was on the fence of going to a local school vs. paid company training. I choose the company training and was unable to grasp backing in week 2 and was given a sugar coating of we'll let you out without owing us a penny. So I have a nice 2 week employment "termination" on my DAC report.

I passed my CDL exam on Wednesday and graduated on Thursday from a local school 160 hour course.

It seems like since covid is easing, applicants are soaring.

Not sure if that's the reason I'm getting the cold shoulder from a few companies right now?

Was pretty excited and proud of myself for pushing through that difficult time and getting my CDL.

with such a high pool of applicants right now, not sure if many are willing to take a chance on me?

Posted:  3 months, 1 week ago

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Roehl Transport--Get your cdl program

I was in Roehl's gycdl program for 2 weeks. I came into an agreement with the program manager to be fired for failed training due to backing. Made it sound like it was a take it or leave it deal. I made no progress with backing at all by the end of the second week.

Great company and management. The Pm flat out asked me, What can I do to help? I felt I had to be honest. Had over 20 hours of backing. What more could they do? Having never driven any vehicle with a trailer before in my life was just to much for me. I get it, they're goal is to get you out on the road in a month making them money. I just feel maybe simulator time or 28' trailers may be better for us with backing issues.

Now I'm at a local school, backing atv's with small trailers. Let s see if I can make it now. lol

Posted:  4 months, 2 weeks ago

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Didn't work out, now what?

Thanks Old School and others.

The biggest mistake I made was going to their only manual school. My trainer was like why did you come here and not go to one of our other schools? closer to my home. lol.

I feel I spent WAY to much time learning shifting. My anxiety was really bad with downshifting. At the end of week 2 I was still nervous on the roads. I never fully got the experience of driving and making turns with the truck. Maybe if I didn't have to learn shifting I would have been confident with driving/turning and could have picked up backing in those 2 weeks.

After taking a step back I now see my anxiety is a huge issue and has to be dealt with medically if I want to be in trucking. You're right big Scott. This was on a closed off dirt playground with cones(even though those cones were my trainers babies and he had me terrified of hitting them). I guess I should be thankful my PM and trainer saw my great effort and the time I put in and let me go. It makes nervous just thinking I would be OTR with a trainer right now.

Posted:  4 months, 3 weeks ago

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Didn't work out, now what?

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I was in a company paid cdl school. Pre-trip and driving was coming along pretty good. However I couldn't understand backing.

I took the practice CDL exam at the end of the second week. Passed the pre-tip and driving and failed the backing. I have bad anxiety and backing wrecks havoc with me.

I had a meeting with my Program manager and trainer. PM came right out with what can I do to help you. Was a tiny class. 2 students to a trainer, with them giving me 2 10 hour days with one on one.

Pm and trainer were great. What could I say? Then he said I have an option b. I can fire you for failed training, you go to a local school and give me a call and I'll hire you back. I took option b. All 3 of us agreed that this program was probably to fast paced for me. I guess I was waiting to wake up one morning and backing just clicked to me.

Having time to reflect it upsets me a little. My trainer said don't worry if you fail the cdl exam you'll have a 4th week to pass it, like I witnessed a guy that was there until the end of the 4th week. On one hand my trainer says you understand this. You'll get this very soon. Then after the longs days i express my frustration a couple times because I can't execute backing during a smoke break and he's telling the PM i want to quit. What?

What would you guy's suggest. Paying $4,000.00 for a local school or trying another company?

Posted:  5 months, 1 week ago

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Company CDL school tuition

Car insurance is directly related to your credit score. Apartment leases. Just because you're not in need a loan, you will be paying higher rates and denied leases if your credit score is subpar.

Regardless of paying my debt to Roehl, I wonder why people care so much about their credit score? Personally I do not use any forms of credit, I spend only what I earn, so for me it doesn't really matter.

Posted:  5 months, 2 weeks ago

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Work History and School

Getting to my start date of CDL company sponsored school. Have a couple concerns.

My recruiter has been great. 1. 6 month card(due to recommended sleep study, and recommended check on a potential hernia). No issues at all, safety has accepted the card and they'll just remind you when its close to expiration date. 2. work history. no 1099's, and no income taxes filed due to lower than the amount needed to file for 2018,2019. Business closed in 2019 with the owner still recovering from a stroke and unable to communicate that well. No problem just give us a reference to confirm the dates and you're good to go.

To me it s almost like a salesperson telling me what i want to hear to get me into that car (school).

I went in circles telling her what about when I get to day 1 and now safety and managers are in control. They're going to send someone out in a truck with a 6 month card with an expiration date a few months away potentially having to get surgery and be out of work for a month? Maybe I'm just naive of what a recuiter actually is. I guess I was expecting to be told to take care of things before I came for school.

I have a very physical warehouse job and have no problems passing the physical test at the school. I waited to be seen since my high deductible reset april 1st and cant get in until after school start date.

What should I do?

Posted:  6 months ago

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Roehl's qualification day

Decided to go with Roehl. Got my DOT health card and CDL permit. Not sure if my recruiter understands past a certain point. It was only a 6th month card due to BMI. Recruiter says there is no new dot health exam or physical exam during the whole process. Safety will contact me close to the expiration to make sure I'm ready. Is that correct? anyone know or have experience with Roehl?

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