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Posted:  2 days, 8 hours ago

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Didn't work out, now what?

Thanks Old School and others.

The biggest mistake I made was going to their only manual school. My trainer was like why did you come here and not go to one of our other schools? closer to my home. lol.

I feel I spent WAY to much time learning shifting. My anxiety was really bad with downshifting. At the end of week 2 I was still nervous on the roads. I never fully got the experience of driving and making turns with the truck. Maybe if I didn't have to learn shifting I would have been confident with driving/turning and could have picked up backing in those 2 weeks.

After taking a step back I now see my anxiety is a huge issue and has to be dealt with medically if I want to be in trucking. You're right big Scott. This was on a closed off dirt playground with cones(even though those cones were my trainers babies and he had me terrified of hitting them). I guess I should be thankful my PM and trainer saw my great effort and the time I put in and let me go. It makes nervous just thinking I would be OTR with a trainer right now.

Posted:  6 days, 13 hours ago

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Didn't work out, now what?

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I was in a company paid cdl school. Pre-trip and driving was coming along pretty good. However I couldn't understand backing.

I took the practice CDL exam at the end of the second week. Passed the pre-tip and driving and failed the backing. I have bad anxiety and backing wrecks havoc with me.

I had a meeting with my Program manager and trainer. PM came right out with what can I do to help you. Was a tiny class. 2 students to a trainer, with them giving me 2 10 hour days with one on one.

Pm and trainer were great. What could I say? Then he said I have an option b. I can fire you for failed training, you go to a local school and give me a call and I'll hire you back. I took option b. All 3 of us agreed that this program was probably to fast paced for me. I guess I was waiting to wake up one morning and backing just clicked to me.

Having time to reflect it upsets me a little. My trainer said don't worry if you fail the cdl exam you'll have a 4th week to pass it, like I witnessed a guy that was there until the end of the 4th week. On one hand my trainer says you understand this. You'll get this very soon. Then after the longs days i express my frustration a couple times because I can't execute backing during a smoke break and he's telling the PM i want to quit. What?

What would you guy's suggest. Paying $4,000.00 for a local school or trying another company?

Posted:  3 weeks ago

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Company CDL school tuition

Car insurance is directly related to your credit score. Apartment leases. Just because you're not in need a loan, you will be paying higher rates and denied leases if your credit score is subpar.

Regardless of paying my debt to Roehl, I wonder why people care so much about their credit score? Personally I do not use any forms of credit, I spend only what I earn, so for me it doesn't really matter.

Posted:  1 month ago

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Work History and School

Getting to my start date of CDL company sponsored school. Have a couple concerns.

My recruiter has been great. 1. 6 month card(due to recommended sleep study, and recommended check on a potential hernia). No issues at all, safety has accepted the card and they'll just remind you when its close to expiration date. 2. work history. no 1099's, and no income taxes filed due to lower than the amount needed to file for 2018,2019. Business closed in 2019 with the owner still recovering from a stroke and unable to communicate that well. No problem just give us a reference to confirm the dates and you're good to go.

To me it s almost like a salesperson telling me what i want to hear to get me into that car (school).

I went in circles telling her what about when I get to day 1 and now safety and managers are in control. They're going to send someone out in a truck with a 6 month card with an expiration date a few months away potentially having to get surgery and be out of work for a month? Maybe I'm just naive of what a recuiter actually is. I guess I was expecting to be told to take care of things before I came for school.

I have a very physical warehouse job and have no problems passing the physical test at the school. I waited to be seen since my high deductible reset april 1st and cant get in until after school start date.

What should I do?

Posted:  1 month, 1 week ago

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Roehl's qualification day

Decided to go with Roehl. Got my DOT health card and CDL permit. Not sure if my recruiter understands past a certain point. It was only a 6th month card due to BMI. Recruiter says there is no new dot health exam or physical exam during the whole process. Safety will contact me close to the expiration to make sure I'm ready. Is that correct? anyone know or have experience with Roehl?

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