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Posted:  2 years ago

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Getting Hired as a Gig Economy Worker

I am curious if anyone has any knowledge or experience going from a gig economy job to a CDL job? I have been a stay at home dad for about 10 or so years, because my wife travels half the year. I have worked for Uber, Lyft, Amazon, and a few others on a part time basis for about 6 years or so. Do you all think that this sort of work experience will be an impediment to getting into truck driving?

Posted:  2 years, 12 months ago

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New CDL and contract work

Errol, I read your post and thank you for that. If I may ask a few questions I would greatly appreciate your answers.

Will the company you worked for hire on new drivers, or will I need a year or 2 of OTR experience? If not, what do you think the minimum requirement is? I can do a year or two of OTR at a regular trucking job, but it is not my goal.

The pay settlement you linked, how long did that take and how many hours do you think that you worked? Were you able to make your own schedule or was this a required run? What was your home time like and could you have made it better? Any idea of what you could have pulled down a year with experience and time?

I am comfortable working on heavy machinery (I am an A&P aircraft mechanic), do you get indications on what sort of tool set you need?

Thanks so much, your insight is exactly what I am looking for.

Posted:  2 years, 12 months ago

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New CDL and contract work

Hi, Mark, welcome to Trucking Truth. Our focus here is on supporting people interested in getting a CDL, then stepping into a company truck to drive OTR.

Since you don't have a CDL just yet, there may be some issues with experience. I know little about it but there is a small "industry" of drive away drivers delivering anything from school buses to RVs to completed special trucks (garbage trucks and such), as well as your truck delivery.

One place you so look into after you get a CDL is called They deliver new units from the factory to dealers. I did that for a while two years ago. Read about it on this forum topic: Truck Delivery Drive-away

Going to read up on your post, thanks so much! Any other info is very welcome!

Thanks Banks as well, I realize that it is what it is, which is why I came here for more info. I'm not unrealistic, but what he described seems like it would work well for my situation, and I think that my situation is a little unusual. I'm a middle aged guy but I am looking for a retired guys job, basically.

Posted:  2 years, 12 months ago

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New CDL and contract work

Hi everyone, I am considering getting my CDL to do contract work and wanted to get your thoughts on if what I am aiming for is feasible.

So, I am a 46 year old man and I drive the "gig economy" Uber, Lyft, Amazon, but I want something more challenging and a bit more money. I picked up a guy from our local airport the other day and he said that he does contract work picking up trucks and drives them to the people that purchase them. He said that he makes his own schedule (within reason), and that he makes decent money doing it.

Does anyone have any sort of experience doing this sort of thing and know what hoops I would have to jump through to get a job like this? I am in the very fortunate position that I don't have to be the main income earner in my family, so I am just looking to supplement my families income and have a job that I enjoy and dictate my own schedule (within reason). I would like to be able to go out for 3 to 5 days at a shot, and then home, and be able to take off when needed. I don't need or want benefits, I just want to work when I can and have off when I need to have off.

I am a vet and know how to endure hardship and am willing to do so to get a position that works for me and my family and would greatly appreciate anyone that can shine some light on what it takes to get this sort of job. I am happy to work as a 1099 contractor.

Thanks in advance for any insight. What exactly am I looking at to be able to do this?

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