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I have been retired since 2016 and now have my CDL-A at age 66 to hit the road OTR. My health is good, so hoping I could drive for 10 years.

I had a 38-year career with Chevron as a Petroleum Engineer starting in 1978 in Midland, TX after graduating from Colorado School of Mines. My first 16 years were domestic in Texas, Colorado, California and Louisiana. I then went international in 1994 for 22 years in Papua New Guinea, Angola and Kazakhstan.

During my retirement I’ve been driving class A diesel motorhomes. I took an RV driver safety class from a retired professional trucker and driver trainer. He was all about safety from a trucker’s perspective. He was a drill Sargent type, which was great for me.

I did my CDL training with Prime Inc. in Springfield, MO during Feb-Apr 2022. Upgraded to solo company driver in May 2022.

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Posted:  20 hours, 7 minutes ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/25/22 - Day 13 Solo

Today started out very good, then took a down turn at the end.

I started driving as per plan at 03:30 CDT. Stopped for 10 mins at a Love’s for supplies. Arrived at my 90 receiver at 05:08 CDT (06:08 EDT).

Checked in with Security from 05:08-05:17, then sat waiting to be sent to dock area.

No trucks are taken from 04:30-05:30 CDT during shift change. Park in a line and wait your turn to go in as a prior truck exits.

I was sent to dock at 06:04 CDT. I was docked at 06:39 and unloaded at 07:15 CDT.

Sent my Depart Receiver Macro at 07:27 CDT.

My next trip assignment came in to drive empty about 250 miles to Reed Creek, MI to D&H for a loaded trailer going to Murfreesboro, TN. This trip has 834 dispatched miles. It is a D&H at the 90 receiver anytime up to 12:00 on 5/28/22. I’ve been to the 90 location before.

Arrived at 01 at 14:33 CDT. Checked in at 14:35 CDT.

Had the trailer washed out at onsite wash bay.

This is a D&H yard only for the shipper.

I dropped my empty and found my loaded trailer. Carefully coupled with two GOALS.

Depart shipper at 15:51 CDT.

I drove to nearby TS less than 1/2 mile to complete preparations. Not allowed to slide tandems at the yard.

Got tandem to 12th hole. Checked Right Weigh and the trailer axle is too high at 35.5k lbs.

I submit my required macros and make live dispatch call. There is a QC communication problem system wide, so nothing went through yet.

The closest CAT Scale is 32 miles. I’m running low on 14h clock time. I get to the scale with 34 mins remaining on my 14 clock.

The CAT confirms that the trailer axle is over limit at 35,040 lbs.

So, I will return to the shipper’s yard in the morning after my 10h break ends at 04:00 CDT to get the over weight corrected.

Steer axle = 12,140 lbs Drive axle = 30,520 lbs Trailer axle = 35,040 lbs Total gross = 77,700 lbs

This was first time that I used the “Weigh My Truck” App. It worked slick. $12.50 billed directly to Prime Inc.

I submitted the weights to dispatch via macro.

Summary Stats for today: Miles = 396 Driving = 7h 55m On Duty = 8h 37m Avg MPH = 50.0 70 Avail = 8h 35m Recap tonight = 9h 59m (18h 34m for 5/26)

Posted:  1 day, 22 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

05/24/22 - Day 12 Solo

I was up at 03:15CDT today after an extended break for some nice sleep. I notice that I’ve started dreaming again since going solo. Didn’t dream much during team training (that dang moving truck!).

Found my trailer and coupled carefully to it with a GOAL. Got a fuel fill up at outbound in Plaza building.

Started driving at 04:10 CDT and stopped at 08:04 for DOT break at Home Depot near St Louis to get a would block. Entire process took 48 minutes including finding an Associate to cut a 6’ piece of 4x4 into 6 pieces.

One of six blocks stowed on my small truck now ready if needed.


I ended the day at 14:58 CDT parked in a nice large rest area on I-69N at exit 249 headed towards Fort Wayne, IN. I’m only 74 miles to my 90 delivery in the morning in Woodburn on US24 just east of Fort Wayne. I can make that run in ~1.5 hrs, so will plan to leave at about 03:30 CDT to arrive at 05:00 CDT, when the customer opens for deliveries.

Today’s Summary Stats:

Miles driven = 532 Drive time = 9h 46m On Duty = 10h 4m Avg Speed = 54.5 mph Avail. 70 clock = 7h 23m Recap tonight = 9h 48m Total 70 avail. 5/25/22 = 17h 11m

Indiana is covered in bright yellow fields of mustard greens. Yum, Yum when cooked the southern way.

Posted:  2 days, 7 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

Excellent advice from Packrat and G-Town. I’m taking my 30 min DOT break now at a Home Depot near St Louis getting the wood block(s). I’m stuck with 6 blocks because only way to get it cut. No pre-cuts we’re available.

Now I have extras to give away to drivers who find themselves in the same pickle.

Posted:  2 days, 19 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

At first the tandem locking pins didn’t want to retract. It took a couple attempts running back and forth from the cab to the tandem. Part of the problem was needing to build up trailer air tank pressure.

Some of the states I’m running through want the tandems on the 12th hole or less.

The tandems were all the way back for trailer loading.

Posted:  2 days, 21 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

05/23/22 - Day 11 Solo

The trailer was finished loading shortly after 04:00 CDT. I was called to couple the trailer and pull it out from the dock to be sealed. I was handed my BOLs to sign at 04:36 CDT.

This load gets better and better. I jumped the king pin over the 5th wheel! Dang it! I had heard about the hammer under the back of the skid plate trick, but was not seeing it in my mind. I couldn’t get the skid plate to lift up by hand.

So, I got the Yard Dog and another guy to help. They used a pry bar to lift the back of the skid plate. I lowered the air suspension and was able to pull out from under it. The Yard Dog then lifted the trailer so we could easily lower the landing gear a bit. They wouldn’t crank with the weighted trailer load on them.

I was then able to couple normally.

I found the post today by Errol J about this king pin problem. It has a nice photo of his ball peen hammer in position. I saved it for future reference.

Then it took me a long time to work the trailer out of a tight docking area. Glad to have a short nosed truck!

Then I had to mess around back and forth trying to slide the tandems forward to 12th hole.

All in all it took almost and hour to get to the point of being ready to complete my paperwork and make the “live load” call to dispatch.

Just to summarize this job. Appt window was 12:00-23:59 on 5/22/22. I arrived at 12:29 on 5/22/22. I received my BOLs after loading at 04:36 on 5/23/22. Should be some detention pay later.

I started driving to Springfield at 06:00 and arrived at the Prime terminal at 13:58. Drove 395 miles in 7h 34m (52.2 mph). On duty time is 7h 59m.

The recommended fuel route implied the trip to be 358 miles. It may have been except for some confusing directions at Ada, OK that I think could have added a 35 mile out of route detour.

The inbound trailer inspection at Prime1 found some tire wear issues, so I was asked to drop the trailer for them to work on it during my 10h break.

I updated my “safe” ETA to 90 customer in Woodbury, IN tomorrow to be 21:00 EDT. No deliveries after 14:00, so new appointment is 06:00-14:00 on 5/25/22. This is same thing that happened to me going to Bayonne, NJ for the HAZMAT load.

The trip is 600 miles. I’ll work a similar schedule now to run 450 to 500 miles tomorrow, leaving a 2-3 hrs drive in on morning of 5/25 to arrive by 06:00 EDT.

I can still complete this trip to meet payroll cutoff for this week, but these delays are costing me miles and money.

Speaking of that HAZMAT load last week. I did find out today that there was a copy of the 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook in a zippered outside pocket of my Permits Book binder. I didn’t look there!

One lesson from this loading experience is to always have a phone number to call to check on load status that actually gets answered. If I had not decided to start my clock and drive back to the plant to check on it, who knows when they would have gotten around to it. The dock workers told me this happens a lot there.

Posted:  3 days, 11 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

Thanks Kearsey!

05/22/22 - Day 10 Solo

At 04:25 I crawled to the fuel Island for reefer fuel.

Started driving at 04:44 and arrived at 90 customer at 05:07 CDT (15 miles in 22 mins).

Checked in with Security, docked at 05:32 CDT.

Started a split SB in Off Duty while waiting (a total of 4 hours accrued).

Unloading finished at 06:08 (green light). Moved to a staging area to wait on lumper billing.

Received lumber billing text at 07:33 for $177.85. Had it paid at 07:55 CDT.

Received BOLs at 09:50 CDT after a misunderstanding of the process to come get them rather than waiting to be called.

Completed my paperwork for this trip.

Received my next trip assignment to pickup in Ardmore today from 12:00-23:59 for a “live load” of tire rubber.

Drove to Love’s at I-35, Ext 32 which is ~ 0.7 mile from 01 customer. Swept out the trailer because my blower battery wasn’t charged (I thought it was).

Arrived at 01 at 12:29 CDT. My load product was not ready yet. Told to dock my trailer to be loaded later, then bobtail back to Loves’s to wait for a phone call.

I was docked at 13:17 CDT after a very challenging backing situation. This is a tight dock area. Glad I have a short nosed lightweight.

Back to Love’s. I started the required minimum 7 hours consecutive in SB at 13:28 CDT.

No phone call came from 01 customer. I finally got up at 00:45 CDT on 5/23/22!

Decided to drive back to 01 to find out what was going on. No one answered the phone number that I had.

Started my 14h clock at 01:07. Arrived at 01 at 01:09.

My load still wasn’t ready. Had been waiting on the product. Their entire load board for 5/22 was “pending, late”.

In mean time they had loaded my docked empty with a different shipment (internal miscommunication).

My load product was ready on the dock. With my urging to get moving, they chased down a person to authorize paperwork for them to load another Prime trailer for me.

So, this “live load” is now a D&H.

The Yard Dog brought a trailer to the dock at 01:50. Loading started at 02:00 and is still in progress at 04:00 as I write this.

Once I get the paperwork in hand and hook up, I’m headed to Prime1 terminal in Springfield for a fuel stop (358 miles; ~6.6h).

My 90 delivery is in Woodburn, IN on 5/24 from 05:00-13:00 CDT. About 931 miles. I’ll have 573 miles to go from Springfield.

The delivery appt time window will need to be extended once I can provide a safe ETA. This distance would normally take ~39-40 hours. However, I think I can reduce that with one 10-h break plus a split SB break. It will all depend on how far I get today.

Posted:  4 days, 21 hours ago

View Topic:

CDL CLP Knowledge Testing-Do you take the tests all at once or individually?

AR does it same as WV. Computerized test ends when 80% correct achieved. So all my scores were 80%.

I did the Hazmat endorsement prior to the new ELDT law taking effect, so I didn’t need to take a class.

I actually just hauled a hazmat load of a class 3 flammable liquid in my reefer with temp control.

Posted:  4 days, 22 hours ago

View Topic:

CDL CLP Knowledge Testing-Do you take the tests all at once or individually?

I crash studied the High Roads Training material for a week and then took all of my exams at the same time in AR. I took every endorsement exam just in case.

It was most efficient for me to do it this way.

Posted:  4 days, 23 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/21/22 - Day 9 Solo

I drove from 00:02 until 08:59 CDT when I arrived at the Flying J on I-35, Ext 33 after 442 miles near Ardmore, OK. I’m 19 miles to my 90 loc customer to deliver on 5/22/22 at 05:00-07:00 CDT. I have 2h of available On Duty time remaining today. My recap tonight will be 9h, giving me 11h on 5/22/22.

The drive included a 30 min fuel stop, a second 30 min break and one short 10 min bio stop.

Summary Stats: Miles = 442 Driving = 7h 53m On Duty = 8h 11m Avg MPH = 56.1 (easy I-35 driving at night)

I’m planning to depart by 04:30 CDT on 5/22/22 to my customer. I believe this will be a live unload of meat.

I should have plenty of time to get onto my next trip assignment when I receive it tomorrow morning. My dispatch has been good about pre-plans so far.

I used the long 19 hours break here today to do the usual shower, laundry and eat a sit down meal. I finally took time to buy a GPS and other items to set up electronics in the truck. Still need a CB radio (next) and a dash cam.

Posted:  5 days ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/20/22 - Day 8 Solo

I executed my plan for today except I decided to get up an hour earlier at 03:00 CDT and started driving at 03:39 CDT. I arrived at my 90 customer at 09:34 CDT (my appt window ended at 11:59 CDT). The trip included a 26 mins stop for reefer fuel and personal necessities. Distance was 308 miles.

I was dropping my loaded trailer and the release arm was jammed. To get it loose I set the trailer brake and reserve pushed against it to relax the pressure of the locking jaws against the king pin. This did the trick.

I went to look for a Prime empty. None on-site. I notified my FM for advice. At the time I only had 2h 4m of On Duty time available on my 70 clock.

FM checked with Sales and returned message that I could bobtail to my next 01 shipper in Edwardsville, KS (~20 miles) to pick up my loaded trailer without dropping an empty. The appointment window ended at 23:59 CDT 5/20/22.

I bobtailed to a Walmart in Shawnee, OK about 6 miles from my 01 to park for my 10h break. Got a little shopping done.

The drive took 30 minutes, leaving me with 1h 34m of available On Duty time. I had 9h 17m recap coming back at midnight for 5/21/22.

My 10h break ended at 21:24 CDT. Started driving at 22:18 CDT to arrive at my 01 loc at 22:42. Checked in with Shipping/Receiving to get my Bills and trailer number. Went on another trailer hunt finally asking the yard dog where to find it.

After hooking and inspection of this trailer, I went to raise the landing gear. Couldn’t get it to budge. To take some stress off of the landing gear I gently rocked the truck back and forth. This did the trick.

I was on my way out to security gate when midnight struck. I still had 54m of available time to go with my recap of 9h 17m for total of 10h 11m available now for 5/21/22.

I started driving to my 90 loc in Ardmore, OK at 00:02 CDT on 5/21/22.

Summary Stats: Miles = 338 Driving = 6h 23m On Duty = 6h 48m Avg MPH = 53

Posted:  5 days, 4 hours ago

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Two Month's Experience Reflections

Good to hear from you again Matt. Glad it is going well for you.

Solo is totally different from what we experienced TNT.

I’m going into my second week solo. I only plan to stay out 4 weeks then 4 days off. That 7 weeks stretch in TNT was too long for my taste.

They ran me hard for my first 7 days driving 3,077 miles. Slowing down some now as I’m running on recaps. Getting a nice long 19 hours break today parked early near my 90 delivery tomorrow morning early.

Take care

Posted:  6 days, 21 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

PS. I should mention that not all of the 3,077 miles will be payable, the way Prime calculates “dispatched miles”. I had a few short detours from missed turns and today had to go 16 miles out of my way to find a trailer washout.

I was required to washout the trailer following the HAZMAT load in part because it will be loaded by Tyson with poultry meat. You don’t want your chicken tasting like vanilla!

Posted:  6 days, 21 hours ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/19/22 wrap

I was docked at 07:52 CDT. Was unloaded with BOLs in hand at 08:45 CDT.

It was 09:40 before I had the trailer closed up and all of my paperwork done for this trip and setting my next assignment.

I spent from 09:41 to 10:48 getting the trailer reefer filled and a washout.

Then I drove to my 01 customer in Dexter, MO arriving at 11:27 CDT to do a D&H. I was asked to dock the empty trailer in a tight corner. Got it in slowly but surely.

Then bobtail a couple miles to another lot where my loaded trailer was waiting. Got it hooked up and everything cleared with Dispatch live load call.

I started driving at 13:20 towards Olathe, KS. I stopped at 16:05 CDT to fuel reefer and park for the night at a Love’s on I-55 at Bloomsdale, MO.

It would be my luck the the showers are out of service! Then a major severe thunderstorm struck just as I was getting back into the truck!

Summary Stats: Miles = 370 Driving = 7h 32m (7.53h) On Duty = 8h 14m Avg MPH = 49.1*

*Includes a 30 min RT detour to find a safe turnaround after missing turn into the Love’s. I have got to stop doing this!

I have 7h 42m available on 70 clock for tomorrow.

I’m 308 miles away, which I’m figuring will take about 6h 12m total time (5h 42m driving + 30m Off Duty break). If I’m running behind I can skip the break.

My appointment window is until 11:59 CDT. I will plan to arrive by 11:00 CDT, so depart in morning by 04:45 CDT.

I’ll start getting recaps back on 5/21:

5/21 = 9h 17m 5/22 = 9h 00m 5/23 = 8h 48m 5/24 = 7h 07m 5/25 = 9h 48m 5/26 = 9h 59m 5/27 = 8h 14m

Total miles in last 7 days = 3,077

5/13 = 477 5/14 = 449 5/15 = 463 5/16 = 325 5/17 = 464 5/18 = 529 5/19 = 370

Unfortunately they will cross between paychecks.

My first week was only 5 days driving with one completed trip of 1,863 miles.

My second paycheck week is off to a good start.

Trip 1: 1,121 miles, start 5/16 - end 5/19 Trip 2: 407 miles dispatched, start 5/19

Time to dig out the Dude Wipes!

Posted:  1 week ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/19/22 - Day 7 Solo

I followed my plan to start driving at 02:30 CDT. I arrived at 90 customer at 06:02 CDT. Total of 183 miles in 3.5h for 52.3 mph avg.

Checked in with Receiving at 06:05 CDT.

Told to wait in truck until they come tell me to dock. Have to work me in around other deliveries scheduled for this morning. This load was in their original plan for yesterday. Pay back time I guess.

I have my detention stamp ready to go on the bills. Keeping track of the time.

Just for fun I checked the total time required to complete the loaded portions of my two trips to date. I calculated out the estimate for Trip 2 on 5/16/22 to in form my FM of a realistic ETA. It worked out right on.


Posted:  1 week ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/18/22 - Day 6 Solo

Summary: Miles = 529 Driving = 9h 34m On Duty = 9h 59m Avg Speed = 55.3 mph

I started driving at 04:00 CDT and stopped at 15:07 CDT.

I parked at same place in Beaver Dam, KY that I used on my eastbound trip.

I’m 181 miles from my 90 customer. They open at 06:00 CDT for deliveries. I’ll depart at 02:30 CDT to arrive about 06:00. Try to get unloaded as quickly as possible.

My appointment was changed to 17:00 on 5/19/22.

Turns out that the shipper gave me a Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook, not the 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook.

I’ve been calling truck stops to find the ERG without luck. I downloaded an iOS app of the 2020 ERG to my phone, better than nothing.

Unlikely to get stopped now, but it could have happened or worse that I have an accident.

I’ll check with the Prime Permits desk when I’m back at the Terminal to see if they have it. Will keep on the truck just in case get another load like this one.

I’m having to watch my 70 clock close next 2 days. I have 15h 56m available for the 19th and 20th. Then I start getting recaps on the 21st forward of +/- 9 hrs a day.

Posted:  1 week, 1 day ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

05/17/22 wrap

This was a Shipper Load Driver Count job, so I verified the shipment count on the dock before it was loaded and watched the loading.

I’m hauling a UN1197, Extracts, Flavoring, Liquid, Class 3 Flammable, group III packaging.

It is liquid vanilla extract food flavoring. The dock foreman told me there are a lot of vanilla varieties that they make product out of.

I’m learning a few things the hard way. Such as to tape the placards in place. I had to use my spare placard when one blew off. Stopped to buy some clear Gorilla tape. Works good.

I had to ask the shipper for the Emergency Response Guide book because I didn’t have one on the truck. She gave it to me.

It is a light load at 10k lbs.

Typical driving day with beautiful scenery to go along with active work zones, traffic bottlenecks, strong gusty crosswinds, etc.

I ended up driving 464 miles today (116 miles to 01 + 348 miles towards 90). Drive time of 9h 16m (50 mph avg). On Duty time 9h 48m.

Stopped at welcome center rest area on I68W just into WV.

I’m working a split SB, so will see if it worked at 01:00 CDT. If it didn’t then my break ends at 04:00 CDT.

I’m 704 miles to my 90. I should arrive early on 5/19/22.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

05/17/22 - Day 5 Solo

I started driving at 04:20 EDT and arrived at my 01 customer about 06:32 EDT. About 116 miles including a short detour after I missed a turn in Bayonne, NJ.

I parked until I could check in at 08:00, when the docks opened. I was docked at 08:32 for loading.

They have me sitting inside while being loaded.

Can definitely tell this is Jersey from the accents!

This was my second time to drive through Newark to a customer. Can’t say that I enjoy it, but didn’t hit anything!

NYC in the background is always an impressive sight.

I’ve used some time here to scope out potential parking spots for late afternoon today on I68 or I79, depending on how far I get on my 14h clock. These rest areas are 346 and 402 miles, respectively.

I saw 3 additional rest areas along I80E this morning that could have cut ~1 to 1.5 hrs off my drive this morning, thus delaying the start of my 14h clock.

I stopped at a rest area yesterday to read the messages from my FM updating my appointment time. I looked ahead for potential parking closer to customer (no overnight parking), but decided that I had a “bird in the hand”, so stayed put.

With more experience and knowledge of the parking options on these routes, I would have pushed forward.

Driving solo is a lot different than what I experienced in PSD and TNT because I’m the only driver now. It is up to me to manage my time and clocks to make appointments.

I understand now why drivers from Prime say that the real learning starts when you go solo and have to figure it out for yourself.

Posted:  1 week, 2 days ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

5/16/22 - Day 4 Solo

Summary: Miles = 325 Driving = 6h 39m On Duty = 7h 7m Avg MPH = 48.9

I started driving at 03:57 CDT and arrived at my 90 customer at 10:18 CDT. This was 18 minutes later than my trip plan ETA that I prepared the night before.

I had overlooked including a specific stop to get reefer fuel prior to dropping the load trailer.

My average speed was lower today for a few reasons and below the 50 mph that I used to plan. Some reasons are PA mountain driving, several construction zones, long stretches of 55 mph speed limit, plus I used driving to move around a truck stop and customer yard after I had my empty trailer.

I completed the D&H in Hazelton, PA.

The total time required for the 960 loaded dispatched miles trip was 42 hours from 01 departure to 90 arrival. I’m sure that I will become more efficient with experience. Note that the 30 minutes spent to meet Pack Rat was time well spent.

By the time I got the empty trailer washed out and fueled, my realistic ETA to my next 01 in Bayonne, NJ was 17:30 EDT. The original appt window ended at 15:30 EDT.

The appointment was then changed for 08:00-08:30 EDT on 5/17/22.

I’m parked 115 miles away taking a longer break. I’ll be departing by 04:30 EDT to arrive between 07:00-07:30. This place opens at 08:00.

There are some issues still to be worked out with the delivery time and date once I’m in route and can provide a realistic ETA.

Based on my last trip of 960 miles, this loaded trip of 996 miles could take 43-45 hours. There is HAZMAT routing considerations plus the added risk of a DOT inspection.

Posted:  1 week, 3 days ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

05/15/22 wrap

From my fuel stop I made it to the PA Welcome Center to take my 10h break. I’ve stopped here before during training.

Today’s Summary: Total miles = 463 Driving = 8h 31m (54.4 mph avg) On Duty = 8h 48m

I stopped at 17:49 CDT. I’m 300 miles from my 90.

I worked out an ETA of 10:00 CDT / 11:00 EDT. Put my PTA at 12:00 CDT/13:00EDT.

Then 2.5 hrs to drive 125 miles to new 01 in NJ gives an ETA of 14:30CDT/15:30EDT.

With this input Dispatch is asking Sales to get extension to the appointment window that now ends at 15:30EDT.

On another nice note a Pack Rat met a Longhorn today in Ohio.


Hey! Is that Pack Rat trying to pick my pocket?



Posted:  1 week, 4 days ago

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My Prime Upgrade / First Month Solo Experience

Got to get Little Mamma rolling again. Can’t call her Big Mamma because she’s a Lightweight!


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