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Posted:  8 months ago

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And so it Begins...

I want to thank all who gave some great advice on this Topic and a few others. I feel i am already at an advantage on this new career due to your tips. As stated earlier I am currently on a project at my present employer which will now conclude sometime in Dec (as opposed to Nov), upon completion I will really kick this in the backside. I will return to this topic when the time comes and update everyone on my journey. Last question for now....the cdl training on this site is pretty good, I have taken 2 Chapter tests so far and scored an 86% without looking up answers. I can only imagine how I do when I study. Which leads to my question, Is this cdl prep tool taken from all states CDL study guides or is it just a general study guide not state specific. The reason I ask is because the Stevens School (CWW in Colorado) stated to study the Colorado DMV book because things are different from state to state, Any input appreciated. Until next time, Be Safe and.....if your a Fed Ex driver that travels 81 from Hagerstown Md to points south...Get the Hell outta the left lane and quit holding everyone

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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And so it Begins...

Some Great Advice and Info! I want to thank you all for answering my concerns and questions. I think I can honestly say there will be no Private CDL Training in my future, with the great advice I received here it makes more since to go company sponsored. So based on the comments here the Stevens Acceptance to cdl school in Colorado is pretty much a done deal as long as nothing pops up (and it wont what you read is it). Not that I'm going there I wanna weigh my options elsewhere as mentioned here. I'm learning the process, is that how it works for the most part?

I put the app in with Prime and Stevens in Aug. before I realized I had a couple medical snags I had to get resolved thus the Acceptance to school with Stevens and the Denial with Prime. No further applications will be put in until Dec1 so I have plenty of time to Nail down my plan, right now I'm studying for Permit to be ready for that when I get Physical and take permit test in November.

I got to say I'm impressed with the CDL Prep on this site, I plan to take the tests offered here once I feel I'm ready. Have a question on 1 of the Companies I'm considering... Can anyone tell me if Wilson Logistics runs much East Coast Freight, I would imagine if not it would be hard to get hired in my area...I live a mile off of 81 in West Va.

I see their trucks occasionally but not often at all, I kind of wanna cover all 48 the 1st yr at least and they offer a lot of stuff out west but nothing here. As far as Winter has always been a necessity in this endeavor, would much rather be with an experienced trainer during a snow storm the 1st time, although I have plenty of experience hauling that travel trailer up to hunt camp here in West VA in the Snow! No comparison I'm sure. Well gang I'm gonna jump off here for now, again I appreciate everyone's response and advice. Be Safe and Goodnight!

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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And so it Begins...

Thanks for your info all, CFI and Knight are companies I will put on my list as well. As far as CDL Training by the Carrier wouldn't that be a risk as well...I mean I have read stories on here of all being peaches and cream until you receive the License and during orientation something miraculously comes up and your not hired but on the hook for school. I guess when your past is sketchy these are the chances you take. The Private vs. Company Training debate is a good one, my view is if i an get some sort of funding that greatly reduces the cost, then if I cant land a job I'm out less but already paid for. Different strokes for different folks, at this point gang I just want the opportunity in this field and don't particularly care if its Private or Company. I wish it was November so I could start applying and get this ball rolling but I have a commitment that takes me until then. Oh well keep em coming gang if you have some input otherwise, be safe! Oh yeah alittle off topic but pertaining to winter training...does training typically take longer to complete in the winter because of weather or freight if at all?

Posted:  8 months, 1 week ago

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And so it Begins...

Thanks Anna for the Reply, I guess I just need to play the cards I'm dealt and see where it leads me. I know when my records came back I was somewhat Horrified at my Wild 90's, I knew there were some things on there but...WOW. Its gonna be on the back of my mind until the day comes that I'm awarded my own Truck..."Is the rug gonna be ripped from under me during training because of the background or MVR?"...We shall see I guess. And by the way...I'm not sure what happened to the Paragraph on MVR and Suspensions, I surly didn't write it that way when sent in but it got all outta wack when it hit the forum, sry that was a hard read but you get the just. As far as the Links you suggested I will check them out, Thanks. Going forward I welcome more comments on the subject, Any current Drivers for the Companies I mentioned feel free to offer your opinion on my chance of getting on there with said background...Thanks Again!!

Posted:  8 months, 2 weeks ago

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And so it Begins...

Time has come to make a change in my future, I've been in the same career for 25yrs with past 10yrs at same employer. I'm not saying its a bad career I'm just not getting anywhere. It has always been a Future goal to go to Trucking and the time is now to start preparing. I am 55 yrs old live in Inwood WV, my children are grown and my wife wants me out of the house (smile.gif )!! My plan is to be in a school Jan.22' in order to get licensed before the Feb.22' DOT Changes...I want winter training for obvious reasons. now for the wake up call....


1. 86' Misdemeanor Possession Marijuana less than 1/2 oz ( Which also ended my Military Career, as it should have I was a Moron) 2. 90' Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct {Bar Fight...charges dropped due to witnesses but still on record) 3. 94' Misdemeanor Disorderly Intoxication 4. 96' Misdemeanor Public Urination ( Not in downtown Mayberry but in a remote Beach Parking Lot, either way unlawful) 5. 10' Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia ( this incident ended my affair with Mary Jane, clean 11yrs)

MVR Suspensions

1. FL. 97' Speeding FL. 09' Failure to pay fine No DL Present ( was licensed) 2. FL. 03' Failure to Obey FL. 09' Failure to pay Fine No Seatbelt 3. FL. 04' Speeding 72/55 ( both from same traffic stop line 6 MVR) 5. FL. 06' Speeding 53/70 ( Not that it matters but the above was not me, my brother used my 6. FL. 09' Speeding 88/70 info to evade Jail because he was unlicensed) 7. VA. 13' Speeding 57/45 8. VA. 16' Speeding 79/70

My medical history suks also, had a Heart Attack in 2017 and have 3 Stents. On Meds for that and Blood Pressure but both my Cardiologist and Primary Care Doc have signed necessary paperwork for the FMCSA to take DOT Physical and see no reason I cant pursue this career.

There ya have it, my deep dark past that only I have to blame, so what's your opinions, wanna bust my balls about the Military and Marijuana stuff go ahead I deserve it and I'm a man I can take it. Do you see my future over before it starts? My Company list thus far is....

1. Prime Inc. (was denied due to something with a Misdemeanor, cant get a straight answer and I get it) 2. Wilson Logistics 3. Millis Transfer 4. DOT Foods (if I go private cdl school route) 5. Stevens Transport ( Have an invite to CDL School in Col. for Sept 20th class but had to put off because needed some Medical Clearances and my current job is relying on me to complete a project in November and I didn't want to let them down, just like I wouldn't let a Carrier down if given the opportunity.) 6. Western Express ( because of their 2nd chance)

Not ruling out others but starting here. I wanna thank you all for hearing me out and the info you leave behind will be appreciated. Every person on this site, at a company, or who reads this in the future understand This... I screwed up... I've changed my lifestyle and am as healthy as I can be. By no means am I a menace to Society. And my past discretions are just that...In The Past! I wish you all Safe Travels and A Great Day!!

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