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My Trucking Journey from the beginning

Hello Everyone,

I am from Turkey and I came to the USA 4 years ago. I have 15+ years of retail experience and I was working as an Assistant Manager in one of the big retailers in here. I realized that I don't want to do that anymore and I decided to leave everything behind and start from the beginning. I went to the closest truck driving school, registered at the same day. Next day I went to the DMV and took my CDL tests and passed all of them in first try. I went back to the driving school and set a date for starting. I quit my job at the same day and in 2-3 days I already left everything behind and ready to do something I have no experience.

I started to the course on August 30th. First day was easier because I already had the permit. It was just some trainings online and registration to the system. Second day I was outside learning about the PTI and the instructor popped up the hood and opened it and he told that we need to know everything about the truck. When I saw all the things under the hood and the list that they gave us for PTI, I said what the hell I am doing here!... I was shocked and overwhelmed about the information that I need to understand in short time. But I went there because I didn't want to work in retail anymore. I overcame my fear and exhaustion and tried to take notes about everything I can. I struggled couple days but everyone was struggling so seeing that everyone were trying their best motivated me. I started to understand and grasp the all information. I started to go over PTI with my class and then I started to teach some of the people what I learned. All the communication, help and friendliness helped me to achieve really good knowledge about the PTI. The best thing about it I wasn't memorizing it, I actually learned which part is where, which part does what. I passed my eval with 99. I said hub seal instead of axel seal but for 4-5 day that was really good achievement for me.

Then next day it comes for the skills training. Straight back up, Offset and 90 degrees. I was finally in the truck and going to drive. I was so excited but again I had the same feeling when I was trying to backing up, What the hell I am doing here?. This time it passed fast because even if it seems easy to back up straight. Actually managing to do it by myself gave me confidence boost. That afternoon I already passed to the offset back up. I was rocking and rolling. I was so happy to manage to do offset back up in my first try. I realized that if I listen my instructors and follow their leads, there was no reason to worry about anything. I understood that following instructions and being humble is a key in this profession. Next day I was already in 90 degree back up and again I have managed to do it at first try. I was so happy about my achievements!!!

Finally the day comes for the outside driving! After I passed all evaluations from the skills, I was ready to go out to drive. Yes we did a lot of skill trainings but that was totally different ball game. This time I actually need to go drive in actual traffic!... It was really scary at the first time. My instructor was little jumpy and I really don't like to be around jumpy people when I am driving. I got all stressed out because I wasn't able to manage to do my right turns!... I was perfectly turning to the left but I wasn't able to turn right properly!!! When I got back home I was so sad. I was repeating in my mind over and over but I couldn't find any solution to better my right turning skills. I even saw nightmare about turning right!!! Next day I didn't want to go to school because I knew that I was going to drive again! But I went to the school anyway. I was going to try to give my 100%. This time instructor was different. He was so calm, so informative and most importantly he was not jumpy!!! The tips and tricks he gave me saved me that day. I was doing perfect turns thanks to him!! I felt great, thanked him over and over. I was finally happy and proud that I was able to manage to overcome the problems that I had.

So today (09/22) was the big day!!! After weeks, there was the final exam for my training. I was going to see if was I manipulating myself that I was doing good or was I really good? First step was PTI and I crashed it. I took my time, tried to explain and point everything and tried to really show myself and the examiner that I didn't memorize, I really know all the things! I passed the PTI!!! Next there were skill tests. Straight back was pretty easy so I passed that without any hiccups. Offset was easy too, I just used 1 GOAL. Here comes the 90! Because sun was hitting my mirror and I wasn't able to see anything, I set up too close so I needed to use my 1 pull up and 1 goal from the beginning! That was not good for me because I only have 1 more GOAL and 1 more free pull up!!!. Thanks to that pull up and GOAL, I was in really good position and I got in the box without any problem. I used my other free pull up for making the last position pretty and I was in the box!! I passed all of my skill tests too!!

After everything, there was big event! My road test. I started pretty good, I commentate everything that I saw, I checked my mirrors and traffic all the time. I followed all the rules. I passed that too! Finally I achieved everything I wanted so far! My average point is 95/100 so I am pretty happy about everything! I am going to start my training at Werner on September 28th and I would share my experience along the way!

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