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Posted:  3 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

You folks were exactly right. Paying dues sucks!

8 months ago, I was struggling to find a job.

I know you like to promote company drivers and I can see why.

But for some of us, Owner/Operator is the only thing stopping us from living a larger life.

Posted:  10 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

So I didn't get the regional position that I was told I'd be hired for during my interview.

Instead I will be going straight to port work. Drug test in the morning then start perhaps next week.

There's no guaranteed mileage pay. They pay percent of load.

That's terrible because that's the work I wanted to do in the first place! :0)

Posted:  10 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

Went to get my HM Enrollment done. Sat there for an hour past my appointment time. They finally called my name. The receptionist marked my appointment wrong when I signed in upon arrival. The lady that was supposed to do my prints says "Oh no I don't do HM here." Takes me back to the front desk. The lady that checked me in then proceeded to berate me in front of all the drivers there telling me I did it wrong and missed my time so I would have to reschedule.

If there's one thing I've learned in life there is nothing worse than a minimum wage employee given authority over a position of security or admission to premises.

Oh well. I apologized to everyone in line for holding them up. From the looks on their faces they understood completely. Some shaking their heads in affirmation of my lost cause.

Rescheduled for tomorrow 75 miles away in another location.

As for the company I follow the principles of trust but verify. I will believe them until they give me a reason not to. They don't force people to go O/O. From what I understand I think the rules are different for that type of work (port dray) in that I would need to be the responsible party. I'm not really sure. I will figure it out as I go. They seem more than happy to keep me on as a company driver and there are many there that only want to do company work.

I'm ok with that too for now. Other than that I don't know much about it. It's like a military operation. Hurry up to get all my credentials submitted. Now waiting. XD

I may start a diary on here if I can find the time once I start working.

I hope you all are having a great day!

Posted:  10 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

Dave wrote:


They have access to doors I never knew existed.


Please indulge us... like what? A secret sauce? A super-secret list of choice opportunities?

So the trainers decide who us worthy of a referral? Sorry... this makes no sense at all; never heard of “no recruiters allowed” at a private school.

I found out that it depends on the driver, their MVR, criminal records and such. Cleaner drivers get put into better opportunities. Drivers with some blemishes get into other opportunities. Everyone gets a job if they need help finding one. Most of the folks there were under contract for the megas already. I was self pay so I didn't know what to do.

The no recruiters on the yard bit was because it's also a Texas DOT testing facility. That's the reason for that. Maybe insurance or liability I don't know. That's what I was told. Everyone can be scheduled to meet with a recruiter off the yard however.

Posted:  10 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

I got my CDL-A and all endorsements last week.

My school found me a good job. The other drivers I spoke with really enjoy the company. It's a smaller company of about 3k trailers. Starting pay is 50 cpm. It's part regional with local work. Run 1 regional a week then local for 3-5 days. Alternate regional loads with other drivers to make sure everyone gets plenty of home time. More regional runs if you want them to make a little more. Depends on what the driver wants but the company insists that everyone get adequate home time or paid time off.

They have freight forwarding contracts so I have the option to get into Port Houston drayage which is what I want to do.

I need to head to TSA/IdentoGo for the HME fingerprinting this morning.

Have a great day everyone and thank you for all of the suggestions!

Posted:  11 months ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

Happy New Year everyone!

My school's policy is no recruiting or prospecting on the yard.

I asked my driver trainers about opportunities for work.

I was told they like to wait to see how students work out before making personal recommendations. I can see why they would do this.

They have access to doors I never knew existed.

Thanks again for the advice here.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

You may check the Indeed website to find out which companies in your area are hiring rookies.

Thanks TCB,

I will look into it.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

Dave, I started with Schneider, dry van and stayed with them two years before moving to a Southeast Regional company. Many companies seem to have great operations at one location, but might be lacking at another.

The short duration of Schneider’s Orientation was perfect for me. It’s not for everyone and probably not a good idea for tanker if you have zero experience.

You have companies (such as John Fayard) based in Mississippi or McElroy (based in Alabama), Stevens Transport (Refrigerated out of Dallas) which might be an option. My point is; there are so many companies , don’t give up.

As for private school, that’s what I did. I’d be very surprised your school has NO recruiters coming in. Mine had plenty. Push the people there to get you connected. You’re paying them.

If you end up driving for Schneider, it’s a pretty good company.

Thanks Steve,

These are also the reasons I like Schneider. It's holiday season and many people are on vacation. Schneider told me I'd be meeting my regional recruiter in person soon.

As for the tanker driver, I've worked at sea. I am well aware of what a little wave can do to a 100-ton boat, and I've been hit by a few hammers while out to sea. No thanks to that, ever.

My dad started as a tech at Schneider and always said it was a good company. He always wanted me to be a driver. The day I made the decision to do it he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. So, I never got the chance to tell him. It's almost like he knew and his mission on Earth was over.

I appreciate your feedback.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

It is pretty standard for most companies to offer and pay you back at 200-250 a month until it is paid off or until you leave. The only thing is that it is taxed.

My only concern with Schneider is that their training program that has you going out with a trainer isn’t very long. You may not think you need It but I assure you. Ya do. But if Schneider is the only one that bites then that’s what ya gotta do.

If you are interested in flatbed I think mcelroy trains and runs in that area.

Cfi as mentioned before trains, and I think prime should also hire in that area.

What type of driving do you want to do?

Thanks Papa Pig

My original plan was to get a cab and run ocean container port dray out of Houston.

I totally agree on lack of training, but it looks like the fastest way to my goal is going to be through Schneider.

I suppose there is an added benefit in going with Schneider in that they have ocean drayage contracts for that already in place.

And they also cover the training for that lease.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Tanker route ? Ugandan Utah to Vancouver Canada

USA/Canada border crossing will require a jab passport/paperwork next year. You will have to keep up with getting all of those shots and staying up to date with the latest new science they create to fit their agendas.

Posted:  11 months, 1 week ago

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Advice needed for new rookie getting first job

Hello everyone,

First, Merry Christmas to you all!

I've been lurking for a couple months trying to absorb all of the content on this website. I need some help because I'm in a bit of a rut trying to figure out my next move.

First let me state that what I thought I was getting into with trucking and what happened in reality are two very different things. I know some of you are smiling and nodding.

I will be completing 160 in Houston soon. But what I've come to find is that there aren't any jobs for rookies living in Houston, Texas metro. I find that odd because DAT shows a ton of cargo. That's great for O/O but not so much for new rookies. So, I need some more training and yes, I can understand and appreciate that. I need to pay my dues just like everyone else.

It seems that the only company appears genuinely interested in me and has extended a conditional offer is Schneider. And the only reason they are interested is because I paid for my own training. Yes, they told me that they wouldn't pay for my training any time soon (3-6 months). And the only positions I can fit into as a rookie are tanker (are they out of their minds?!) and PODS flatbed or National Dedicated Fleet. Now the PODS job looks like a cakewalk gig. Strap and go skateboard lower 48. $5k sign on maybe $900/week gross. The NDF looks like a PITA (van, reefer, flatbed/conestoga & moffit loader). It is also $5k sign on and they are paying $400/week bonus each 4th and continuous week I stay out which would pay about $1440 until TAH then it resets back to $1040 for 3 weeks. They said they would pay me back for my training at a rate of $200/month. That's very nice of them. But I've been told that when a company offers a large sign on bonus to a rookie it's a red flag that it's a bad position. Also, I was reading the diaries here of a young man that did NDF but didn't make it more than 5 months then quit trucking altogether.

Then there is Swift. They are interested but they won't discuss pay with me until I've signed on with them because of proprietary pay secrets. They really did say this to me. Ok whatever. They have some really nice trucks but saying that is a big red flag. Werner is a possibility, but they and JB Hunt were basically hinting at 90 days minimum drive time required with 6 months preferred.

I did reach out to Maverick and TMC but both said I live too far out of their service area? I think it has to do with my parking zip code. And it is probably an insurance thing since I live near Galveston Bay.

A lot of the companies that were suggested on this website said they weren't interested because I paid for my own training. CRST and the others. They are very firm that they want to sponsor the driver CDL and not interested in new driver with CDL.

I didn't know that paying for my own CDL training would hinder my chances of getting a job. I'm pretty sure my backing is superior to any of the company trained drivers. That's all we do at school 8 hours every day nothing but backing. Kidding aside, I just want to make some decent money when I get out of school so I can get my own truck (when the prices re-enter the atmosphere) and be O/O. And it would be nice to be able to see the missus sooner rather than later so I can get my honey-do list completed every month.

I have civilian DOD military/government contractor background. My MVR is spotless, no criminal history, clean drug/alcohol clearinghouse, pretty good credit, TWIC (used to work in maritime industry) & passport. Good to go all the way around. No medical issues except for the elevated pre-hypertension BP which limited me to a 1 year medical. And it's not that because I've not gotten to that point in any interview process with anyone yet.

So, at this point I've spent several thousand dollars thinking I would be able to come into this career without much difficulty. I was dead wrong. That was everything I had saved up. It's not like I can do anything else at this point. I need and want to work but it seems like no one wants to hire me. Why is this?!

Can any of you offer a rookie some advice or give me some starter company suggestions?

Much appreciated, David

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