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Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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No driver's license during driver shortage = workable?

Please don't take offense, y'all vets and mods; I can actually 'see' the O/P's viewpoint here!

Don't worry about it Anne, I knew I'd get razzed on coming in here asking those kinds of questions, I just needed to make sure since the lady who gave me that incorrect info was really adamant that she was right and who better to ask than the horse's a- I mean, mouth? Heh heh heh..

Anyway, you crazy kids get back to yer truckin' and don't blow a tire on our crumbing infrastructure now, y'hear? Mayhap I'll be seein' ya in a year or so.

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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No driver's license during driver shortage = workable?

I'm going to ask the obvious everyone else is also do you make it to 31 years old having never had a license or driven a car?

Well, during high school I lived within walking distance of the campus, then during college I lived on-campus or within walking distance, then moving back to AZ it has a surprisingly robust public transit system (and I lived a 15 minute bus ride from campus while working on my master's. There's certainly been times it's sucked, like when I had a 2 to 2.5 hour commute ONE WAY to a job, so double that round-trip...but given that I wouldn't have been using a car outside going to work/school, 98% of the time, any suck was outweighed by not having to ever buy or maintain a car/car insurance. Plus, public transit commutes are perfect for reading/drawing/time to learn and better myself.

dozzat answer your question there, Mikey? :)

Otherwise -- thank you guys for the responses, message received, I shall plan for a longer-term...plan, then. Good luck on the roads out there!

Posted:  4 months, 1 week ago

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No driver's license during driver shortage = workable?

Hi there,

I just made an account because this was the first site to come up when I was trying to find info on this (read on), and you seemed like a bunch of nice, knowledgeable people. I was recently gathering some input on what I might be able to transition into as I just became...not homeless, as I found a room to rent for the time being and have semistable income, but let's say "in between homes".

One thing someone mentioned was truck driving, and she even mentioned the stuff I've seen you all recommending about finding a school that will pay to train you and get you on the road ASAP after you get your CDL etc. The only catch is, I'm 31 and never had a driver's license. I would think that would preclude me from being able to do one of these programs, and told her so, but she said that because there's apparently a huge driver shortage right now, places might have changed/be willing to also get you your normal license first. Is there any truth to that?

I've got 0 ties holding me down and could go literally anywhere as long as I was able to afford it (say if they covered travel and training, or even paid a stipend-type thing like I've seen you guys mention?). I'm not looking at this on a whim (even if it might seem that way), and if I saw a financially viable path forward and the license thing could be figured out, I would tackle this with the same hard work and dedication that got me through graduate school (I know driving semi trucks and academia are vastly different, but I just mean, it seems like they both take a lot of time and dedication and I'm willing to put that in).

Any thoughts on this besides a direct answer to my question(s) would also be appreciated if you're willing to share them. :)

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