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Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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From Switzerland to South Dakota Full Time Traveler Resident?

Thanks "Old School" and "Midnight Fox"

"Old School" is correct about my intensions about an out-of-pocket trucking school. I'm old and wise and would not attend an out-of-pocket school and hope for the best after graduation. My time is valuable and flying a couple times in and out of the USA to get my ducks in a row is a much more viable and pragmatic option.

This is my fourth time living as an xpat. Even when I was a kid at 21 I made sure everything was covered in writing before I put my car on a ship, my toolboxes crated and shipped VIA FedEx and myself on an airplane for my return.

"Midnight Fox" thanks for the Notarization in Switzerland tip. I will also start calling recruiters and follow up with an email asking for verification about we discussed. Sadly, we all know if it isn't in writing it never happened.

For the others that think "this guy" is coming out of left field I can assure you I am not. I have read this site extensively including the recommended section as suggested. TT has been a wealth of information and inspiration with very few Trolls. There just is no section for "Xpat Without USA License, How To." I even found the SD Permanent Traveller Resident program mentioned here and this looks like the fastest, cleanest, and least bureaucratic hassle to get a new drivers license.

I know the economy in the USA is bad and will need to get even worse before there is a bottom. I have noticed even Schneider has no training options listed on their job boards and see other companies have stopped training so I must assume others are slowing their recruitment for non-CDL holders. I have the luxury of being where I am and when everything is right, I will make the move.

Thanks again for the help

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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From Switzerland to South Dakota Full Time Traveler Resident?

Thanks Midnight Fox. I've had valid driver's license since 1981. This is the first time I've let my U.S.A license expire. I will look into what the timeline is in the various states. ND has the quickest way to obtain residence and a drivers license. It's also has no state income tax!

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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From Switzerland to South Dakota Full Time Traveler Resident?

So I need to hit South Dakota and get a New U.S. drivers licence, return to Switzerland for a year to let it mature. My Swiss employment is easy to verify VIA contracts, taxes and letters of recommendation.

No, I wouldn't waste my time with a paid school unless I had a signed contract of employment. Not just a letter of intent.

Posted:  2 months, 3 weeks ago

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From Switzerland to South Dakota Full Time Traveler Resident?

Hi Everyone,

I have sent the following email questions to ten different company recruiters with no response. Has anyone ever heard of someone like me quickly applying and receiving a company sponsored CDL. I plan on OTR for a couple of years and I'm not looking at having a permanent place.

I am an American and have lived in Switzerland for 16 years. I am contemplating moving back to the USA and becoming an OTR driver. I am looking for potential obstacles to this. 1. My Colorado driver’s license expired in 2010, of course I’ve held a Swiss license since 2007 with a clean driving record which I can obtain a copy of. 2. The original will be in German, but I can scan, and machine translate as you could also do the same to verify the translation of the original. 3. My health is good and no problems in passing drug test, but my medical records are also in German. I think that the easiest way for me to obtain a new basic drivers license is to stop in South Dakota, spend one night to become a "Full Time Traveler Resident" and apply for my driver’s license and commercial learners permit/DOT physical ASAP. Will any of this cause a problem?

Thank you in advance,

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