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What does Prime check before approving you for orientation?

I have multiple questions about Prime Inc's employment background check for a new trainee.

1: I have never driven as part of a job, so I don't have anything on the DAC (I got the free copy from HireRight--and it did not show anything). Does Prime only go back 3 years or for the full 10 years for non-driving employment?

2: I had a temporary (survival) job a couple of years back (during the pandemic) in which the employer (Amazon) MIGHT say I abandoned the job (but I am not sure), I did put in notice via their app, but was not able to give two weeks as I had found another job, but the new employer needed me to start sooner than two weeks (they said they would need to hire someone else if I couldn't start a few days after I was offered the job) and I took the new job because it paid $8.00 per hour more than what I was getting from Amazon. If I am truthful about it, would Prime still hire me?

3: I currently work for a company that is considered a temp agency, but am not on a temporary project--I am a long-term hire assigned to one of their clients. I was originally hired on a temp-to hire basis through another company on a 6-month contract, but at the end of the 6months, I was hired by the current company at that client. I don't work directly for the client (a Fortune 500 tech company that I will not name). I have also worked for another company that placed me at the same Fortune 500 client on a similar basis. The client considers me to be a "contingent worker." I have worked for a couple of these employers, but placed at that same Fortune 500 client for more than 8 years. Would Prime see it as a spotty employment record? There have been a couple of times I was laid off temporarily, but brought back.

Note: I am specifically asking these questions of anyone who has first-hand knowledge of Prime.

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