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1 year anniversary with Schneider on Dollar General Account

How have you liked Schneider so far? Are they good with home time and getting repairs done?

I talked with a recruiter and they said they have a dedicated driver opening for me. It consists of out for 3 weeks at a time and home 3 days with the option of staying out more weeks with 1 day off per week. I asked him if I could get 7 days off in a row if I stayed out 7 weeks and he said sure you will have to talk to your dispatcher about that. That doesn't inspire much confidence because one of my biggest requirements is have a week off at a time so I can travel the world. Only Roehl that I know of has 7 days off in a row.

The dedicated option consists of me pulling a dry van, reefer and flat bed whatever the company needs at the time.

The pay is 1200 guaranteed per week. After I complete the 3 weeks out he said I get a bonus pay of 250$ and every week after the required 3 weeks out I get another 400$ per week. So $1200 + $250 for the first 3 weeks and $1600 the 4th week, 5th week etc...if my math is correct I'll have about 8k before taxes after 7 weeks out. After taxes maybe 6k? That's more than enough for savings, as well as luxury travel for a week.

I'm currently in a seasonal job just making by...

Pretty satisfying getting to the one year mark. Had my annual Schneider review road drive last week.

A couple days ago I was at the Dollar General in Peru, Illinois. I was on route 6 coming to Peoria Street. Super tight right turn. I set up with a massive buttonhook or was it a jug handle? lol. Once I began coming around I notice the NO TRUCKS sign and the left lane was full of cars. You would need to get close to the curb in the oncoming left lane to make it so I bailed. Took a side street and had 3 super tight right turns but I made it without curbing.

30 mins into my unload I notice a cop car in front of my truck about 20 feet. He was there for over 20 mins. Kind of baffled me. I go to the right side to grab a u-boat and notice there were 2 cop cars behind a DG trailer. A few minutes later the manager comes out for a smoke and tells me that's my fresh truck. He was ****ed last night and refused to front door deliver and went back to DC. He just came back and took out the stoplight at route 6 and Peoria Street. Both of his outer right side tandem tires and rims were destroyed.

Goes to show how being angry and rushing to make up lost time can bite you in the ass in a heartbeat no matter what type of job you do with a semi.

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