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Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Gaming in a truck

Actually pdaNET DOES still work. There is another app that it has you download and makes it work like a charm. I literally JUST used it on my last time away from home and was able to play Multiplayer games. This only worked for me using PC games. Don't think it works for console at all. But yea, pdaNET works again. VERY WELL

Davy, what carrier are you using for your phone. I used to use pdanet many years ago but then it no longer worked but I'd like to look into it again but I just read of some problems with someone using AT&T (I use Verizon). Also, is your phone unlocked or do you have a hotspot plan?


I use for my wifi. Works awesome, 7 bucks a year, utilizes your existing 4g phone data undetectable tethering.

Hp omen gaming laptop Ryzen 7, 16g ram, dedicated 1680 TI Nvidia. Our trucks have a 1800 watt inverter, laptop has to be ac powered for the dedicated GPU to work. MSI blade wireless mouse, use the laptop keyboard.

I use a laptop desk with built in cooling fan, sit in the bed with a sit up pillow.

Works awesome. Play Red Dead Redemption 2, ghost recon breakpoint, rainbow six extraction, you name it and run discord while streaming.


Posted:  1 year, 9 months ago

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Gaming in a truck

Hey buddy, I have the ULTIMATE answer AND solution to you problem. Keep in mind, this is only a solution IF you are gaming on a laptop, and or, portable gaming desktop. So this solution is a 100% fix if gaming with PC.

On your PC go to and download the free pdaNET Windows application to your gaming pc. (NOTE) I do not think this works if you are using iPhone) Next, on your ANDROID Cell phone go to same site and click (Buy or purchase)

It will send you to Google Play Store. The actual Android application costs $7.99. Not sure why it isn't just an even eight buck but whatever. BTW that is the ONLY money you will EVER shell out for pdaNET.😃

After that simply follow the promts in the Android app to connect your PC.

Badda bing! You are now using your cell phone as a portable internet router.

(NOTE) This does not mean that you need a Hot Spot plan. In fact it completely eliminates the need for Hot Spot all together! I thought it was worth mentioning that I do not drive big rigs. However I am a Mariner and work on the water. I am gone for 28 days at a time and so had to find the same solution as my truck driving brethren. Trust me, this WORKS. I only JUST discovered this this past hitch.

Before, I had to wait until I got home to update my PC and games. Not only was I able to play online with games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield etc., I could update my games and PC as well as download entire games. Did it take longer to download games and other things on pc using this? Yes, but to my surprise, NOT much longer.

Hey I was just curious if any of you are gamers and if so what kind of set up do you play on in the truck. I grew up on Xbox but for the past few years I’ve played on a PC. But PC gaming feels like it would be too bulky to do in a truck comfortably, I may go back to my roots and get and Xbox to take with me.

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