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Career change at 50 to truck driver

I’m 57 and diving in otr trucking with cdl school ..been a sales guy my whole career and just fried and burnt out..great health and ready to grab 13 years in a seat and retire at 70 with a smile on my face..see ya on the road

Hey folks... Great forum! First post:

So here I am... 50 years old, and in a career I love. I'm a luthier. I have built electric guitars professionally since 2006. But, there are 2 main problems: It's extremely hard to find buyers for instruments that range in cost from $1700 to $6000. And, my biggest problem is I have developed an allergy to wood dust, which has triggered asthma = incessant coughing when exposed to wood dust. This has limited my time in the shop over the past 2 years. This has caused lost sales & income. To date I am about $30K in the red. The only reason I have hung on this long is my wife is an RN with a good job. We decided not to renew our lease on the shop building after Dec. Which means I will need to get a "real" job.

For years I have wondered what an OTR driving job would be like. Ironically, in 1976 my Dad changed careers from law enforcement, to truck driving (O/O) at age 50. He loved it! So, the lifestyle isn't completely foreign to me. I went on runs with him as a kid. So, I am very seriously contemplating going with either Schneider, or Roehl. Here are some of my concerns... Maybe you veterans can help me finalize my decision.

Stamina: I'm currently not used to working 12-14 hour days. I feel like I could get there. But, I'm worried about the shock to my system. Right now I only work 6 or so hours/day due to the asthma thing.

Back Pain: I've heard horror stories about how bad driving is on your back. I had L5S1 surgery back in 2002 (herniated disc). My back is OK, but I am careful not to aggravate it.

The Better Half: I've been married for 27 years... I'd like to keep it that way. My wife & I have talked about the separation part of the job, and both of us feel we can adapt.

The Long Term Plan: My plan is to sign on, and drive OTR for 12-18 months minimum. Then, re-evaluate the OTR lifestyle. If it's going good, then I will continue on. If not, I will take the year+ experience, and seek a local dedicated driving job that get's me home every night.

Let me know what you guy's think... Any advice is helpful. Thanks! Doug

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