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Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Question - potential new trucker here

Thank you, if Delco Dave is out there if love his perspective on those options to. That's actually where I live, Delco aka Delaware County

Bumping this…

Will add LTL ABF as an option; one of our members Delco Dave schooled/trained with them and they have a Philly terminal. He’s home daily.


Swift has two terminals about two hours northwest of Philly.

Many of the drivers at the Pottsville Walmart DC, running Dedicated took their home time in Philly. There are several Walmarts in the Philly area that allow overnight parking for Walmart PF and their Swift Partner.


Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Question - potential new trucker here

GO BIRDS!!!!! Awesome to see a local lady respond, and from one of my main choices of companies none the less. How do you like Prime? Do you think I would get the miles I'm after 2500-3000 as a newbie in their paid CDL program? I also saw your toher post regarding what you would owe and time to pay it off, that is good info. I appreciate it

Go Eagles! 😂

I'm from the Philly area of NJ. Gloucester County

Prime has a drop yard in Bensalem, but you can't leave a car there. You could leave the truck there a few days while home and get a ride to/from. Many "drop yards" are locations where companies rent space to use along with various other trucking carriers. Therefore it is not a Prime owned, nor well guarded facility.

My dispatcher was in Missouri but I lived in Jersey. I parked the truck at the TA in Paulsboro NJ for home time. I once paid for a self storage facility in Thorofare and parked the truck there for several weeks when I had surgery.

I personally don't like the Prime PA terminal in Pittston. It is our smallest and Prime has grown and there is no way to expand the terminal. It is just a pain in the neck to get in and out of there.

Dietz & Watson is one of our customers between the Tacony Palmyra and Betty Ross. I did a couple loads off Tioga & Allegheny area... And delivered across from the Upper Darby police station. Lots of freight in the area.

If you aren't planning on going home much .. or if you happen to give up your home, the truck may not be as big an issue as you think. I no longer have a residence there, but got a Hampton Inn suite in Swedesboro last month. Truck was parked there fine.

Unless someone gets repairs done or is a trainer, most drivers don't even go into terminals. I know drivers who only visit terminals a couple times a year.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Question - potential new trucker here

Thank you that helps a lot.

What's the closest truck stop to your home? What about a paid parking or paid storage area?

If it's a safe area to leave a truck for up to a week while you're home, a terminal location should make zero difference on where you are going to work. I've never driven for any company where the closest terminal wasn't STATES away from me, let alone a couple hours.

Posted:  1 year, 3 months ago

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Question - potential new trucker here

Hello all, I am almost certainly gong with one of the paid CDL training programs out there. Atm it seems I am down to Roehl or Prime for location reasons. I lean to Roehl because my main goal is thorough training and location. What I want to get an answer to is related to benefits of a drop yard vs terminal near me. Basically I don't see any of these mega carriers with paid CDL programs that have terminals near Philadelphia where I live. I do see that Roehl has a drop yard right near me, 30 minutes. I also see prime has a terminal that is near me but it's closer to 2.5-3 hours. I don't care so much about home time I care more about getting miles. Is it just as good to have a drop yard as a terminal or would that Xtra 2+ hours worth it for a terminal? I hope that makes sense. Basically I like Roehl's reputation for good training and I see they have a drop yard near me but their terminals are many states away. Will that effect the miles I accrue via routing and assignments. My main issue is with Prime I'd have to drive 3 hours home in my own vehicle for home time or park near my house which idk where I would for free. Any advice is appreciated

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