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I am brand new trying to figure out things

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Rookie questions/mishaps

Hey yall so i am brand new. Im not going to say what company i started with but im just gonna note it is a mega company. Anyhow i was trained with a TE on a dedicated route. I was hired for south east regional. So i was able to start my first week solo being brand new I figured out that i dont know hardly anything that i need to know being regional. I already have a preventable, however i did not get a ticket. There was no damage to my truck. What happened was i was in tx (never been to the town i was in) and my gps was telling me to go to the “u turn” lane. My first thought was what the hell is a u turn lane lol so i see a truck go to this said lane and make a left turn under a bypass bridge. So i know a truck can fit. Anyways i did the same except i mistook the curve and my trailer went up on the concrete hill just a little too much and i wasnt able to go forward or backwards. Yes this was my fault i do take responsibility for it. However my incident did not cause any damage to my truck and it was only me involved but a wrecker did have to come out and slide my trailer off the curve. I did not get a ticket but im not sure if this would affect me getting a job with another carrier. I had talked to some vets about my situation i was put in with carrier and i was told i was not trained properly and with me being out by myself i am a danger ( just the fact that there is so much i do not know) i feel like me going forward i could possibly get hurt/hurt someone / or get my license taken and that is the very last thing i want to do. I need advice on what to do.( Let me put this in also when i was training on the dedicated route it was the most simpliest roads etc i did not to to a weight station or anything like that ) i feel like the only thing i learned was how to slide the tandems. I do not want to risk loosing my license after i worked so hard to get them. Any advice is appreciated. Also i was definately lied to about my starting pay and they are already trying to send me out of my specific region. Im not sure what to do

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