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CRST Closing training school?

So I put my application in for CRST They did my DMV check front back of driver's license medical card all the stuff only thing left to do is schedule me for my drug test. I did notice that every time I either text messaged or emailed the driver recruiter Stephanie she kept referring to me as Sri When I went to correct her yesterday, I told her if she noticed my driver's license says female, and I am also transgender I go by she/her pronouns. And still no response from CRST. And all I'm trying to do is get appointment location and time for the hair follicle and urine drug test so I can start

Today I get a phone call from her she does not address me in any form she just says hello can you hear me, I respond to her saying yes the next words that came out of her mouth were unfortunately we have bad news we are closing our Training Center in Cedar Rapids, so I asked her about the other 29 locations that they work with across the country with obtaining your CDL training classes she said that they were closing all of them. My response was so a mega carrier is closing all of their training facilities in the United States? she said yes I already know what the deal is but they're not going to admit it, I've faced this kind of discrimination before, Today is October 27th 2022 I just want to post this of what happens with CRST trucking and if anyone happens to start their training program in a few weeks or a few months because I know drivers don't get on here A whole lot of times just update me about their training,if they're still open.. In my opinion and it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it I've driven before I've had my CDL with Hazmat tanker endorsement in Texas back in 2009 but it seems like to me as soon as I stood up for myself and corrected her and told her the pronouns that I prefer all the sudden they're closing all of their training facilities? I recently went through a different company another Mega carrier unfortunately I was not able to get my 90° back and they let me go I will not give the name of this company they are very respectful they did what they could do to help me I just needed a couple more weeks of training it was only a 3-week program but I was never discriminated against and I was very welcomed there, just a heads up CRST trucking is not a very respectful company. They are not an equal opportunity employer

CRST, a trucking company, announced the closure of its driver training school due to low enrollment and increased competition.

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