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Mid 40’s career change guy. Looking for a fresh start.

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From Hearses to Tractors

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I’d say tanker is something I’m interested in and I appreciate the honest response. I really am at a I don’t know what I don’t know phase right now. I’m just looking forward to finally getting on the path to do something I’ve wanted to for a long time.

Tanker is not a good choice for a rookie driver. Especially smooth bore food grade. The surge can push you off the road or through an intersection.

Revisit this after a year of experience.

I suggest getting familiar with Trucking Truth’s primer content:

Posted:  1 month ago

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From Hearses to Tractors

Well ok maybe not quite literally official as of yet but I’m hoping so. A little about me: I’ve been a licensed funeral director for 18 years and working in funeral homes for 20. What started out as a career that was unique and rewarding has become so incredible dull and unfulfilling. The industry has changed dramatically it’s quite literally a dying business. pun intended however due to industry changes and the preference of the general public funeral homes are closing every single day. I have always been a hands on type. I loved tinkering on the equipment, workings in cars, mowing the lawn and doing anything mechanical I could. A lifelong friend of mine was a teamster in Boston for 20 years and is now driving a dump for spending cash. His wife makes big bucks and he doesn’t need to work. The better part of 12 years ago I was able to go out with him for a couple days and I just loved it. I’d thought about a career change back in 2016 but a recent divorce small kids and figuring out how to pay for it limited me. Mass unemployment never made me aware of company paid sponsorships etc. Ultimately I went back to funerals. So now… I’ve run several business, been a location manager sales manager etc but it just wasn’t holding me anymore. A location I ran recently closed (not my fault, I knew going into the job it was way in the hole) and it’s time to make a change. I started applying for company paid schools because I liked the training plans and many aren’t a longer than 12 month commitment and offer good training from what I’ve read. I have applied to TMC, Roehl, prime and Wilson. I don’t know 100% exactly what niche is like however right now refrigerated, tanker and flatbed most interest me. If I had my preference it would be refrigerated fist. I liked the added responsibility of maintaining trailer temps, possible tighter deadlines and just the added responsibility of what goes into. I’m not expert and I’m sure there is a lot more I’ll need to know to make the most informed decision however that jumped off the page to me.

I should be receiving decisions in the upcoming week as to what options I have and I’ll take it from There.

For what it’s worth I live in Northern Rhode Island. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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